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Agent Carter: The Atomic Job

“What’s your name, darling?”

After last week’s tour de force, I was prepared for a bit of a let down this week. Instead, Agent Carter produced its funniest episode to date. And they didn’t even use the flamingo.

Science ghost Dr. Wilkes needs to get his hands on an atomic weapon for ~ reasons ~ so the team is off to the local atomic weapon storage facility, because of course they keep atom bombs within blasting range of America’s second largest city, why wouldn’t they? Faced with the insurmountable odds of breaking and entering a fortress, Peggy and Souza must put together their own Ocean’s Eleven. They wind up with Ocean’s Three and a Half.

Rose, aka the SSR’s front desk, turns out to have hidden depths. It hadn’t even occurred to me that she was a trained agent but she certainly is. She kicked more ass than Peggy did! Of course, now I'm desperate for more of her. Like Peggy, she's been overlooked and discriminated against on the basis of her sex. Like Peggy, she is more competent than most of the SSR’s male agents. I smell spin-off. (Not really; Agent Carter’s ratings are so bad a third season would be a minor miracle at this point). Anyway, trained agents Souza, Peggy, and Rose are joined by Jarvis (every good heist team needs their own butler), and Samberly, the unlikable and largely incompetent version of Fitzsimmons.

To be honest, the episode was so much fun I don’t mind the vague and mysterious menace happening with Wilkes and Whitney Frost. However, I’d be lax if I didn’t mention there was vague and mysterious menace that is thus far entirely unexplained. Looking forward to some justification for both characters craving atomic weaponry. The zero matter mystery was fairly besides the point this week, there was so much else going on. But I have to say I find myself a little annoyed at how slowly it seems to be developing.

Okay, back to the fun stuff. And by fun I mean, Peggy repeatedly flashy thinging Ray Wise, Jarvis discovering that disarming a bomb is nothing like making a soufflĂ©, Peggy and Jarvis crawling around the world’s roomiest venting system, and of course, that epic hero squad walk.

There was also movement in the Souza/Violet/Peggy love triangle. Souza and Violet got officially engaged! Although that might not last because thanks to Peggy needing some immediate medical attention, Violet now knows that Souza has a big case of heart eyes for Agent Margaret Carter. Whoops. Despite my general dislike of love triangles, I appreciate how Violet is handling it so far. Blaming Souza for not telling her about the torch he’s been carrying and not taking it out on her seriously wounded romantic rival. Even after catching them making googly eyes at each other, she wanted Peggy to stay at her place to recuperate. It’s probably also worth mentioning that I’ve begrudgingly changed my mind about Violet being evil. Mostly because I think a super spy would have a more extreme reaction to finding their house had been broken into.

Intel and Assets

--Hayley Atwell is a very attractive woman, but maybe she shouldn’t wear bangs again.

--Fortunately for Peggy, being a main character of a show means that healing from being impaled only takes a few hours on a friend’s couch.

Peggy: “Don’t do that. I could’ve shot…Howard.”

Hugh Jones: “Agent!”

Peggy: “It’s funny, I’m seeing Daniel Souza, but I’m hearing Jack Thompson.”

Souza: “It’s okay. Screws can’t hurt you.”

Souza: “Please do not do that again.”
Peggy: “Get impaled? Yes, chief.”

four out of four atomic bombs


  1. When Peggy fell onto the rebar, all I could think was Wow, she just pulled a Cordelia.

  2. Oh my goodness, thank you for the bangs comment. Thought it was just me.

    And I couldv'e sworn she had 2 rods go thru her and she fell on top of concrete. Has she been sipping Steve Roger's serum?

  3. It never fails--I love a show, and it gets bad ratings. I can't believe this is getting bad ratings! Don't people know good TV?

    I laughed out loud at Peggy flashy thinging Ray Wise over and over and over again. That was brilliant!

    But, I hurt for Peggy when she fell on the rebar. Ouch!


  4. So funny! I loved Jarvis running off to fetch the car after their pseudo-impressive walk. I thought it was strange that Sousa didn't position himself inside the room after he told Samberly to lock the door, but I did like that Jarvis got a chance to do something.

    I didn't think Dr. Wilkes needed the atomic bomb; he just figured out that Whitney Frost would want it so they needed to get it away from her. Poor Dr. Wilkes disappearing. I'm guessing spraying him with that thing Stark used again won't be enough? I'm getting flashbacks to season 5 of Angel.

    I'm not clear on why Sousa felt the need to run away from Peggy. Did I miss something?

  5. While this was fun, I can see why ratings are down. This season lacks... something. Energy, pace, threats, I don't know. All the ingredients are there, but... the magic doesn't work.

    Maybe we need more Thompson?

  6. JRS and Marianna - I had the exact same Buffyverse flashbacks as you. :)

  7. Count me in for the Buffyverse rebar flashback.

    I'd even add the follow-up allusion from an episode of Angel, when Angel complains that nobody knows how hard it is to think when they've been impaled by rebar: http://www.douxreviews.com/2002/06/angel-untouched.html

  8. This is my fave serie. I´m loving it. Much More than izombie, the originals and many others that I follow...
    so sorry to know about the poor ratings ;(

    And i loved this episode..funny and the action never stop


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