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Supernatural: Don't You Forget About Me

"As long as everyone wears a condom, we'll be fine."

Yes, it's our annual Jody Mills episode. Isn't it nice that we get an annual Jody Mills episode? Weren't we all wondering how the Jody Mills school for wayward supernatural girls was doing? I certainly was.

We all know Dean and Sam don't have a normal life, and it was actually a little sad seeing them chow down a homecooked meal ("It's shaped like a chicken, not a patty or a nugget") and look completely out of their comfort zone when Jody brought up teen sex and birth control at the dinner table. (Notice how they were both silent when Jody said that guys aren't always responsible enough to bring condoms on a date.) Of course, Dean fell into the non-talkative rule-imparting father role ("Respect your foster mother and do your homework") while Sam talked to Claire about how he felt about hunting because he's better with the talky stuff.

But this episode was mostly about how Jody and her irregular adoptees don't have a normal life either, even though they get chicken-shaped chicken and real mashed potatoes for dinner. Alex was dating the captain of the football team and appeared to have finally adjusted to small town America, but her past as a vampire-lure was the reason they nearly all died. And Claire's obsession with hunting was never going to just go away. About half way through, I was starting to dread the possibility that one, two, or possibly all three of them would end up dying horribly, so I was pleased that we got a heartwarming ending. Turned out that Alex was willing to sacrifice herself for Jody and Claire, Jody decided to help Claire become a good hunter, and the girls actually made Jody breakfast. Perhaps fending off a pair of vamps was an odd way for Jody, Alex and Claire to bond and bury the hatchet, but what show are we watching?

Unfortunately, it might have been more believable and truer to Supernatural as a series if one of them had died. (Not that I wanted any of them to die, seriously.) Plus I've said more than once that vampires don't work so well in the Supernatural 'verse, and they weren't all that scary here. Plus, since Claire was in danger, why didn't the boys call Castiel, who is sort of her father? I mean, we the audience know that he's not Castiel any longer, but the boys don't. Plus, it would have been logical for Claire to be the one to notice a change in Castiel, and I thought that was where this episode was going. But no.

To summarize... you know, I don't have much more to say about this episode. Except that it reminded me that Dean and Sam would both make pretty good dads, but sadly, they'll probably never get the chance.


— When Henry the quarterback turned out to be a vampire, I had all these sad high school feelings. Alex finally came out of her shell and started to enjoy high school, and look at what happened. Sort of like Carrie with vampires, and without a prom.

— Amara has gone to ground because we're doing standalones right now.

— Claire's hair looked a lot better in this episode than the last time we saw her. I even liked the pigtails.

— I've never heard of the Elvis. What was between the glazed donuts?

— Asbestos. Quite possibly more harmful than vampires.

— "Don't You Forget About Me" is a song made famous by the high school movie The Breakfast Club.

— This week: Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Dean was Agent Noon. Anyone know who that was?


Dean: "Did you catch us a case?"
Sam: "Ah, no. Get this. Some dude took a picture of a weasel riding a flying woodpecker. Mid-air. It's kind of nuts."
Apparently, this actually happened.

Alex: "Claire did catch a werewolf. Oh, right. Turned out to be a German shepherd with rabies."
Jody: "And before that was the vampire. Councilwoman into erotic cosplay. I didn't know what cosplay was before that. Super embarrassing for the whole force."

Dean: "Thought we were going to be helping you with monsters, not birth control."
Jody: "Welcome to my world."

Dean: "Hey, you gonna be all right now that you're outnumbered again?"
Jody: "As long as everyone wears a condom, we'll be fine."
Dean: "I want that bumper sticker."

Not bad, but not great. Two and a half out of four chicken-shaped chickens,

Billie Doux has been reviewing Supernatural for so long that Dean and Sam Winchester feel like old friends. Courageous, adventurous, gorgeous old friends.


  1. I'm thinking it was actually Agent Noone as in Peter Noone from Herman's Hermits.

  2. I really liked the chicken dinner segment. Sam and Dean felt completely out of their league. That doesn't happen all that often any more. While the rest of the episode was less than great, the chicken dinner scene made it memorable.

  3. I liked Clair's motivation, it seems true to life that she wanted to compensate her being a new member of the family and not quite fit in.

  4. I liked it, partly for the hilarious dinner scene, partly for the Buffy the Vampire Slayer vibe I kept getting from the whole episode. And although I had also hoped Claire might bring up Cas's absence - maybe remembering that he can hear her if she wants him to be there, and if I was being chowed on by a vampire, I would definitely want my pseudo-foster-father-guardian-angel-type to be there - at least for the first time in forever, it actually makes sense that Cas didn't show up, even if you would have thought the boys would have tried harder to get hold of him.

  5. It was an okay episode.
    Glad to see Jodie, Alex was great, Claire annoying.
    Sam and Dean were fun , nothing more.

  6. The Elvis Donuts have bacon and maple syrup. As gross as that sounds it's incredible! There's a donut shop at Seagrove beach that we get these from on vacation.

  7. Between the donuts is a hamburger, bacon and all. You use the donuts in place of the bun, Dean was impressed they used two donuts instead of splitting one in half.

    I don't know why I know this, I'd never eat one. Seems like a great way to ruin perfectly good hamburgers and donuts.

    1. Ditto! The whole idea of the Elvis Sandwich seems like a gross way to die, while having a meal!

  8. I thought it was a great episode. I loved watching the normally uber-competent Winchester brothers flounder in a "normal" family setting. I enjoyed that so much I was almost bored when the whole vampire revenge part of the plot took over. I would love some mini-webisodes of Sam and Dean trying to deal with normal family situations.

    A question I've seen floating around the internet: Given their response to the table talk, do you think Sam and Dean ever got the talk from John, Bobby or any other adult?

    1. I think Bobby, because John was so hell- bent oon destroying demons that it never crossed his mind to teach the boys basically anything! We all saw how the guys ate at dinner, it was actually somewhat stomach turning, and I'm not a dainty eater by any means.
      Back to the "talks" still say Bobby somewhat and probably their own experiences, and maybe an occasional adult like the man, who group home Dean was placed in for those few months.


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