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The 100: Hakeldama

"Please tell me you don't want to go to war."
"We've been at war since we landed."

Is it just me, or was that seriously serious subject matter?

I was immensely uncomfortable right from the beginning. You know what I mean? The kind of uncomfortable that happens when you know what is right and what is wrong, but you brain won't let you process that the side you want to be on is definitely the wrong side. That's where I'm at. I don't really know what to do with some of this information. Are we on Lexa's team now? If it came down to a choice like last season what would Clarke do? Which sect of people would she eradicate? What would we want her to do?

"Resist and you will be met by force. Fight and you will be greeted by death."

Ugh, that speech was cringe worthy. Seem familiar? I'm pretty sure Cage gave a very similar ultimatum when mountaineers tried to help the 48. After ousting his father from office and turning Lincoln into an addict against his will. Gee, what a role model. Too bad Pike wasn't around in time to meet the prez, they really could've hit it off.

Us and them. The Mountain Men were able to use the grounders as personal first aid kits because they could suspend looking at their aboveground counterparts as people. That made it possible to stomach the heinousness of their treatment. The original 100 fell from the sky and instead of seeing them for the abandoned children that they were, grounders saw danger and threats to be mercilessly squashed. Lexa turned her back on Clarke at Mount Weather's door when given the opportunity to save her army and prisoners because Clarke's people were not her people. Cage was willing to trade the lives of the Arkers to get his people above ground and in return, Clarke and Bellamy killed every last person that he was in charge of protecting. I hear you, 100 PTB. We are all people.

Bellamy is breaking my heart. Turning on Lincoln, trying to strong arm Octavia into acting less groundery, betraying Clarke. Come on B, don't do this to me. It looks like he's reverting to Bellamy of season one. Bitter and unpredictable and dangerous. He's talking a big game, but his eyes are screaming that he is tormented and in pain. He tried throwing the deaths of his friends in Kane's face and guilt tripping Clarke for all the people that died while she was in charge. Can anyone say projection? I think it's Bellamy that can't get over the grief of all that has happened. One million pieces. At least he saved Indra. I want to think that there is still time for him to be redeemed, but he is sprinting down a Finn-level path of destruction.

Poor Kane. He wanted so much to give his people a little peace after being such an unrelenting enforcer of the rules on the Ark. It was particularly painful watching him admit that his people voted for Pike. They voted for war.

I wanted to rewatch the episode before rating it, but I just can't seem do it yet. Probably 4 out of 4 walkie talkie rendezvous.

Bits and pieces

A point was made to make sure we knew that 10 people with guns were able to take out 300 trained warriors with no casualties. I don't buy it. Even if Indra's army was ambushed in their sleep. It would be more believable if Pike and his band of merry murderers had used knives. Guns are loud and would wake people up, giving at least one of the 300 time to take out at least one of the 10.

Why are the Arkers so willing to rely on guns, anyway? There isn't an endless supply. No defense contracts to keep them in bullets. Learn a new skill.

No Jasper this week. Probably too drunk to care. No Monty, but we did see his mom so he isn't spending quality time with her. Miller was back but without his boyfriend.

For whatever it's worth, I'm glad Octavia isn't trapped in the camp. It's a tiny silver lining in an otherwise dreary situation.

Jaha and John Murphy resurfaced and I was all set to ignore them completely. Then Raven decided to not just say no. I guess the D.A.R.E campaign didn't reach the Ark. For the first time, I am mildly interesting in what A.L.I.E and Jaha are selling for one simple reason. I don't want Raven to be in any more pain.

I'm still not digging Jaha's side plot, but the way he handles himself and talks to people makes me giggle. His pitch is basically this: Yes, I've gone a little nuts, but it's great. Pinky promise. Don't be jealous, you can be a loony toon too if you buy the magic I'm selling. Just wait until you meet my invisible friend in the invisible city. She's the coolest.

I find it entirely unbelievable that the clans will fall in line behind Lexa's new bygones policy.

Kane: "You just started a war that will kill us all."

Drifter: "I'm an honest man, but if you're done walking I'll have your shoes."

Clarke: "I'm sorry. I'm sorry for leaving, but I knew I could because they had you."

Indra: "Why should she change? Blood must have blood."
Clarke: "Really? Because from where I stand, the only way that ends is with everyone dead."
I'm glad everyone is finally jumping on my bandwagon, but with Pike in charge and hundreds slaughtered it might be too little, too late.


  1. The thing is, I think Lexa could have sold the peace if she had made it come down to what Indra said, the only way to win is to use guns themselves. That is a big taboo for the Grounders and it is a reason to back off and try peace. Heck I would have bought that as the reason Lexa wouldn't go to war, because she didn't think she could convince her people to use the means necessary to win. Lexa's choosing not to retaliate was the only part of the episode I had trouble buying and they could have sold it to me as being for a practical reason, not Clarke talking her into it.

  2. What a mess.

    I like Kane and Abby as allies, finally. I like Octavia and Clarke as allies, too. But how could Bellamy have done what he did? I totally agree with you, Laure, that the writers are making him run down Finn's path, and I am hating that idea.

    This time, the thing with A.L.I.E. made me realize that they were doing something very similar to what they did in Battlestar Galactica with the version of Six that Baltar could only see in his head. We called her "Harvey Six", and she even wore an amazing red dress. A.L.I.E. isn't what Harvey Six turned out to be, though. And I'll stop before I start talking spoilers, because we spent the entire run of Battlestar Galactica wondering what Harvey Six was.

  3. Uncomfortable is good TV..Whether you agree with whats happening or not.
    The 100 is so dark at the moment...Nobody is in a good place. Clexa and Bellarke both got torpedoed and sank for the time being, romantically speaking at least.
    Bellamy's turn is veery rushed, but it is also well acted and well reasoned if you look at it from Bellamy's pov only...He and Clarke split up almost immediately after she killed Finn.He was not privy to everything WE SAW concerning the grounders. I like where this is going, consequences on this show always happen and i doubt Lexa and Bellamy wont' pay in some way.

    My take from this episode was that Lexa has a tattoo on the back of her neck that is the same symbol that is on the matrix pills Jaha is pushing...Also when Lexa spoke of how Grounder leaders are chosen last season and how she spoke of the 'spirit' choosing the next commander. Sounds very City of Light like.
    I think that ALIE/or the human counterpart whose name i forget was the first commander....ALIE definitely seems to have a link with the Grounders, maybe even was the one who began there civilisation or shaped there mythology without them knowing..They struggle with the idea of guns...Artificial intelligence is a whole different dimension for them.

  4. It occurred to me this week that A.L.I.E. was "a lie." For what it's worth.

  5. Funny how Jaha was talking to a lunatic genocidal mass murderer and he came acroos as more crazy. Pike was all, yeah whatever crazypants just don't mess with my future massacres and we're cool, just to get him to stop talking crazy. :D

    Lexa must be in love with Clarke by now because not retaliating for 300 dead is a tad unbielievable. Wonder what will happend after the next inevetible massacre.

    Loved Murphy going all Damon Salvatore on unsuspecting travelers.


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