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The Originals: Dead Angels

"It's normally we who pose the threat to our intimates. It's an odd feeling, the roles reversed. I always did loathe irony."

Klaus and Elijah look about as annoyed with this episode as I was.

Last week Two weeks ago, I praised TO powers that be for not giving us a filler episode. This week Last week I was almost bored to tears and very nearly couldn't think of anything to say about the episode at all. What's up with that?

On one hand, seeing someone stand up to Klaus is always a good time. On the other, Cami's little fit was bound to end the way all good toddler tantrums do. She lost her toy. Of course, after a glimmer of guilt in her eyes and a flit of an apology, she was back to sniping at the most malicious vampire of all time. It's not that she's wrong. Klaus has an annoying need to control the people around him. And he can sulk that she didn't trust him all he wants but at the end of the day, he couldn't save her mortal life, why is she expected to trust him with her immortal one? But the thing is, she is really grating on my nerves.

Davina really needs to wake up and smell the lack of personal freedoms. We've now seen two of the sister coven witches desperate and/or relieved to escape the Strix coven. How long until it's Davina making bad back alley deals and becoming the snack pack? After Ariane's warning, I can't imagine there is anything that she won't do to save Kol. I assumed that the price for bringing him back would be eternal servitude and that she wouldn't be allowed to be with him, but now I'm wondering if it's more than that. Maybe by the time he is saved she'll be a changed witch. One that he doesn't recognize and can't love. It's almost interesting.

I did not for one second believe that Elijah didn't foresee Aya calling for the duel and I knew he must have a plan in place when he let Aya and Marcel reason with him. First of all, Elijah leaves nothing to chance and always has backup plans for his backup plan. Plus, if he really felt betrayed by Marcel there would definitely be punishment. Tristan is at the bottom of the ocean, after all. As far as we know.

Aurora was back. Not Lucien, though.

2 out of 4 missing sisters - Mikaelsons, not Strix coven members. Although, I guess that would technically work, too.

Bites and pieces

Typing the title of the episode made me think about a math project in middle school where I misspelled 'angles' as 'angels' throughout the entire thing and lost a ton of points off my final grade. I'm clearly not still bitter about it at all.

Even way back on The Vampire Diaries we heard how important witches are to the success of vampire plans. Aya even reminded us just last episode. Cami has been a vampire for about seven seconds and is already recruiting Vincent. Well, TO is nothing if not consistent, huh?

Did Danielle Campbell get a new makeup artist? She was looking extra on point.

She's clearly had some downtime to dabble
in skin maintenance magics, on the side

How sad that Hope lost her favorite toy.

Hayley: "How exactly do you plan on keeping her distracted?"
Elijah: "With a little salt and an old wound."

Vincent: "Klaus let you into his life because he trusted you. That girl never would've stolen the one thing under the sun that could kill him."
Cami: "That girl is dead."

Marcel: "You had to punch me through my chest."
Elijah: "Oh for the love of- Marcel, I was in character. The moment took me."

Danny: "If you don't mind me asking, what animal do you aim to hunt with bullets made of wood?"
Aurora: "Not an animal at all. A monster. An entire family of them."

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  1. Laure, your review is on point. I am also very annoyed with Cami. I thought about why, and it's pretty obvious -- Cami was such a smart human being who would never have deliberately pissed off Klaus, who is arguably the most powerful being on earth. Did turning make her stupid? Does she *want* to make Klaus her enemy? And the thing with Marcel turning out to be Elijah's undercover agent wasn't a surprise. It was more like an "Uh huh".

    Is the show having an off season? This is not a good time for them to have an off season.


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