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The Originals: Heart Shaped Box

"I see we’re in for another ‘normal’ Mikaelson breakfast."

A lot happened and not a lot of progress was made.

Aurora's evil plan was revealed, and (very poorly) shut down. Aya found the last piece to unlinking the sire lines, then Marcel stopped her from using it, then Marcel found her an alternative. Davina got to hang out with Kol for a bit, but lost him again mid-smooch.

Aya must not value those Strix scroll rules as much as I thought. Isn't Marcel her boss or something? I don't think you're supposed to pick your boss up off the floor in an effort to remove his head from his body. It's office politics 101. I hope he remembers to put that in her file. Sometimes I spend a little too much time wondering why Marcel does the things that he does. Did he save Hayley's life for the reasons he told Aya? Because he knows that Klaus and especially Elijah would never forgive him? Or does he really care about her as a friend? Eh, probably a little of both.

I didn't like hearing Marcel tell Davina that his life is more important than her happiness. I feel like they're pretty even. It's not like she owes him something that she hasn't paid back. I've always loved their give-and-take friendship. I save you, you save me tra la la. Don't go breaking my heart being all selfish and manipulative and backstabby.

Color me confused. Are Klaus and Elijah seriously off their murderous game lately or what? Elijah had the chance to take Aya out when they were in the ring together and hesitated. Then Klaus found Aurora in the woods, could've shot her with the white oak bullet and let her take back the upper hand. What. Show. Is. This?? Remember the days when the brothers Mikaelson walked into rooms full of supernatural beings and kicked ass? When they dropped bodies the way I drop hints around my birthday? Am I underestimating Aya and Aurora? Am I missing something? Klaus can decapitate with a graduation cap, but give him a sharp metal sign and the best he can do is something that equates to a flesh wound for a vampire.

2 out of 4 glow-in-the-dark Finns

Bites and pieces

Freya was buried alive. Does that mean she doesn't have to worry about that part of the prophecy coming true again? Is she in the clear completely? She technically did go down. About six feet down if Aurora is a traditional grave digger. For that matter, so did Elijah. Can someone explain to me how literal a prophecy is?

The Hand of Glory looked incredibly creepy to me. Was it supposed to be a real hand? Also, the name sort of sounds like it could be a sex toy. Weird. Somebody google it and see if is. I'm too chicken.

Cami was far less annoying while Hayley was knocking some sense into her, and who knows. Maybe she actually learned something.

I feel like, as a hybrid, Hayley should be stronger than Aya. Did I make that up?

Elijah: "Niklaus, for heaven's sake, release the poor creature."
Klaus: "'A forest of pine. A box made so fine. Come quickly. If not, then poor Freya should rot, buried in dirt for all time.' The woman is insane."
Elijah: "Does she have to punish us with the world's most unfortunate limerick?"

Cami: "I'm not used to being on the receiving end of solid advice."
Hayley: "Well, you caught me on a good day."

Klaus: "Tend to Freya. I have to murder my ex."
Wasn't it Hayley musing a few weeks ago that loving a member of the home team was a death sentence?

Klaus: "You are my sister, Freya. And you are a part of this family, always and forever."

Klaus: "It seems there’s no shortage of those who stand against our family. Let’s kill them all."


  1. You made me laugh out loud three or four times again, Laure. :) Were our boys off their supernatural Wheaties or something? I kept waiting for them to make mincemeat out of Aurora and instead, Klaus had to grope around in Elijah's chest and everything to save him. It was sort of sweet, but come on.

    "Tend to Freya. I have to murder my ex." Sometimes I enjoy Joseph Morgan's Klaus more than other times, and this was one of them. I was also happy that he finally showed Freya that he cared about her. You know, the Freya situation is sort of like the Cami situation: I keep thinking they should turn her because even with the witch powers, she is too vulnerable and can be used against her brothers.

    I like Davina and I like Kol, but you know, they don't have any romantic chemistry at all. That said, if The Originals gets another season, I hope they add Kol to the cast because I like the actor.

  2. The Hand of Glory is the severed hand of a murderer (usually one who was executed by hanging) that is made into a magical candle. Sometimes the hand itself is made into a candle (I've seen versions where the outstretched fingers had wicks stuck in them) but in this case it seemed to just be holding a candle/marital aid. Correction: a MAGICAL candle/marital aid.


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