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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Paradise Lost

“Together till the end.”

I almost fell asleep during this episode.

I realize that serialized shows have episodes that have to contain lots of dull setup, but I also know Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. can do that dull setup better than this.

I really don’t care about any of Malick’s backstory. I can’t stress this enough. Unnecessary and dumb and blatant time killing. Plus, things got weird. Malick’s brother is part of Ward and ended up kissing his sort of niece until she died because that was a thing that needed to happen?

Hive/It/Squidward is strolling around Malick Manor wearing Neo cosplay while the S.H.I.E.L.D. team likewise kills time. May had to go kick Giyera’s ass, there was something about birds, and Lincoln and Daisy had to go on an adventure to find the villain from The Rescuers: Down Under because he had a vital plot coupon about an Inhuman called Alveus who was banished for mysterious reasons. Fun times.

Lincoln…wow. Okay so his “darkness” is the fact that because he is Inhuman, he felt like he never really belonged, which lead him to alcoholism, which lead to fighting with his girlfriend, which lead to her near death in a car accident. And, my, how the show jumped through loops to lessen any responsibility Lincoln might have had. He felt like he didn’t belong? That’s not so much an Inhuman thing as a human thing.

At least we learned how Hive works. He’s made up of microorganisms that eat flesh almost instantly and can, apparently, mask his squid face. But honestly, learning little bits that really weren’t that vital was all this episode was. It barely had enough plot to keep itself going. I feel bad being so harsh on this episode, I really do love this show. Hopefully next week will be better.

Intel and Assets

--Lincoln and James got their starts on the same Australian soap opera (the same one that launched Chris Hemsworth).

--Daisy's face when James suggested that Lincoln was sleeping with her mother was adorable.

May: “You said you killed him.”
Coulson: “I did.”
May: “Well, you didn’t kill him hard enough.”

Coulson: “So HYDRA’s in the oil business now? It’s like they’re not even trying to avoid the bad guy clich├ęs.”

two out of four white stones


  1. I'm confused. I don't really understand the whole story with young Malicks. Was Gideon supposed to just get rid of a white stone? Why? Because he wanted to be a true believer that his father wasn't? Then he won't do that (and he didn't). And if no white stone turn up — would other participants notice?

    Not that it matters much. I was pretty certain Malick saw his daughter's death in his vision. I was wrong — it was his own. But... this visions always come true, right? He will be killed by Ward.

    About Lincoln — well, I won't say he is completely without guilt now. But yeah, it felt kinda cheap. Although his ex-girlfriend seems to be still alive, so, some soap opera to come?

    Googling "alveus" told me it's a kitchen sink. Kinda fitting.

    Oh, and no, not every series has to have dull episodes. I don't remember one dull episode of iZombie.

  2. Malick Sr. (and later, Gideon) would switch out the white stone used in the stone drawing ceremony for a white stone with a notch in it. That way they could feel if they had the white stone or a safe, notch-less black stone. Although that doe not prevent him from getting stuck with it if he was the last one to pick and no one had drew the short straw yet. Maybe they went in order of age so Gideon knew he would at least have his younger brother after him?

    iZombie's just special that way :)

  3. Thank you! I missed this part about a notch. Now it makes much more sense.

  4. The only thing that really bothered me in this episode was Giyera's escape. First of all, why was no one guarding him? Secondly, of all the engineers in SHIELD, can no one design a door that beeps or something when it's not properly sealed?! It's the same contrivance as Simmons getting sucked into the Monolith because of a faulty door.

  5. Couldn't care less about Lincoln and his lame 'bad boy' plot. If someone from the team is going to die it better be Lincoln himself. The only reason I didn't hate the flashbacks was because the guy who played young Gideon was hot. Very nice jawline and cheekbones, too! I am constantly miffed about how one dude in a suit managed to kick EVERYBODY'S ASS these people are supposed to be special agents for fuck's sake. Should've made it more believable. Bobbi and Hunter's absence is also really being felt. I think this show needs to stop being so predictable and start being fun again. Also, I can't stress this enough, MORE FITZ AND SIMMONS. They make everything better.


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