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The 100: Nevermore

"Who thought it'd be good to see the dropship?"

It's so good to see the dropship again. A little like revisiting an old tree house or making a blanket fort as an adult. Is it weird to miss the dropship days when the enemy was human and attacked with a spear?

The episode was more or less about getting the band back together to take a group guilt trip to save Raven. Octavia tried to leave, but was compelled to stay when Jasper showed up with a broken Raven and Clarke said that she was needed. Clarke, Bellamy and Jasper all took verbal lashings from Raven(ish) and still wouldn't give up on their friend. It echoed when Jasper was impaled and so many people rallied to protect him back in season one.

Things brought up by Raven(ish) that I wish would get answered:

Everything she said to Jasper. Especially how does he justify the neverending tantrum when they've all lost so much? Is Bellamy mad that Clarke gets all the credit for the Mt. Weather genocide? And why does she get all the credit?

But no one lost more bringing Raven back than Monty. Raven owes him a fruit basket.

Can I write this paragraph without a serious overuse of expletives? I have doubts, but here it goes. Monty shot his mother. He killed her. What the what? Um. Okay. I'm taking deep breaths... Well, that isn't going to permanently scar him at all. I really wanted to believe that Momma Monty showed up with good intentions. That she had actually broken away because she didn't want to be another Jaha sheep, but no. I hope that there was no part of her aware of what she was doing, because I don't think attacking her own son is something any mother could ever make peace with. Although it doesn't really matter anymore since she won't have to live with herself. Not two minutes before Monty's mom showed up, he was trying to convince Octavia that being a part of the 100 was important. That it mattered that she belonged to something. Sure, she was all strung out on ALIE's Kool-Aid, but you know who isn't one of the hundred? The one that got shot dead. Yikes. And if Jasper is still whining about Maya being sacrificed after what his (former?) best friend just lost, they should consider throwing his ass off a cliff.

I am loving this return to the beginning, and seeing my favorites band together again. 4 out of 4 Altoid tins filled with artificial intelligence and dead lovers.

Bits and pieces

"Nevermore" is a famous line from The Raven, a poem by Edgar Allan Poe.

I decided on Raven(ish) when talking about Raven under ALIE's control. I also considered ALven.

I don't know what was more unsettling. Raven pulling her shoulder out of place and opening up her wrist wounds or when she channeled the exorcism voice. Ick and blech.

Whose favorite color is brown? Weird.

Why was Raven able to resist ALIE before and not now?

I was hoping Clarke would be the one to put Jasper in his place, but Raven(ish) did pretty well. Did it do any good? Probably not.

ALIE had the most interesting facial expressions multiple times. When Monty had the gun on his mother. Throughout Raven trash talking her friends. Is she learning things about human behavior that could eventually convince her to release the people in the City of Light? Just confused?

The bracelet thing didn't work?

Raven(ish): "There is no pain in the City of Light."

Raven(ish): " Everywhere you go, death follows. You always want to save everyone, but you don't realize that you're the one we need saving from."

Bellamy: "I'm sorry."
Niyah: "People like you always are."

Bellamy: "What do you do when you realize you might not be the good guy?"
Clarke: "Maybe there are no good guys."
Abby came to this conclusion while trying to console Clarke at the end of last season.

ALIE: "We'll have to kill them all."


  1. What a heavy episode. Poor Monty. Geez Louise! And poor Raven. Every time she gets hurt, I just cringe. It's hard not to feel for Raven because she's such a cool character. It's awful to think that Raven is again going to be in constant pain. And how are they going to free the rest of the Arkadians, after what it took to free Raven?

    In the previous episode, Raven was quoting "The Raven" loudly when she was trying to shut ALIE out. It's one of the few poems I've memorized.


  2. This is hilarious. Stephen King is now a fan of this show and he just tweeted a bunch of stuff about it:


    The sad (but true) mantra that's repeated over and over in THE 100: "There are no good guys."

    What I like best about THE 100 is the strong feminist slant. No preaching, just story.

    Challenge for the writers of THE 100: Get through Season 4 without Clarke saying "I'm sorry" more than, say, 10 times.

    The 100: Bellamy and Octavia take sibling rivalry to a whole new level.

  3. Billie, Stephen King haa great taste in TV. I know that ever since he praised Veronica Mars.

    The episode was great. The characters needed to clear the air and the only way it would happen is through an outside force like here. Heck, we needed the air cleaned. The way Bellamy reacted to Raven analyzing him told me more about his motivations then all this season did so far and I understand the direction the writers took him in more now.

    Glad they revisited the trading post and the dropship, continuity is my drug of choice. Not so glad that probably Monty now will ruin the plan along the way to see his mom again.

    The band is back together now, lets hope it will stick for more then 1 episode.

  4. Why was Raven able to resist her before but not now? I think the answer must lie in the nature of the A.I. From what Becca said, the idea of ALIE was that she was supposed to understand the needs and wants of her human host, but the first version of the A.I. was flawed (hence Becca 2). But even so, her core programming was written to respect free will. There seems to be something special about her relationship with Jaha, so I'm thinking that it's ultimately his desires that she's answerable to, and she's been able to persuade him that her vision is worth taking away free will.

    That's my thought on how grounder society took the direction it did.
    Titus said the A.I. amplified what was already there. And so ALIE2 was doing its best to satisfy the desires of the commanders. They believed in vengeance and survival of the fittest. When Clarke suggested to Lexa that there were other ways to do things, the A.I. was receptive to her logic.


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