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The Originals: Alone with Everybody

"A Mikaelson witch, a white oak bullet. Throw in a dash of wolf venom and a case of champagne, and I'd say we have the recipe for some real fun."

It's definitely a recipe I'm into. I like where this might be going.

I loved the opener of Elijah at the piano. Mostly because I like the idea of Elijah living it up on Bourbon St. with Klaus and Hayley out of his hair. Even though he would sooner wear an off-the-rack suit than shirk his sibling duties to drink hurricanes out of plastic cups.

Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. Don't keep the only weapon that can be used against you. Come on, Elijah, get it together. Okay, there was some slightly plausible logic behind their idiocy. And yes, it makes sense that Finn, an immortal vampire that hates being a vampire would want a back door out of life and that Freya would step up and offer to keep the bullet safe for her beloved brothers if that's what they wanted. But, they've lived for hundreds of years in a reality where everything that can go wrong eventually tries to kill you. Shouldn't they know by now that you burn the bullet that can kill you and/or the people you love. Duh.

I love a good road trip, and I hope someone remembered to pack the camera. This is the first official family vacay and Hope's third time being on the run (I think). These are baby book worthy memories! All joking aside, it's nice to see Hayley and Klaus comfortable with each other. Comfortable enough to poke fun of why she left with him and comfortable enough the she still stands up to him AND trusts him not to run off with Hope when she went to comfort the baby wolf. They'll make a solid parental unit if they don't kill each other first. I kept thinking it'd be great to see Klaus order from a Taco Bell drive-thru or pick out a 7-11 slurpee flavor, then I remembered that blood and vengeance are his sustenance. He has no use for empty calories. Oh well.

I'm pretty pleasantly surprised that Lucien isn't some forgotten thread of the slightly dysfunctional first part of this season. It renewed my hope that this show can find the magic it had back in seasons 1 and 2. Why is he killing werewolves? Is he harvesting their venom as part of an actual spell that he outlined to Freya? If so, I wonder if he needs a special vintage champagne because he has the rest of the ingredients.

Lucien grew more on me as a villain in just this episode than he had in all the previous ones combined. He told blondie to let Marcel take the bullet, and made sure he was locked inside Chez Mikaelson so he'd have front row seats to show. AND it makes complete sense that he'd try to cozy up to Freya since she is the only one that he doesn't have intimate knowledge about. PLUS did he make a deal with the ancestor witches that give Vincent glaucoma? That last one is still up in the air, but all else considered he is a devious little sociopath and I am very interested to see what his next move will be.

Are we going to learn more about the regent title and the witch ancestors? How much power does Vincent actually have? The guy that befriended Freya and Davina and let Cami drink his blood, wouldn't have attacked Freya and handed her over to Luci, right? Is he just a puppet doing the ancestors bidding? The New Orleans witches have never come out looking so great (i.e. multiple child sacrifices, shunnings, etc.) and I keep expecting that to change one of these seasons.

3.5 out of 4 recipes for fun

Bites and pieces

How unlikely is it that Hayley's former babysitee could take out an experienced wolf hunter?

Freya had time to see a colorist. Much blonder. Rebecca blond. Two things. 1. Was it some kind of deliberate symbolism to represent Freya replacing Bex? 2. There's been some incesty wierdness in this family before and this hair makeover coincides perfectly with her favorite brother's return.

Davina had real chutzpah with Finn. She wanted justice for Kol, but she didn't resort to violence or murder. She faced him head on and literally had him contemplating his death. She should think about a job with the C.I.A.

It's pretty unfair when Freya gets kidnapped/tortured/used in Mikaelson vendetta mania. I mean she was busy taking naps when they were ticking all these people off.

I hope I'm wrong, but I get the feeling that Freya is a Rebecca replacement and that Finn and Kol are stand-ins until Klaus can come home. I hope they can at least make Finn likeable before they kill him off. Again. I don't think he won points with anyone here, but you know what they say 354684832183215th time's the charm.

Josh wants to join the strix.

No Cami. No detective Kinney. Part of me hopes that Cami spends the rest of the season at a yoga retreat getting her shit together. And I only want Kinney back if the writers can give him something Logan-Echolls-worthy to do.

Klaus: "Tell me again why we're on a scenic tour of methamphetamine country and not compelling a jet to a far off, preferably tropical, destination."

Hollis: "It's been a long time since you danced on my bar, Hayley Marshall."
Hayley: "It's been a long time since I danced on any bar."

Josh: "Your army of fancy-pants vampires didn't tell you about it? Weird."

Kol: "He's tried to kill the rest of us more than once. He is an enemy to our family."
Freya: "He is our family."

Hayley: "Where's Hope?"
Klaus: "With Hollis. You trust him. I trust you. Baby steps, as it were."
Maybe all Klaus needed to see the error of his ways was a road trip and a trucker hat to call his own.

Elijah: "Did it not seem... too easy?"
Marcel: "Hey, maybe I'm just that good."
So dumb.

I might have serious internal damage from laughing at this for too long.
Is it just me? It may or may not be my new screen saver. Klaus isn't
even my favorite, but this is gold.

1 comment:

  1. To be fair for hundreds of years the biggest problem for the Michelsons was Klaus having a fit of pique and deciding to dagger them. The white oak has been out there, but they all survived, until they went back to Mystic Falls. Plus I really think Finn made Elijah think that maybe one day Elijah won't want to continue to be immortal.

    I do suspect that Both Finn and Kol are here simply to fulfill two of the three prophesied deaths while leaving our basic cast in place. I at least expect Finn to take one of the slots. Kol may end up jumping bodies again allowing his body to take up the other and for some reason they're counting Elijah daggering Bex as "one by family".

    I do thin Freya is here to take Rebecca's place. Claire Holt doesn't seem to want to be on full time and Maisie Richardson-Sellers getting another job, they probably have given up on recasting her. I like Freya, so I'll go along with it. Having a sister as part of the family does give the show a nice dynamic.


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