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The Originals: Behind the Black Horizon

"No doubt all roads will lead to the same treacherous bastard."

Was the game just turned completely upside down?

For centuries and centuries Klaus and his siblings have lived as unstoppable, top-of-the-food-chain bullies. And in a flash, Luci has made them both killable and vulnerable to Aurora's psychotic tantrums. Are Originals 2.0 also unkillable? It seems unlikely that whatever witches wrote that spell wouldn't include a loophole given how much witches tend to hate the Originals for upsetting the natural balance or whatever.

Lucien: "It is my rise that shall be their downfall."

Their downfall. So not including Freya? We're back to the prophecy only pertaining to Klaus, Elijah and Rebekah? Okay. Well, at least we know that the prophecy was real and not planted, because those retcons are the worse. (Looking at you, moonstone). But if I understand this correctly, he heard about the prophecy and was like hey, I can do that. I can be a beast. Does it work like that? Apparently so, but it seems convoluted. He only acted because he heard the prophecy, but the prophecy is about him taking action.

And now Aurora is free. Cami is going to lose it.

Family Matters

Davina is seeing more and more of the rage inside Kol. Is he really cursed though, like Father Kieran was? Homicidal rage has always been a part of his vampire self. It didn't come out of nowhere like we saw with Cami's uncle and brother. Is it possible that the ancestors are tapping into that anger through his blood and amplifying it or was he cursed a very long time ago before he died and they are piggybacking on that original spell? I guess I'll have to wait for clarification, because I am a little hazy on what's going on there.

I found Finn's death insanely moving. I may or may not have even shed a tear. Yeah, it surprised me, too. But I'm not busted up about losing him from the show since he was incredibly dull and whiny. And I don't even feel particularly bad for him since he was so miserable being alive anyway that finally being dead is probably sweet relief and he got the added bonus of not dying alone. It's Freya, the poor thing. Finn and Mikael were the only ones that was connected to before joining the New Orleans home team, and now they are both gone. It was a little heartbreaking watching her try to comfort Finn and knowing that she was helpless to save him. Poor Freya.

Even the send off was quite lovely and full of sentiment with each sibling saying goodbye to their brother in his or her own way. And man, the words they chose were awfully telling of their personalities.

Elijah: "You fought against what time and circumstance made you. You’re free now, Finn."
Kol: "I loathed you for centuries, even now it remains unabated. But I know torment, brother, so I hope you somehow find peace in the abyss."
Freya: "When you were born, you gave me a gift. You were my first friend. Today you gifted me my life and my brothers united, even if for a moment. I love you. Always and forever, brother. Till forever ends."
Klaus: "Just know that you will be avenged."

Vincent has finally jumped on the witches are evil bandwagon. They genuinely seem to have no regard for life or free will which continues to be utterly frustrating. The saving grace of the original family is that they at least value the lives of each other, but the witches could care less about even fellow witches.

3 out 4 carpool karaoke sessions that I would've loved to see

Bites and pieces

Being Regent looks like the worst gig in New Orleans. I feel like Davina had more of a say than Vincent seems to. The ancestors are making deals behind his back, not taking his opinion into consideration at all, and punishing him with forced contortionist poses.

There are seven original werewolf packs. They are Deep Water, Malraux, BasRoq, Barry, Poldark, Paxon and Crescent. I don't think they've ever been listed out before.

Lucien has red eyes. What's up with that? I was trying to remember when the Mikaelsons had red eyes, but I think that was a different vampire universe.

Was the white oak bullet destroyed in the spell? I guess so since no one fished it out of whatever that sludge was.

We should've known that Finn would die the second that Matt Donovan deja vu went down in the alley. Pretty ominous foreshadowing.

Klaus is back in New Orleans, but did Caroline already come looking for him? Or is he leaving again?

Would Klaus die from Luci's bite? Being a hybrid means that he self heals, right?

Klaus: "No doubt all roads will lead to the same treacherous bastard."

Finn: "Every time I close my eyes, I go back to the black horizon. That place where I was abandoned and forgotten by my own family. So yeah, I came out mad and I remain so."

Lucien: "I intend to be an upgrade."

Elijah: "Option 1: go about your business like a good little boy. Option 2: violent disembowelment. What's it going to be?"

Klaus: "How do you feel?"
Finn: "Strangely euphoric."
Klaus: "I've been known to have that effect."

Freya: "Always and forever, brother. Until forever ends."

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  1. Great review! I thought it sounded like the witches corrupted Davina's spell to bring Kol back, but who knows what that actually entailed? And Caroline won't show up for 3 more years. I wonder when The Originals will make the leap forward in time - I was imagining Klaus, Hayley, and Hope roadtripping for 3 years, but this episode changes all that!


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