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The Originals: The Devil Comes Here and Sighs

"I may die by day’s end, but you will live forever — unloved, pathetic."

New Orleans might as well be a snow globe right now. Everything keeps getting shook up.

Cami seemed a little more herself. Just in time to die, naturally. It's funny. I kept expecting it. In the alley, I thought she would do something stupid trying to help Klaus and get herself caught in the crossfire. In the penthouse I thought her dying might serve as some kind of propeller so that Klaus could free himself. But they saved it for the end and left it as a cliffhanger.

Papa Tunde's knife of psychotic torment makes another appearance. I love the consistency of using a weapon we are so familiar with, but it's a little ridiculous that the Mikaelsons are still carrying it around since it keeps being used against them. But I guess when you're the most powerful unkillable family in history, a little torment isn't even the worst part of your day when it finds you. Plus, they've been pretty busy.

Watching Klaus get his ass kicked tugged on my heart strings a little more than I thought it would. Who am I kidding? It was downright hard to watch, and I usually like seeing him taken down a peg. A little because I'm sure he won't die and a little because it's always fun when the cockiest one in the room is shown up. But I didn't like it this time.

I'm not a fan of Aurora, but I was a smidge proud of her for not falling for Klaus' ruse. And you have to give her credit for following her heart, because even with the promise of "undying love and all the revenge you could desire" she couldn't force herself to love Lucien. She couldn't even pretend very well. At least the girl knows what she wants.

Knee deep in the third season, and I still can't get over how insane the witches are in this town. And death just seems to make them nuttier, doesn't it? I was hopeful that it was just Esther's influence that made them seem so evil last year, but she is long gone now. At this point can we even pinpoint the actual threat? Lucien is an all powerful uber Original and the ancestors are an omnipresent force of nature that is backing him up. Is it the combo pack that makes this threat so dangerous? Take out one, does the other have a leg to stand on? Maybe we will find out next week.

Very, very good.
Was it 4 out of 4 hidden cameras good? You decide.

Bites and pieces

Are all the Strix dead now?

Was Kol desiccating when he tried to leave New Orleans? Ancestor witches are harsh, man.

In Haylijah news, Hayley told Klaus that just because she told him to stay away, it doesn't mean that she doesn't care deeply about him. In fact, she cares so much that she would face her fears and risk her life to save him. And I'm sure the she had nothing to do with Hayley and the him wasn't about Elijah at all.

Aurora: "Men are such good talkers, but rarely do they produce more than words."

Klaus: "What a surprise. Another day, another witch-inspired vendetta."

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  1. Yes, I agree that this was a really good one. Although I'm more than ready for our upstart trinity to be over, over, over. Poor Kol. Trapped between a rock and a hard place. I hope he doesn't wind up hurting Davina.


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