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Supernatural: We Happy Few

"Welcome to the End." Come on. We know this isn't the end. There's going to be a twelfth season.

The battle itself – I don't know. I loved the fact that it took place in a power station, but it was somewhat anticlimactic. Or is it just hard to buy into the possibility that God is dying? Not that Supernatural would shy away from doing such a thing. I certainly didn't expect Amara to put Chuck on the floor; I've been thinking that they'd cancel each other out. It's interesting, what Amara said about Chuck creating beings whose worship would make him bigger than he ever actually was. Why can't she accept his need to create things? Is it just her nature to destroy?

What happened to Lucifer? He isn't dead, is he? Did we finally get Castiel back permanently? Why didn't Rowena get zonked when the rest of the coven did? Because they need her to stick around and drive Crowley crazy?

My favorite part of this episode was Dean and Sam refereeing a family mediation between God and Lucifer. There was something so delightful and silly about it. Dean and Sam looked like they were experiencing awe and annoyance in equal measure, and Rob Benedict and Misha Collins played the condescending father and petulant teenage son so well. I laughed out loud when Lucifer went into the bedroom and started blasting rock music.

Everyone wants an apology from God, and even though Chuck said outright that he was tired of everyone wanting one, he did apologize – to Lucifer, and then to Amara. Did we know that it was the Mark that made Lucifer evil in the first place? Is that a radical interpretation of the text? I honestly don't recall hearing that before. If so, then God really did owe Lucifer an apology.

The recruitment scenes were also fun. Crowley trying to reassert his authority after the dog collar and tongue thing; Rowena blatantly sucking up to God; God telling Crowley and Rowena that watching them was one of his guilty pleasures; Lucifer referring to Castiel as Jiminy Cricket. It's a shame they didn't have time to recreate Gabriel, considering what a fan favorite Richard Speight is. God did say that Michael was in no condition to fight. So where's Adam Winchester? Will someone mention him already?

I don't like the idea of Sam taking on the Mark and putting us all what we went through with Dean for so long. And I especially don't like how difficult defeating Amara is for Dean, although I'm sure that's going to play into next week's finale, somehow.

Bits and pieces:

— "We happy few, we band of brothers" is of course from Shakespeare's Henry V. Although every time I hear it I flash back to Spike saying "We band of buggered" in "The Gift."

— God made pancakes for Dean and Sam. I love stuff like this.

— Did we lose Donatello Redfield the prophet already? Or is he just soulless?

— In the bunker, Amara took a long look at a photo of little Dean with his mother Mary. Is Amara just fascinated by anything having to do with Dean, or will that be important in the finale?

— Clea the witch was played by Barbara Eve Harris, whom I just saw as a sporadic guest star during my rewatch of Prison Break.

— It takes three to make a coven. I guess that makes sense, like three's a crowd.

— This week: Mostly the MoL bunker and a Kansas power facility, plus Hell, plus Grand Isle, Louisiana.


God: "Kids, huh?"

Dean: "This is like the worst episode of Full House ever."

Lucifer: "Do you have any idea what it's like to argue with your father when your father is God? Everything is a tautology with you."

Dean: "Okay! Let's try 'I feel' statements. (glances at Sam) Dr. Phil."

Rowena: "I'll turn you into a moose. An actual moose."

Sam: "We're gonna play the God card."

It's always hard to rate a penultimate episode, plus I've been fighting a cold and I'm not even sure I wrote a coherent review... but three out of four episodes of Full House,

Billie Doux has been reviewing Supernatural for so long that Dean and Sam Winchester feel like old friends. Courageous, adventurous, gorgeous old friends.


  1. I thought this episode was fun but rushed the way that many penultimate episodes are; loved the attack on Amara scenes but felt terrible for the poor witches. Clea was fantastic I thought. Great review!

  2. These penultimate episodes are often anticlimatic, tho this one was really fun to watch. But what a team - a witch, a devil, God himself + coupla humans and Crowley to boot. How could they have even hoped to win their game with so many issues between them unresolved! Chuck may be endearing, but as a leader ... idk. And look at his team when the players are obviously confused and reluctant, and some of them plainly hate each other (Luci, Crowley, Rowena). As a result, game's lost before the start. Now, SamnDean - you're our only hope. Which turn to sacrifice?

  3. I swear I saw Mark Pellegrino's face on Castiel at the end when Amara was ripping Lucifer off. Like the light coming off Castiel's face looked like Pellegrino. Cool if it was done on purpose, I need to see my eye doctor if not =)

  4. The counseling between God and Lucifer was amazing. God saying "I am sorry that you feel that I betrayed you... I'm sorry that you can't see that you gave me no choice"

    God giving fake apologies to Lucifer! (Fake apologies are probably my greatest pet peeve.)

  5. It was very long towards the end IMHO. I feel meeh because the prophet was already killed, the attack happened, then, yadda, yadda, yadda..it felt disconnected somehow...


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