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Legends of Tomorrow: Legendary

"Glad we're past the point of worrying about the timeline."

I liked it. Didn't love it. But it was a strong season finale.

Taking down Savage at last, not once but three times, was definitely enjoyable but sort of confusing. I was never quite sure where that particular solution came from. Was it obvious to you guys how exploding the meteorite three times and creating a paradox would send Savage back to 1700 BCE? And how Savage would be made temporarily mortal by the meteorite exposure? That didn't make a lot of sense, although it was worth it if we never have to see Savage again.

(I sort of feel bad for Casper Crump. Why did Vandal Savage fall so flat? Was it overacting? The writing? Did the unengaging Hawk couple take him down with them?)

Rip flying near the sun and not dissolving into ash was a little hard to believe, too. Come on, I've seen Sunshine. But it was nicely poignant that he finally accepted the loss of Miranda and Jonas, that he said goodbye to their ghosts.

In fact, accepting a terrible loss and moving on was the major theme of the episode. Back again in 2016 but five months later, Sara reunited with her father Quentin and mourned the death of her sister. It was understandable that Sara would be frantic to time travel and bring Laurel back, but it was impossible because they've already changed the timeline: all three Lances were supposed to be killed by Damien Darhk.

Dominic Purcell made me laugh several times in this finale, but more importantly, during the second half of this season, he made me feel for Mick Rory and care about him. That's significant, considering that Mick wasn't much more than a violent thug and pyromaniac when the series began. Mick also addressed his grief and loss by returning to 2013 and telling a puzzled Snart that he loved him. Okay, he didn't actually say "I love you," but it was implied. Definitely my favorite scene in the episode.

It's encouraging that they cut the character deadwood. (Maybe the Legends producers are actually aware of the internet. Sometimes I think producers read a lot of negative feedback and go, they're wrong! I'm right! I'm keeping that character even though everybody hates them!) Savage is gone, hopefully forever, and the Hawks have decided to spend some quality time finding out what it's like to be a couple when you don't have a madman dogging your footsteps for thousands of years. Woo hoo. As I have said way too many times this season, the Hawks and Vandal Savage were the weakest element, which was a shame since the entire season's story was centered on them.

I'm happy with all of the remaining characters staying on board. Mick is wonderful, I've always liked Sara, and of course, I adore my Spydad, who deserves more out of retirement than Trivial Pursuit. I particularly like how Martin and Jax's father-son relationship has progressed. I'm also fond of Brandon Routh's Ray Palmer, who already works better as Mick Rory's friend and supporter than he did as Kendra's love interest. I'm not so sure about Rip Hunter, though. They nearly killed him twice in this episode, and I would have been okay with that, even though his death would leave a hole in the series structure.

I'm ready to meet new guys. Including this Rex Tyler from the Justice Society of America. I don't know who that is, but I'm sure you comic fans will fill me in. (Please fill me in?)

Everyone remember where we parked:

-- This week, we revisited a lot of places: Star City and Central City 2016, Harmony Falls 1958, Norway 1975, St. Roch 2021, and Saint-Lo France, 1944 so that the good guys could fight Nazis.

-- What happened with the helmet weirdness? Kendra put a note in it and it promptly showed up on the Waverider. That seemed conveniently magical.

-- Turns out that the Thanagarians gave the Hawks and Savage their powers, which I understand is also a connection to the original characters in the comics.

-- Jax has a new power: he altered the molecular structure of a gun and turned a meteorite into water, which was cool. Honestly, I never even thought about where Firestorm's costume came from.

-- We got a Supergirl commercial! Supergirl has just gotten a second season and moved from CBS to The CW. The DC line-up on The CW next season is going to be nuts: Supergirl on Monday, The Flash on Tuesday, Arrow Wednesday, and Legends of Tomorrow on Thursday. Too much?


Ray: "You didn't waste any time getting back to your old habits."
Mick: "I like stealing stuff. It makes me feel good."

Martin: "I never thought I'd utter these words, but I think we need a Nazi."

Jax: "Okay, it's official. This is the craziest bad guy plan in the history of bad guy plans."

Snart: "Mick, I don't do touchy feely."

Mick: (watching the Hawks fly off) "Every time they do that, I get hungry for chicken."

This first season was a mixed bag and there is work to be done. But I definitely enjoyed much of it and am looking forward to seeing what they do with season two.

Three out of four written out characters,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. We are rid of the Hawks..yay and Vandal..
    Loved Mick's goodbye to Snart..
    Sara broke my heart and then kicked ass.
    Rex Tyler is this guy..
    I barely know him..
    Solid finale, I guess I care enough for Mick and Sara to stick around..

  2. The helmet was already on the Waverider. It just moved across the room, a very slight ripple effect from Kendra’s actions.

    As soon as the Hawks announced they were leaving, I knew you would be happy about it!

    As soon as I saw Patrick J. Adams in the credits, I was like, what is Mike from Suits doing on this site? I hope his character is cool. And now I want to watch Suits.

  3. Mostly disappointed by this season. I had expected more from a time travel show with Arthur Darvill in it. His character had no personality and he was way too serious. The Hawks were boring and few characters made me care about whatever they were going through. I did enjoy the assorted reactions to the effects of time travel, some of them were pretty funny. Other than that, not great. Will give it another try next season, hope they make it more fun.

  4. For me, this season started off really rocky, but then hooked me. I'm just now catching up on episodes and it's late September 2016.

    I didn't hate Savage, but didn't enjoy Kendra at all. Snart was my favorite and there's got to be a way to have him back as I'm sure he's a fan favorite with many.

    SO excited for the Justice Society and impressed that they went with Hourman to introduce the group. (A time-related superhero iseemed appropriate). He's one of my favorites that I always felt deserved more attention. I hope that they go with some kind of modern drug story in relation to the Miraclo Pills that give him his powers.

    All in all, REALLY looking forward to Season 2 and all the superhero shows on CW. No, it's not too much. :)

  5. Why didn't the villain work? Because he was just a one-note creature. No dimensionality. And so sick. Stalking a woman for four thousand years. With four thousand years, you think you would learn something. The writers never even gave him a sidekick, so he couldn't develop any relationships. I understand the need to limit the number of human immortals, but that could have been resolved by letting him talk and argue with his own computer or something.

    The Hawks suffered from the same issue. Just one note - falling in love with each other over and over again.

    So I hope that these characters stay dead or away from the rest of the show. Unless the writers find something more interesting.


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