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The Flash: Invincible

"If the Universe is with us, how could we possibly lose?"

Fateful words. What will Barry do now? Not for a while have I been so pissed off at someone on a television show: and I cannot tell, honestly, whether I'm madder at Barry or at Zoom. Either way, I'm kinda verklempt.

First, the low point. I wasn't impressed by Iris and her writing skills this episode. "Truly see the light?" "We are not alone?" Isn't a journalist supposed to be investigating, not pontificating? I feel like the writers are dropping the ball again with Iris; they got a reasonable relationship potentially working with Barry, but now they need to make her relevant in other ways. At one point she stepped up to a microphone and took over for Wells, supporting Barry. She did the same just now, calling him back from the world of the Speed Force. Now they need to keep her relevant in other ways. She should be riding along with her father and Captain Singh and that team we saw shooting up metahumans. Those are the people doing the inspiring here.

Speaking of which, I loved Wally and Joe tonight, and Wally particularly. The development of Wally into what looks like a coming hero is freaking fantastic. He's sincere, he's honest, and it's based on experiences we've seen–avoiding his mother, making his mistakes. He has an adult's view of the world and of responsibility, and I can't help but think that Joe shouldn't be anything but proud. If Wally gets powers, it's going to feel kinda natural. And if he doesn't, I think he'll find a way to be a hero anyhow.

I'm not so sure about being proud of Barry. I can't tell where his euphoric naïveté came from; making it back from the Speed Force is huge, but he's lost other people before (Eddie, for example, and his mother) so despite the help he got, how can he be so blasé about the things that could possibly happen? His overconfidence leads directly to losing yet another person. The dread Cisco and the team feel is entirely real. How much guilt is Barry going to feel about this? What if Barry'd done things differently? Had set a careful plan to trap Zoom, using his return from the dead to take advantage of the element of surprise?

Because that element of surprise is necessary. Barry's rejuvenation might be a hopeful sign, but Zoom's become even more powerful. I get the feeling that Caitlin and the things she's seen Zoom doing and saying might become very important for the finale. After saying all that the only thing that remains is to debate what's going to happen next episode. Because Barry cannot let this lie. He's seen Zoom kill his father. Which do you think he'll do next?
  • Go back in time to save Henry? 
  • Go completely Red Kryptonite, abandoning the team and losing himself in rage?
  • Be really pissed off at the Speed Force? 
  • Ask Supergirl and Arrow for help?
  • Break out the Man in the Iron Mask with Caitlin's help, figuring Metalhead has all the secrets needed? (Jury's still out. Is it Eddie? Another Jay?)
  • All of the above?
  • Something I didn't even think of?
I'm sad Henry's gone. I was loving his role as medical expert and how he fit with Wells and Joe as one of the Three Wise Men. Zoom seems intent on proving he and Barry are just alike, and into shoving Barry into being evil; he might just have done it. It's all about control as we fly into the finale.


CGI Tina McGee did not look that awesome while being rescued by the Flash. It was weird because that was a lovely scene of the Flash jumping from falling chunk of rubble to falling chunk, trying to save Tina, and it looked for some reason totally fake.

The Black Siren - I loved her level of power and the chance to see Katie Cassidy again, but other than the shock, she was a typical villain of the week this time. However, I have a feeling we may see her again. Funny, the last time I saw the Black Siren was on a cartoon.

Caitlin's PTSD was disturbing. Same time, I wanted her to be sharing knowledge about Zoom, not just dire warnings.

Loved Cisco and Caitlin fronting as Reverb and Killer Frost.

And: did you notice Cisco now has Daisy's powers from Agents of SHIELD?

One maybe-important point: all doppelgangers are opposite-handed? Interesting.

Henry struggling to say goodbye while Barry begs Jay not to hurt his father will be a picture seared on my mind for a while. I guess his death was planned a while ago, but... I'd hoped otherwise.


Barry: So how did you know?
Tina McGee: Your real identity?
Barry: Yeah.
Tina McGee: Come on, Barry, I'm a scientist. We're paid to be perceptive. And you're always a little too well informed when things go pear-shaped in this city.

Joe: I can't wait till you have kids and they torture you. I'ma laugh in your face!
Barry: All right, gramps.
Joe: Poppa.
Barry: What?
Joe: My grandkids are gonna call me "poppa".

In a Flash

If this lesson teaches Barry he's never going to be invincible, no matter how powerful he gets... well, it might be worth it, but it'll be a long time. Four out of four fatal chest fists, because even though it was a tragedy, it was an awesome episode.

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  1. Actually, I wonder if it's not just PTSD, and if Zoom is gaslighting her. He's certainly fast enough to do that.


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