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Lucifer: Lucifer, Stay. Good Devil.

Fake Evangelical: “Have YOU seen the face of the Devil?”
Lucifer: “Oof, every morning in the mirror, pal.”

For all of his blaséness, Lucifer doesn’t appear to appreciate people not taking him seriously.

Lucifer is going to therapy. You have to feel for Doctor Martin, having a client such as Lucifer. Although she is trading therapy session time for sexual favours from her client, so you kinda have to call her professional ethics into question as well. Weirdly, they seem to have more chemistry than Lucifer and Chloe, so I’m all for it in the end.

Chloe is still investigating Lucifer and she’s not exactly being subtle, managing to get on both Lucifer and Maze’s radar in the space of several minutes, but for completely different reasons. Maze thinks Chloe is a bad influence on Lucifer, while Lucifer just assumes that Chloe’s interest in Lucifer means she wants to sleep with him. It’s one of Lucifer’s more annoying traits. Although she did play to his assumption to get more information from him, so Chloe isn’t exactly stupid. Just mildly frustrating.

Speaking of frustrating (slow clap for the segue), who else wanted to slap Lucifer for smoking the pot he found at the crime scene and ultimately contaminating evidence? Hopefully Lucifer will learn a thing or two working alongside Chloe as her “psychotic club-owning sidekick.” Or perhaps he won’t.

I think my favourite scenes of the episode are the ones between Lucifer and Amenadiel and Mazikeen. It gives us an insight into who Lucifer is when he isn’t playing up in front of Chloe. This is actually Lucifer. I also really like Lucifer’s reactions when time slows down on Amenadiel’s entrances. Both Amenadiel and Maze are frustrated by Lucifer’s desire to stay on Earth, as well as his interest in Chloe. Lucifer and Maze have a fascinating relationship; she was his chief torturer back in Hell and is essentially his right hand woman. Her annoyance towards Chloe does not come off as jealousy or possessiveness, but rather as one of concern regarding Lucifer. She sees he is changing ever since he met Chloe, and she doesn’t like it. She intentionally goads him into unleashing the Lucifer she knows (“There he is… and there he goes.”) and frankly it’s a Lucifer I want to see more of in the future.

Chloe’s backstory becomes more fleshed out this week; we’re given more insight as to why she became a cop, as well as her relationship with her mother. Penelope Decker was a popular actress in the 80s, mostly known for cheesy sci-fi movies, which ultimately led to Chloe being followed by paparazzi and to this week’s Case of the Week. Due to her relationship with Nick, the paparazzo at the crime scene, Chloe personally looks into the case, despite being told by Dan that doing so is a big no-no until she’s off medical leave. On one hand I applaud Chloe’s actions, and it gives us an idea to Chloe’s personality and history. On the other hand, part of me really wanted Chloe to just stay at home and recover without the possibility of causing any complications in the murder case.

Lucifer’s actions around Chloe are causing her to look deeper into what happened with Jimmy Barnes in the pilot. Whatever Lucifer did to Jimmy in retaliation for him shooting Chloe has driven him mad, bashing his head against the glass door of his cell when Chloe mentions Lucifer’s name. Despite Lucifer’s claims of being the Devil, and Jimmy screaming “He’s the Devil!” over and over again while he’s restrained to his bed by burly male nurses, Chloe still doesn’t seem to believe that Lucifer is telling the truth.

Bits and Pieces

- Even Lucifer thinks crashing a funeral is repugnant.

- Lucifer’s Pentecostal coin once again makes an appearance.

- Dan knows Chloe won’t leave well enough alone regarding the paparazzo case, that he gives her the file. I can also buy them as being Trixie’s parents, which is one of the reasons why these two work so well for me.

- Josh was so skeevy, but man, those eyes were intense.

- I do not want to get on Maze’s bad side.

- Chloe’s relationship with her daughter is probably one of the best things about Lucifer. I usually can’t stand kids in TV shows (cough Once Upon a Time cough), but every scene that has Trixie in it, is pure gold.


Lucifer: Noooo, it’s puff-puff-pass, not puff-puff-stomp-angrily!?

Lucifer: You don’t seem too bothered by my being the Prince of Darkness…
Linda: I’m willing to work within your metaphor.

Chloe: I’m going to figure out your secret, Lucifer.
Lucifer: It’s not a secret if I’m telling you the answer!

Trixie: Mommy, are you looking at a no-no site?
Chloe: No, why would you think that?
Trixie: Because you put it away SO fast, and you look really, really guilty.

Lucifer: How do you afford this place? Do you take bribes?

Let's give it two-and-a-half non-HD copies of Hot Tub High School out of four.

Morgan India, who is sadly not as cool as Trixie Espinoza.


  1. Great review, Morgan. And I completely agree with your opinion of Trixie Espinoza. :)

  2. She is so cute! It puzzles me (in a good way) that she's so fond of Lucifer. Is the show showing her naiveté (she is a child, after all) or are we supposed to believe that since Trixie likes him, Lucifer can't be all bad?

    As for Chloe/Lucifer, I'm totally on board that ship.

    Chloe's backstory is kind of ridiculous.

  3. I think Trixie works because she is so REAL. Most TV shows either have kids act like babies or be a genuis, very little middle ground. Lucifer's adversion to her is one of the funniest things on the show.

    Good observation on Maze. It genuinely did not come across as jealously which is a refreshing take to see in a male/female friendship.

    Also Chloe, growing on me a bit.


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