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Lucifer: The Would-Be Prince of Darkness

“Oh, ginger lad. Soulless bastard, gives even me the creeps.”

Someone’s out pretending he’s Lucifer, and the Devil is pissed.

Definitely a better episode than the last, but it still has a way to go. Thankfully, Lucifer seems to be ironing out the wrinkles from the pilot and second episode and bringing in something other than the COTW format. Plus, it’s giving us more Trixie, and that is never a bad thing in my boots.

Starting off with the case of the week, the fairly standard trope of escort-killed-at-celebrity-party is in full effect, with about twenty red herrings in the process. Did anyone actually believe that Ty was the one who killed Ali? He may have the personality of a cardboard box but he never really seemed to be that big of a suspect to me. I spent most of the episode trying to care about the case this week, but it really is the weaker part of the show and just has a tendency to make me want to slap Lucifer. Thankfully, it looks like Chloe wants to do that half the time as well, so three points to Chloe. Perhaps it’s just seeing Lucifer’s behaviour around someone who is remarkably more moral and has better ethics than Lucifer that just makes him appear even more juvenile than usual. Stick him with Maze or Amenadiel and he shines, you can see just what makes him Lucifer.

I’m not going to go down a negative road, and I know this show is still in its teething period, but the things I do like about the show outweigh the bad, most of the time. Writing these reviews retroactively, it’s easier to see where the weaker parts of the show are at the beginning of the series, and how many of them had been ignored or fixed by the thirteenth episode. I think that’s what makes it rather frustrating at times. Ah well, Buffy the Vampire Slayer wasn’t great its first season and now look at it.

Lucifer’s impostor was probably the more interesting part of the episode for me, mostly because of how much of a non-threat the man wound up being. Although, to be fair, how many people do you suppose call themselves Lucifer Morningstar, especially in places like Los Angeles? Lucifer was rather disappointed with his impostor, and seeing him almost go off the deep end was brilliant. Maze’s disappointment that Lucifer reined in his Dark Side was also note-worthy; I want to see more of the Lucifer that she knows, the one she ran with and the one she was made specifically to protect. A question though, is Maze’s loyalty to Lucifer due to their shared history, or because she was designed to protect him and that’s where her loyalty comes from? She hasn’t been impressed with him lately and I want to see how Lucifer’s desire to pal around with Chloe on cases will affect their relationship in the long term.

Going back to the Case of the Week and focusing on the good points, who else really liked seeing Lucifer throw Joe the Agent through the glass wall? It gave us another inkling of what sort of personality Lucifer has, but it has now given Chloe something to focus on and investigate as she looks into Lucifer’s background. This is only going to lead to either Chloe being killed or injured, or causing someone else to get hurt in the crossfire. Both Lucifer and Chloe seem to have a habit of becoming obsessively fixated on something that catches their attention and not letting go, to the detriment to themselves, or other people. Or both. Lucifer himself has said he wants to punish the guilty, and as much as he claims he wants to leave his old life behind as the Ruler of Hell, he’s doing the same thing on earth. He just has those pesky laws to contend with when the consequences of his actions spiral, even if he essentially gives them the middle finger at the same time.

Bits and Pieces

I really want to see Chloe having to explain Lucifer’s presence and actions while on crime scenes to her boss. Surely there has to be some problem with that, considering that Lucifer has already contaminated evidence and blown hastily thrown together sting operations for his own needs. However, I don’t think we will be seeing Lucifer in the Time Out corner any time soon.

Maze’s disappointment in Lucifer mirrors my own disappointment in Lucifer.

Jodi-Lynn O’Keefe has appeared as a guest star in a lot of my TV shows over the years, but she will always be Freddie Prinze Jr’s narcissistic and vain ex-girlfriend in She’s All That to me.

No Amenadiel this week.


Female Partygoer: “Yeah, he performed at a rap battle last week in the Valley.”
Lucifer: “Every single part of that sentence horrifies me.”

Trixie: “Is Lucifer a Magician!?”

Chloe: “Thanks for being cryptic in a super unhelpful way.”

What do you guys want: more Lucifer the Devil, or Lucifer the Rookie Sidekick?

Two out of five glass walls

Morgan India, who really wishes there was a 24-hour yoghurt place near her house.

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