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Lucifer: Favourite Son

“Patients with delusions. They can be challenging.”

To quote Brad Pitt: What’s in the box?

Apologies for any rambling or incoherent thoughts with this review; I’ve been battling a cold for the last week and Sudafed has become my only friend. But Lucifer is having to deal with a lot more than me at the moment.

You would think that Lucifer would have been a bit more concerned about the fact that it was his storage container that had been stolen. Maze’s digging at Lucifer about how this theft will affect his reputation seemed to put a ding in his armour, though. The rift between them is growing and it’s making my heart hurt a lot. However, after Lucifer found out that the storage container was his, he became a lot more involved in the case of the murdered security guard; naturally out of his own self-interest rather than for the sake of solving the murder itself.

Chloe’s frustration with Lucifer not being open about what was in the container led her to going to Dan for help with the case; I am not bothered by the development, as it’s good to see Chloe interacting with other characters who don’t make her seem particularly dense. However, tasking Dan to investigate what was in the container will no doubt lead to bad things, like that conflict of interest that Chloe mentioned to Lucifer only minutes before.

Lucifer’s sessions with Dr. Martin are progressing, and it doesn’t sit well for Lucifer. He lashes out at Martin when she tells him some things that he doesn’t want to hear, and despite the fact that some of his words hit home with her, Martin definitely sees this as progress. At least Martin now has Amenadiel to rant at about Lucifer nowadays. Their conversation about Lucifer was enlightening, even if Amenadiel is manipulating Martin.

After a long chase that takes them to a biker bar where Tom Sizemore grumbles and talks about his guitar, a hammock and rebranding, Chloe and Lucifer ultimately wind up at a warehouse which contain the contents of Lucifer’s Box of Mystery. One great development here is that Lucifer works out that he’s invulnerable as long as Chloe isn’t present. Also it was fantastic to see Lucifer being Lucifer, following the rogue biker up to the roof of the warehouse. The contents of the box and Lucifer’s demonic face lead to the biker throwing himself off the roof. Woops. Lucifer seemed genuinely perturbed after the biker jumped, but mostly because he didn’t reveal his employer beforehand.

Unfortunately, the box inside the container was false. It wasn’t until after Chloe had left that Lucifer realised that the wings were still missing. I don’t think that the person who stole them is going to have a long and satisfying life once Lucifer gets his hands on them. The least Lucifer could do would be to pay for Dr. Martin’s wall to be fixed after putting his fist through it in anger, even if Martin baited Lucifer by running off a list of Lucifer’s other aliases, in particular Samael, playing into the idea that Lucifer is indeed the devil rather than continuing to follow it as a metaphor. Lucifer’s bitterness and anger towards his father is still simmering under the surface and Martin’s prodding really got to him. The only good thing that came out of this revelation for Lucifer is that he is now determined to retrieve his wings, with Mazikeen’s help.

On a more domestic front, Dan and Chloe are trying to work things out and co-parent for the sake of Trixie. We also get more insight into Dan and Chloe’s relationship and what caused their separation; Dan initially having to beg off Taco Tuesday (Is Taco Tuesday a really common thing in America? Am I missing out on Taco Tuesdays?) for work but then coming through for Trixie’s sake obviously meant a lot to Chloe. It only took Maze knocking Dan out and planting him naked into Chloe’s bed for him to realise that he needed to be better and more present for Chloe and Trixie.

Bits and pieces

- The scene between Chloe, Dan and Trixie regarding the chocolate cake was really cute. That is, until Lucifer came into the conversation. Poor Dan.

- Lucifer’s wings are beautiful, and the detail is amazing. They even had the attached flesh from when Maze cut them off.

- Nobody really blinked an eye when Lucifer attacked the snow cone guy. I’m going to assume that’s typical in Los Angeles, sunbunny?

- Lucifer wearing his usual get-up out on the beach made me feel really uncomfortable and sweaty.

- Why do the directors keep shooting Dan from below? That’s never a good angle for anyone.

- Also, Dan in the pink tracksuit and *Nsync t-shirt after Maze plays her trick on him was brilliant.


Lucifer: We were like fish and chips, salt and pepper, hipsters and condescension.

Lucifer: What unpleasantness felled this heap of unrealised ambition?

Chloe: I need your help like I need a third boob.

Lucifer: Pardon the intrusion, you Village People rejects.

Dr Martin: You are his fallen angel, but here’s the thing. When angels fall, they also rise. All you have to do is embrace all the things you are.
Lucifer: I can’t.

Lucifer: I’ll have two Tropic Wonders and your face smashed into the ground.

Four out of five sets of angelic wings.

Morgan India, who didn’t eat the chocolate cake.

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  1. For me this episode is all about the bookends. That opening scene that spliced the container theft with Lucifer performing "Sinnerman" was amazing, and the final shot, where we see Lucifer's wings was so powerful. It's been a while since I first saw the episode, so I can't remember when I realized they were what was stolen from Lucifer.


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