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Lucifer: Manly Whatnots

"What are you!?"

The Case of the Week format takes a backseat and I could not be happier.

I feel like I spend a great deal of time complaining about this show. But I complain because I know how great this show can be. The actors work really well together and the premise is brilliant, but there are still some small things that continue to frustrate me and that colours a lot of how I think and view the earlier episodes.

And they finally give me an episode that proves that this show can live up to its potential, that if they just step away from the procedural mess and use the supporting characters in a way that doesn’t feel forced, then things are finally going to get going and progress in a timely manner.

Such as when Lucifer baited and goaded Chloe into shooting him, and was utterly shocked when he actually felt pain and started bleeding. Considering the fact that he came out of the drive-by shooting where whatsherface was killed in the pilot with barely a scratch (RIP black suit), he must have really believed that he would be unharmed when Chloe shot him once. Lucifer is clearly changing, either for the better or the worst depending on who you ask, and he’s becoming vulnerable when he’s around Chloe. He felt pain when Jimmy Barnes (still the best character name if I’m honest) repeatedly shot him in the pilot while he shielded Chloe, but nothing to this extent. One of the major questions of the series is clearly about how Chloe is able to make Lucifer vulnerable; is it because she genuinely does not believe him when he tells her that he’s the Devil, or is it something far more convoluted than that, with many more moving parts to it. Chloe is obviously questioning Lucifer’s story and history, but she still doesn’t have to believe him.

Amenadiel is also back in the picture and perhaps it is because I still have a great love for Buffy the Vampire Slayer and therefore love D.B. Woodside, but he really does help progress the larger story along whilst giving us more insight into who Lucifer was before he was made Ruler of the Underworld and before he came to Los Angeles. Lucifer’s interactions with Amenadiel and Mazikeen give us enough backstory and exposition without making it seem like the writers are trying to hit us in the face with a brick of it. Amenadiel sees Lucifer as the Angel, and someone that can eventually find his way back into the fold. Maze sees Lucifer as the King of Hell as well as her commanding officer. She idolises the evil in him, and also really just wants to go back home. However, she’ll only go back home if Lucifer does. I can definitely understand her issues with Chloe and how she’s been changing Lucifer’s loyalties away from what Maze knows Lucifer to be.

Between seeing the scarring on Lucifer’s back from having his wings cut off to the flash of his true face in a reflection, Chloe is finally cottoning on to the fact that Lucifer is telling the truth. Was that why she shot him, rather than his baiting her to do it? However, that may have been brushed aside when Lucifer started bleeding all over the place and feeling pain after so much time telling Chloe that he can’t be harmed. Oops.

We did also get to see moments of a genuine friendship blossoming between Lucifer and Chloe which actually felt natural. That last moment was sweet enough for me to not want to roll my eyes and skip over their scenes together. But then Trixie ruined it by planting that seed of Chloe and Lucifer liking each other into Chloe’s mind. Damn it, Trixie. But I will say that I’m starting to enjoy the Chloe and Lucifer scenes, even though both of them really need to learn how to work undercover (but hopefully not under the covers), because Lucifer outing Chloe as a cop at that weird, Lothario-wannabe convention and Chloe really badly flirting with one of the conventioneers to get information out of him were just cringe-worthy.

It also looks like we're going to get an Amenadiel/Mazikeen team-up in order to get Lucifer back on the right path (according to them, anyway) and I'm so ready for more scenes between these two. It's a tad predictable and I would not be surprised if they wind up hooking up at some point during the line, but that fight was rather intense. Plus, it's nice having Maze interact with people other than Lucifer.

Bits and Pieces

- Maze was the one who cut Lucifer’s wings off. The make-up work on those scars was brilliant.

- Lucifer covered up Chloe shooting him with her boss. And then charmed her boss. Poor Chloe.

- Trixie loses points for being #TeamLuciferChloe.

- Lucifer, thanks in large part to his therapy sessions with Dr Martin, is now trying to get Chloe into bed, believing that this will reveal why his powers don’t work on her. Bleh.

- I really love scenes between Dan and Chloe.


Trixie: You shot someone? Again?

Chloe: Where did you get this dress, anyhow?
Lucifer: Oh, it was left behind by one of my overnight guests.
Chloe: And what was she wearing when she left?
Lucifer: A smile.

Morgan India, who is really judging that red dress that Chloe wore undercover. 

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