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Lucifer: Sweet Kicks

Say 'Cheese'!
“Since when does the Devil care about mortality?”

Two steps forward, one giant step back.

Lucifer has managed to get himself a day job, much to the annoyance of both Chloe and Dan. Unfortunately, the Case of the Week takes control of the entire episode and the most upsetting part of the case was the death of Pig Diddy. But we did get a lot of development in regards to some of the major plotlines of the series, so I’m going to chalk this episode up to a win.

On a post-shooting adrenaline rush, Lucifer is determined to chase danger by shadowing Chloe as a civilian consultant for the LAPD. Chloe’s reaction to this made me put a tick in the Win column, especially when she slapped Lucifer for being a bit of a brat. She’s also not that impressed that the prominent person in the fashion show stomping murder case is a former client of Lucifer’s. Benny Cho is the stereotype of a celebrity artist and designer, complete with the blinged-out pig; almost from the get go, Cho simply screams ‘Guilty Party’.

The best parts of the episode revolve around Chloe’s backstory, especially in regards to why she’s reviled within the police force. Chloe’s scepticism to believe the circumstances surrounding the Palmetto case and her willingness to speak out about her doubts has made her a pariah with her colleagues, and based on the reaction she and Lucifer get when they walk into the local cop pub, The Paddock, the tension is not going to dissipate any time soon.

The Palmetto case, from what I could understand from the slight avalanche of exposition being dumped, was the case where a cop, Malcolm Graham, wound up getting shot and put on life-support after meeting with some gangsters in a warehouse. Many of Malcolm’s colleagues believed that he took the bullet like a hero, but Chloe’s instincts told her that Malcolm was on the take, which did not win her any friends within the LAPD. Chloe ultimately was labelled as a snitch for going to her boss with her suspicions, which is why she’s determined to work her way back into the good graces of the police force and be seen as a good detective rather than a snitch. Lucifer punching Paolucci (Hi, Lochlyn Munro!) probably isn’t doing her any favours, though.

Amenadiel and Mazikeen are still in cahoots, working together in order to get through to Lucifer. However, considering that the relationship between Lucifer and Maze is fracturing, with Maze fearing that Chloe is going to wind up getting Lucifer killed, and Lucifer simply brushing it off as Maze being jealous of Chloe, it's going to take a lot of team work between Amenadiel and Maze to pull this off. The fact that even though Maze told Lucifer that she may not be around to save him every time he throws himself into dangerous situations with Chloe, only to come save his backside after he managed to get in the middle of a gang war, says a lot about their relationship.

Even Hell's chief torturer needs her daily caffeine fix.
Bits and pieces

- Lucifer’s charm shtick is starting to lose its appeal on me. Perhaps more people need to be immune to Lucifer so that he doesn’t always get what he wants.

- $6,000 for a pair of shoes? A friend of mine spent a couple of hundred on a pair of heels for her wedding, and even that was exorbitant.

- If Lucifer has the ability to change, does Maze? Is Lucifer the only one susceptible to gaining his humanity because he was an Angel before going to Hell?

- Is Lucifer’s Devil Face supposed to be scary? It’s become almost laughable.

- Amenadiel is posing as a fellow therapist in Dr. Martin’s building in order to get more information on Lucifer from her. At least this will give Martin something to do other than give advice to Lucifer that he twists to suit his own purposes.

- I need more scenes of Mazikeen kicking arse, please.

- Lucifer and Maze’s relationship is on rocky ground, and the more Lucifer hangs out with Chloe, the more the gulf between the Devil and his lieutenant continues to grow.


Lucifer: Now come on, gorgeous, tell me your most dangerous desire.
Model: Cheeseburger.

Maze: Humans were playing with guns and are now running for cover. No reason to find out if your bones will break too.
Lucifer: Well, what about my broken…. heart?

Chloe: Please tell me I’m hallucinating.
Lucifer: Well, I am dreamy, but try and contain yourself.

Chloe: Whackjob’s going to totally get me killed.

Lucifer: Oh, someone loves his mummy?
Hector: Ex-Marine, bitch.

Chloe: If I say ‘yes’, will you shut up about the leg?
Lucifer: No promises?

Maze: Maybe next time I won’t be around to save your arse.
Lucifer: That is a shame, because you and my backside used to get on very well. My front side as well, actually.
Maze: Things change, Lucifer.
Lucifer: Yes, but you don’t, Maze. You exist to protect me.

Three out of five blinged-out pet pigs.

Morgan India, who once shelled out $250 for a pair of heels she’s still yet to wear.

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  1. > - I need more scenes of Mazikeen kicking arse, please.


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