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Lucifer: Wingman

“Isn’t it obvious? I’m going to brutally torture you until you give me what I want.”

Hell hath no fury like the Devil whose angelic wings were stolen and currently up for auction.

This is the episode which sold Lucifer to me; it made me want to continue watching and become enrapt as to what was going to happen next. The plodding Case of the Week format, while still lurking like a bad smell, actually started to mean something and have an effect on the characters and general storyline. Hooray!

Lucifer is all about the torture and snark this week, teaming up with Maze to find out just who stole his wings from the container. However, Lucy and Maze are still having issues with one another, with Maze being more for Team Torture than Lucifer, especially in the opening scene. Although their almost casual conversation while Maze was holding Sergei under the water in the hot tub was a bit of a hoot.

Malcolm and the Palmetto case also took front and centre this week in regards to Chloe’s storyline. As we are told every second episode or so, Malcolm was the cop that was shot whom Chloe was investigating for corruption. However, this week his wife has decided to pull the plug on his life support, making the precinct just a little tetchier with Chloe than before. I have to side with Dan in this situation; it didn’t seem wise for Chloe to be at the precinct at this particular moment. Chloe, reminding me why I think she can be horrendously dense at times, took Dan’s suggestion as him taking the precinct's side rather than her own. Couldn’t Chloe have just taken a few days off and let it blow over? No, because Chloe is Chloe and thinks that absolutely everyone apart from Lucifer is out to get her, even though Dan gave her 24 hours to do whatever it was she needed to do. Sigh.

I’m not sure how I felt about Chloe showing up at the precinct wake; part of me felt as though it was her trying to make peace, but the rest of me just felt like it was a rather selfish move on her part. Not that it matters now anyway, as in another childish move, this time by a different character, Amenadiel brought Malcolm back from the dead for some unknown reason, but it most likely has to do with Lucifer and Chloe. Double sigh. Amenadiel bringing Malcolm back just seemed really suspicious after everything that had happened this week; Amenadiel and Lucifer working together to get to the bottom of who stole Lucifer's wings was the highlight of the hour. Ellis and Woodside really click together and the banter between Lucifer and Amenadiel whilst at the auction was out of this world. Shame it all had to end in a fiery pile of wings and sand right at the end.

Rewatching this episode after the end reveal, it was interesting to see what Amenadiel said and did after Lucifer told him that the wings were missing. Finding out that it had been Amenadiel behind the theft, tipping auctioneer Carmen to their location was a bit of a shocker, especially seeing that he seemed convincingly angry that Lucifer had let them go missing at all. Some of the things that were said between the brothers were interesting to note; Amenadiel has been patrolling the gates of Hell ever since Lucifer bailed, basically doing the job of two people. Is that why he took the wings in the first place, to get Lucifer to want them back and perhaps realise that he needed to go back to Hell? If he did, he did a bad job. As soon as Lucifer lit that cigarette, it seemed inevitable that the wings would go up in flames.

Lucifer's confrontation with Carmen was also really revealing. The wings have the power to bring divinity to humankind, which appears to be a not-so good thing according to Amenadiel and Lucifer. They had the ability to turn a life-long atheist into a true believer, with Carmen mounting Lucifer's wings onto his wall, much to Lucifer's understandable horror.

I'm really trying to care about the Palmetto case. It was interesting to see Lucifer, Chloe and Dan working together recreating the night Malcolm got shot, but really it was just Lucifer and Dan having a pissing contest and Chloe trying to control them and keep it all from falling apart. I will admit that seeing Lucifer and Dan interacting was a highlight, even if it was in a scene I really did not care for. Lucifer poking holes in Chloe's recollection of the shooting was interesting and he did have a point. If Malcolm was corrupt, it would have been stupid for Aldi to take out his 'golden goose,' as Lucifer put it. Dan seems determined to get Chloe to drop the case completely, bringing her to Malcolm's hospital room and pointing out that her digging was hurting Malcolm's family in the end. Would Chloe have dropped it in the end, if she hadn't found the secret door and abandoned LAPD-issue key (one that did not belong to Malcolm) while at Palmetto?

Bits and pieces

- Oh, hey Hal Ozsan. You honestly keep popping up in every single TV show I watch. Shame they had you hide your accent.

- When they left Hell, Lucifer and Maze landed on … I’m assuming it’s Venice Beach? Any Los Angeleseans want to help me out with this?

- If Lucifer's wings are white, why are Amenadiel's black? I would have thought Lucifer's wings would have been black and Amenadiel's white. Oh well, doesn't really matter now anyway.

- Lucifer's Pentecostal coin made another appearance.

- Maze has a lone feather from Lucifer's wings.


Chloe: Lucifer, your brother got all the charm in the family.
Lucifer: Okay, that’s enough of that. It’s unsettling to see you two get along.

Amenadiel: Paul’s wrists were too thick to fit in those chains.
Lucifer: I know. That man never could pass on dessert, could he?
Amenadiel: He should have been the Saint of…
Lucifer: Honey cakes?

Dan: Did you really put out an APB on .... angel wings?
Chloe: ... Maybe.

Amenadiel: You sure you don't want to chase after her? Maybe I could ask Father for some rain, make it a moment.

You can say what you want about the show, but some of the shots are brilliant. Such as this:

Four and a half out of five honey cakes.

Morgan India, who really thinks Chloe should just drop the damned Palmetto case.

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  1. Excellent review, Morgan, and I'm so with you. This is where the show really started to click with me. And I simply couldn't care about the Palmetto case. :)


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