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Lucifer: Lady Parts

“Never fear, fun brother’s here!”

A lot of stuff happened this week, but also not a lot of stuff happened this week?

Lucifer is really at its best when it's not entirely focused on the Case of the Week. Thankfully the case only acted as the set up for the antics that occurred through the majority of the episode, save for the last five minutes. And boy was it a good episode!

A lot of this week's episode had to do with the idea of distraction and bonding. We got two different views of distraction (Chloe using her work as a distraction from the fact that she's going through a divorce among other things, and Lucifer distracting himself from the Charlotte issue with childish behaviour and basically being himself) and I rather enjoyed both sides. I have to agree with Lucifer that Chloe really needed to get out and have fun, because she was being a bit of a dullard before Maze and co. got her drunk and singing karaoke. And hey, by the end of the episode, Chloe and Maze were moving in together, much to Lucifer's exasperation and frustration.

Lucifer and Maze also began to repair their relationship after everything that had happened over the last several episodes, and that last moment with Lucifer pouring Maze a drink for once was really sweet. It seems that Linda's therapy sessions with both of them have been working, and that makes me really happy. They've both come a long way since the pilot, especially Maze. I mean, would Maze from the pilot really have wanted to move in with Chloe if she had not grown up and began to properly adapt to life on Earth?

Girl's night also allowed us to see more of Ella, who was a hoot and a half and has great chemistry with the other leading ladies. I still think there is something about her that is going to be rather important to the main plot this season, but for now I'm just enjoying her scenes with Lucifer and the crew.

Boy's night on the other hand, involved going undercover at a sex club, Amenadiel confessing that he likes drinking Cosmos (who doesn't?) and some really atrocious dancing. It's clear that Amenadiel did not inherit the ability to dance, unlike Lucifer. It was really good to see this trio having scenes together, as they're usually coupled with one of the female characters, or just in one-on-one scenes, usually between Amenadiel and Lucifer. Although I had been really hoping that Dan would have changed his Cosmo-stained shirt before going back to the police station after the party.

Most of the important plot moments happened within the last ten minutes of the episode; did Lucifer really think that he could outwit his father and not wind up having to face the consequences of his actions? Sure, Charlotte was in a version of living hell, but she wasn't IN Hell, as was part of the agreement. Amenadiel's horror at Lucifer's confession was justifiable, because really, Lucifer was being stupid if he thought he could get away with it. Chloe's accident is on his hands, and he's not going to forgive himself lightly if something happened to her.

While I don’t think Chloe is going to die from that car smash right at the end, it’ll no doubt convince Lucifer that he really has to send Charlotte to Hell with no more loopholes. I’m also somewhat disappointed with the show’s use of the talking-on-the-phone-something-good-is-happening-oh-look-she’s-just-been-t-boned-by-a-car trope, but eh, you can’t win them all.

Bits and pieces

- No Trixie this week.

- Also we only got one scene with Charlotte; as much as I love Helfer, I think it would have felt rather crammed if we had more than what we got this week.

- 1800 Professor Feel Good. 'nough said, really.

- I was really hoping that Amenadiel would finally tell Lucifer about what was happening to his wings. Although Martin thinking that Amenadiel was talking about his penis was hilarious.


Lucifer: No more girly drinks, alright?
Amenadiel: Cosmos are yummy.

Chloe: You know you seem to have a finger on the pulse.
Lucifer: Not the appendage I hoped to be pulsing right now.

Lucifer: Oh, my gosh. Can you smell that? Foul, incontinent creatures.
Chloe: That's not a cat smell. That's a dead smell.

Lucifer: You're in luck, detective. If this home's the site of a recent massacre, you may well be in an excellent negotiating position.

Maze: How's that human husband?
Charlotte: I discovered a trick with him. Whenever he asks a question, I just have sex with him. Seems to render him mute.

Chloe: How did you get in here?
Maze: Let's just say Samantha at the front desk is no longer into men.

Lucifer: I wish I got that on video. Oh! I can get that on video. Douche-cam!

Four Cosmopolitans out of five.

Morgan India, who is somewhat offended by Lucifer’s hatred of cats.


  1. This episode was hilarious. Especially every minute of girls' night. :)

  2. I missed Trixie too. I thought that working her somehow into the girls night would be wonderful: all women of Lucifer finally in the same frame. Well all likeable women.

    And then it hit me: she IS there. Ella is Trixie from the future, remember? So — perfection achieved!

    Now I'm looking forward to seeing Chloe and Maze living under the same roof. Hope this pesky divine intervention would not delay this for too long.


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