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Lucifer: Liar, Liar, Slutty Dress on Fire

"I mean, how far can a celestial being trapped in a feeble human body for the first time get?"

Tricia Helfer is a Godsend (no pun intended).

Well... sorta.

I had to watch this episode a handful of times to work out what it was about it that I enjoyed so much. I think in large part it had to do with the delving into the Lucifer/Charlotte relationship and Lucifer’s overall issues with both of his parents, as well as the continuation of several plot threads that have been interwoven over a few episodes. It also set up a lot of questions that I really want to see be answered by the end of the season. Questions such as ‘What is happening to Amenadiel and his wings?’ ‘Is Charlotte telling Lucifer the truth about the reason why he was sent to Hell?’ and ‘Has the show changed up the writers because already this season has topped the first one?’ The episode was chock full of amazing one-liners and witty banter between various characters, which unfortunately cannot take up the entirety of this review. Shame.

The main plot of this week’s episode had to do with Lucifer and Charlotte, revealing a lot of backstory and exposition without making it feel like a massive information dump. Perhaps it’s the chemistry between Ellis and Helfer, but I really, really enjoyed the scenes between Lucifer and his mother. I really hope that Charlotte was telling the truth when she revealed that she was the one who had Lucifer sent to Hell, for his own protection in a sense, rather than letting him be destroyed by his father. I really wasn’t expecting that revelation, and clearly Lucifer didn’t either.

Considering Lucifer spent a great deal of the episode believing that Charlotte was somehow behind the murders this week and only reluctantly accepting that she may well have been innocent, I won't hold my breath that there will be Mother-Son camping trips in their future. Lucifer's mummy issues also had an effect on his relationship with Chloe, who was desperately trying to teach Trixie a lesson, all the while Lucifer was continuously interfering, even if he had the best intentions. Sorry, Lucifer, but I have to side with Chloe on this one.

Lucifer season two definitely seems to be working on some of the issues that plagued its first season; namely how Chloe and Lucifer interacted and how their relationship/friendship was presented. So far, I've been really enjoying their scenes together this season, with both Ellis and German making it seem as though Lucifer and Chloe are indeed friends, or at least friendly. While I'm still hoping that it doesn't turn into a romantic relationship, I'm looking forward to watching their friendship grow and develop over the season, especially since Lucifer is no doubt going to need a shoulder to lean on as he deals with the inevitable fallout between Charlotte and God as Charlotte tries to return to Heaven.

Speaking of Charlotte, while Mazikeen did not have much to do again this week other than babysit Lucifer's mother, it was interesting to see how the two women heavily involved in Lucifer's life pre-Earth interacted; while we already knew that Mazikeen was Charlotte's torturer in Hell, Charlotte was eerily calm while Mazikeen was only just holding on to her anger, which wound up costing her when Charlotte got the upper hand and knocked her out. Apart from working against Lucifer in season one, this was probably the stupidest thing Maze has done in the show. At least she had the decency to admit that she mucked up to Lucifer when Charlotte escaped.

One of the things I will give the show credit for is the amazing visual effects that it employs; Amenadiel's deteriorating wings were shocking, and perhaps it was the small screen on which I was watching the episode, but they were also incredibly breathtaking. D.B. Woodside completely sold Amenadiel's frustration and pain at what was happening, and I really want to know what is causing his wings to disintegrate. Was it Maze healing him in the season finale, or something that happened in-between the seasons? One of my numerous theories would be that the longer he stays on Earth without returning to Heaven, Amenadiel slowly becomes more human and that is why he is losing his wings. It's a working theory, but I'm going to run with it until the truth comes out.

Bits and pieces

- Trixie made her season two return, having rather alarming mutilated her doll in order to get Dan and Chloe to buy her an even better doll. Please, please tell me we won’t be seeing Trixie become somewhat sociopathic this season.

- Loved the bit after Charlotte head-butted Maze unconscious and was feeling pain afterwards.

- Martin and Amenadiel are making inroads to repairing their friendship, which made me happy.

- Little bit more of Ella Lopez this week, and my opinion of her remains unchanged. I do like her scenes with Lucifer, however.


Charlotte: Quite a few of the male species have been eyeing me hungrily. Do humans eat their own?

Charlotte: What happened to your wings, son?
Lucifer: I cut them off.
Charlotte: Why would you…? I mean, come to Earth, get a haircut or something, but that’s a little extreme.

Mazikeen: You want me to babysit?
Lucifer: Well, “my mum in the body of a disturbingly hot woman”-sit, but yes, for now.

Dan: It’s a little unusual for a woman to strangle someone.
Lucifer: But look at the size of the bruising, clearly not man hands.
Ella: I’ve seen some guys with some pretty tiny lady hands.
Lucifer: Dan doesn’t count.

Chloe: You want to tell me what the hell you were doing?
Lucifer: Well, leading the mouse to the cheese, of course. I mean, I was gonna be the cat, but then you showed up, so I suppose that makes you the dog.

Charlotte: Your father never sent you to Hell. I did.
Lucifer: Oh, great. Much better.
Charlotte: I did it to save your life. After the rebellion, your father was angry. Deeply angry. He wanted to destroy you. I begged him not to. I asked him to send you to Hell instead. I did it because I love you, son. And I always will.

Questions to be answered:

What is going on with Amenadiel’s wings?
Do you think Charlotte was telling the truth?
Would you spend $200 on a doll?

Five out of five Tricia Helfers.

Morgan India, who adamantly denies ever having mutilated her Barbies when she was little.


  1. First off I would like to confirm that yes, Tricia Helfer has an amazing ass.

    Second, Trixie's a child. That automatically makes her a sociopath.

  2. Poor Maze. First she was denied all the fun, and then this headbutt. Girl can't catch a break.

    I don't believe Lucimom. Strangely — I also don't like Helfer. Odd. I think, to me it seems like she is stealing the spotlight, and not in a good way.

    As for the wings... it doesn't seem like Amenadiel did anything that Luci didn't do a hundred. And the latter's wings were in perfect condition, right until he destroyed them. Could it be that it's Big Momma's presence that is affecting the wings?


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