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Lucifer: Weaponizer

“What have I done?”

The last few minutes of this week’s episode bowled me over so emotionally that I forgot how angry I was with the season finale of Poldark.

I really was not expecting the final twist this week; as soon as Azrael's blade came into the picture during that church fight, I knew something was going to go down, but I didn't think it was going to leave me staring sadly at my screen as Charlotte held a distraught Lucifer in her arms. Lucifer has always appeared to play off his deal with dad as something that he can manage, or something that can be dealt with at a later time. I think having to kill his brother, effectively erasing Uriel from existence in order to save both Chloe and Charlotte, finally got Lucifer to see just what a Big Deal his agreement really is.

As someone who was raised by an atheist father, my knowledge of saints and angels and religion is minimal at best; so being given information about Uriel - in regards to the Lucifer universe, at least - was very helpful. He only had a few scenes through the entirety of the episode, but we were given enough exposition to get a sense of who he is, as a brother and as a biblical being. He also suffered from a big case of Middle Child Syndrome, so his behaviour with both Lucifer and Amenadiel is, at least in my eyes, rather justifiable. He's not the eldest son, and he's not the rebellious troublemaker. His loyalty is to his father, but he wanted to prove himself to his brothers and gain their approval. He was also able to give us some information or at least his theory as to what Charlotte is planning. Whether or not that theory is true, or whether Uriel was talking out of his arse out of loyalty to his father, is up for debate.

Speaking of Charlotte, I'm enjoying the few bits and pieces we get of her every week. We're given enough without it overburdening the episodes, and while most of her scenes are usually played for the comedic aspect of a celestial being adjusting to being human, the emotionally driven scenes that we also get are amazing. Again, that final scene with Charlotte and Lucifer when she just holds him and cries over the death of one of her sons, was incredibly powerful. Plus, the fact that she was willing to go back to Hell to protect her children felt like an honest moment, and not a manipulative play. Would Amenadiel have actually taken her back if he still had his powers? I guess at least Lucifer now knows that Amenadiel is powerless, even if I expected him to have a different reaction to the news.

Did Amenadiel lose his powers because he had committed too many sins, as he listed? He compared himself to Lucifer in regards to being a fallen angel, but the only difference is, is that Lucifer did not lose his powers. He may have cut off his wings, but as far as we know, he still has his abilities as long as Chloe isn't around. Amenadiel is completely cut off, something which Uriel figured out and used to his advantage. I have to admit that I cringed a little bit at Amenadiel's display on the rooftop with Uriel, trying to convince his little brother to go back to Heaven. It's as Uriel said: Amenadiel would have shown, not told.

I wonder what the consequences of Lucifer killing Uriel will be? Dad certainly will not be happy, but would he honestly keep sending more of Lucifer's siblings down to clean up the mess, when Lucifer probably still has Azrael's sword? Would Lucifer be forced to kill more of his brothers and sisters in order to protect Chloe and Charlotte from God's wrath? As much as I'd like to see who'd they cast as some of the other angels, I hope it won't be an overly recurring plot point this season.

Bits and pieces

  • Lucifer and Dan bonding over their love for the action star murder victim whose name I have forgotten was one of the comedic highlights of the episode.
  • Has Charisma Carpenter aged at all since Angel ended? I swear she’s looked the same for the last ten years. Also, hello indirect Whedonverse reunion! Shame D.B. and Charisma never worked together.
  • I didn’t pay too much attention to the CotW this week, mostly because I spent 95% of the time trying to work out where I have seen the actor who played the business manager before.
  • I think I’ve only seen two variations of the angels Uriel so far on TV, this one and the one on Supernatural. He was the one Balthazar turned into a salt sculpture, yeah?
  • Please tell me that the bratty phrase Trixie is going through is over? Lucifer is right in saying that Trixie is a great form of birth control.

Lucifer: For the next day or so, I'm going to need you to be unpredictable. Whatever you normally do, just do the opposite.
Chloe: Too bad. I was totally going to have sex with you today.

Lucifer: You and Maze are like snow pants and elephants. You don't mix.

Amenadiel: It's time I faced the truth, brother. I've fallen.
Lucifer: Well, welcome to the club. Meetings are on Tuesdays.

Amenadiel: You were gone for a really long time, mom. You might not know your children as well as you think you do.
Charlotte: You may be right. But, at least for now I have you and Lucifer. My brave boys. So, if I'm here on earth two more years or two hours, I will take every moment I can get.

Five out of five barking brats.

Morgan India, who has managed to master the act of typing with two fingers taped together.


  1. I too felt incredibly sad for Lucifer. He was like a little lost boy after he killed Uriel. It was hard to watch in someone who is always overflowing with self confidence. I really like this show. It is fun to watch. T too know so little about the angels even though I dutifully went to Sunday school every week as a child many many years ago. Clearly very little stuck. Still it is very interesting and I think it would be good to understand a little more of the mythology behind the show.

  2. Uriel was good, but for one episode only. I think if he stayed for a while, he would become boring.

    And frankly, I prefer the version of Uriel from Dresden Files (not the show, the books). He is a heaven's superspy. Very smart, very dangerous. Explicit, absolute ban on angels killing people does not stop him from putting a knife into someone's throat, with his own hands, and getting away with it. Do not call him Uri, ever.

    I so hope Dan is not hitting on Ella. It would be awkward when he finally finds out that she is his daughter.

  3. Uriel's always seem to be assholes..
    I did like the one from Supernatural played by Robert Wisdom.
    ''You cut yourself a slice of Angel Food Cake.....Didn't you....You DID''

    Cant wait for Azrael to come looking for her BladeMore Maze, Trixie and Dr Linda.

  4. Poldark doesn't have a happy ending? That's not good. Every episode I watch, I keep hoping that it will stop being such a bleak show and something good would happen. Sigh. Regarding Lucifer, I like the show better now that the angel storyline is more featured, and the case of the week is less so.


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