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Lucifer: Monster

I'm a monster. A monster that deserves to be punished.

Theme weddings are a bit dead, aren’t they? (bah dum tish)

Lucifer is spiralling out of control this week, following the events of Uriel’s death at his hands. He blames himself, and through his grief he is acting out. As Charlotte pointed out, everyone grieves differently; but Lucifer’s grief was causing him to be a hindrance in the double murder investigation to the point where Chloe benched him. To be fair, she benched him fairly late in the game, when she really should have done so when he went after the murdered bride’s ex-boyfriend. And even then she tried to help him when he constantly kept pushing her away. Lucifer did take Chloe’s advice though, and showed Dr Martin his real face. I’m going to assume that he only gained that face after descending to rule Hell, and not before. Lucifer’s face was rather disappointing after having seen Maze’s, in all honesty. But it was important for the episode and development that we saw the different reactions between Trixie and Dr Martin when it came to the reveal.

I’m rather proud of Dr Martin for not screaming when Lucifer showed her his face. It was about time that Lucifer came out, in a sense, to somebody, but I’m going to guess that from Linda’s reaction he won’t be doing that again soon. Lucifer looked absolutely devastated by Linda’s reaction. I hope that this hasn’t completely destroyed their relationship, as Lucifer really needs Dr Martin in his life. Even after he behaved appallingly when she ran into him at the club, she still wanted to give him the time to talk to her.

The case of the week was a highlight of the episode, and I cannot believe that I'm actually saying that. I thought I had the suspect dead to rights thinking that it was the groom. I was even yelling "IT'S THE GROOM! THE GROOM, DAMN IT!" so I was not expecting to be thrown for a loop with it really being the grieving husband of a woman whose death from cancer was no one's fault. He needed someone to be held accountable for her death when there was really no one who could be. So he took it upon himself to make someone accountable for her death. Taking out the loved ones of the people he considered responsible felt different to me, rather than him taking out the doctor and the litigator. Well done, Lucifer.

While it was a pretty small scene in the grand scheme of things for this episode, Charlotte taking Amenadiel to where Lucifer buried Uriel was very emotional and moving. Amenadiel blamed himself for his younger brother's death, but Charlotte pointed out that while Lucifer acted out, Amenadiel grieved by taking responsibility for everything. I'm not sure if she was actually being maternal and caring, or it is a part of a ploy to get her sons to turn on their father, but Charlotte eventually managed to convince Amenadiel to no longer do God's bidding. I can't see this ending well for anyone, but it will be interesting to see.

In really the only light situation of the episode, Maze was made responsible for looking after Trixie after she accidentally scared off the babysitter, taking her trick or treating and basically continuing to be my favourite character on the show. To be fair, the babysitter really should have knocked. But either way, we got that really lovely moment right at the end when Chloe came home and found Maze and Trixie asleep on the couch together. I think Chloe just found herself a new babysitter for Trixie. Also Maze intimidating the Hot Pirate into giving Trixie -- ahem, the President of Mars -- more lollies and even some money was a hoot. All of the Maze scenes this week alleviated the heaviness of everything else that happened, and I hope we continue to get more Maze and Trixie scenes this season.

Bits and pieces

Lucifer has been upgraded from 13 episodes this season to 22. This is definitely encouraging and hopefully the studio is confident enough in the show to give it a third season.
  • I loved the scenes between Maze and Trixie; I even got rather emotional when Maze showed her demon face (how amazing was that makeup?) and her relief when Trixie said it looked cool. I only hope that Trixie still thinks it’s cool if/when she finds out that it’s not pretend.
  • No Ella this week.
  • Poor Chloe having to deal with Lucifer decking Dan in the middle of the station.
  • Lucifer was back at the piano this week. It was a beautiful piece, which definitely made the scene between Amenadiel and Charlotte feel even more emotional.

Lucifer: Detective, I found you a lead.
Chloe: Where? In her mouth?
Lucifer: Yes, actually. I bet I can find more in her other orifices.

Chloe: I don't buy it. Every time you say that you don't care or you're evil or you're the devil, I know that's not who you really are.

Lucifer: Why are you surprised, detective? I'm the devil. I'm evil.

Dan: You never do what you have to do, Lucifer. You only do what you want to do.

Chloe: Seriously? A sex swing?
Maze: I know, right? Wanna hop on?

Five out of five sex swings.

Morgan India, who is putting off packing for a 22 hour flight by re-watching this episode.


  1. I'm still convinced Ella is Trixie, and we got plenty of her this week.

    That pirate guy was really, really smart. Maze didn't have to do any waterboarding.

    Did you notice that Trixie was holding a whip in her hand? I wonder who's prop it is...

    And BTW, is that Maze's real face (making her half-human), or she just didn't want to lose her newfound humanity completely?

    Dan is a saint. The amount of shit he puts up with is enormous.

  2. The lovely piano piece was a cover of "The Unforgiven" by Metallica. The lyrics of the original song are about a man who grows tired and weary of trying to please his parents. Very appropriate.

  3. I love the relationship between Trixie and Maze. Then again, Trixie's got fantastic chemistry with pretty much anyone she shares a scene with.


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