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This Week in Cats: December 25, 2016

My late cat Missy, impersonating a Christmas present.
With the benevolence of the glorious and eternal Sam T. Cat, I have taken on this week's This Week in Cats, which I was sorely tempted to call This Christmas in Cats because - guess what - it’s Christmas!! Merry Christmas! And Happy Hanukkah! Happy Holidays! Season’s Greetings! I really love this time of year. There are so many happy things you can say to strangers. Sorry, my inner dog person is coming out, hold on. Okay. Back to cats.

I don't know if you’re on Tumblr - we are - but this thing popped up earlier this year called Suggestion Blogs. Suggestion Blogs mostly have names like Sensitive Suggestion, Happy Suggestion, and Calming Suggestion. Their posts are generally short text posts saying things like “take a long nap” or “forgive them.” The idea being that they are all about positivity and self-care. They’re a nice thing, but one ready for satire. There’s a small blog called Buffy Suggestion, with suggestions like “Have finesse coming out of your bottom” and a recent discovery of mine, Cat Suggest.

Cat Suggest is aimed at cats who are looking for suggestions on what to do with their furry little lives or are just confused about the “hooman” world and wondering why they get yelled at for doing perfectly logical things like peeing on pretty carpets. A lot of the site’s jokes rest on the reader’s knowledge of Tumblr culture (their bio reads, “DOG DON'T FOLLOW! birb is welcome”) but if you’re Tumblr illiterate, there’s still plenty to enjoy. Among suggestions like “destroy the couch” you’ll find submissions of kitty pictures from faithful readers and lots of cat emoji. Catmoji?

Missy plotting my demise after I put her in an elf hat.


  1. Missy was adorable. :) I'm still not hanging out on Tumblr, but things like "cat suggest" make me think about it pretty seriously.


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