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3%: Capsule

“You don’t know where you are getting into.”

The tests are over! I didn’t catch that last episode’s tests were the final ones. Because, you know, there were still two episodes to go.

But it’s party time for everyone, the 3% have been chosen. Our main candidates have passed and are as happy as they could be. Except for Michele. After going through the test that reminded her of her brother’s and Bruna’s deaths, she switches to revenge mode and tries to kill Ezequiel. Under everyone’s nose.

This was a tense episode, but I’m not sure I liked all of it. It was clear Michele would fail. Ezequiel wasn’t going to die, at least not so soon, after all, he is this story’s Big Bad. I understand that Michele was upset and that she took a risk by trying to poison Ezequiel like that, maybe she didn’t care if they caught her afterwards. But once her plan went south, she made one sorry decision after another. The not at all discreet ways she approached Rafael and Fernando, directly involving Rafael in her failed scheme when she gave him the capsule, that incredibly lame excuse as to why she had a fresh wound. Where was the girl that got out of a life and death situation in the first episode? And that accomplished an impossible task just last episode?

See, I’m not crazy when a character goes dumb for the sake of the plot. But at the same time I think the episode did a good job of building some tension and fleshing out Ezequiel as a villain. The minute he saw Michele’s wound, I knew she was done, but I loved how he carried the interrogation to see how far she’d lie. Even better was how he used the situation to bring Aline down. Two birds, one stone and boom — he’s got yummy dead birds.

Fernando now is sort of with the Cause because he is all about Michele. While she was telling him “you don’t know me”, he was saying “you are all I have”. Fernando, wake the hell up! “I know it sounds ridiculous” he says afterwards. Yes, my dear, it does, which is why you need to get your head back in the game, and that game is called The Process, not Michele. I was worried Fernando would crash and burn during the interrogation, because he is so naïve and a bad liar. Thankfully, he got through it, but I’m still worried Ezequiel will pull the chair from under him.

We saw again the woman and the man with the Cause in the Inland. Now they know Michele and Rafael are practically approved. But we still don’t know much about the Cause itself. Time is running out, guys.

Bits and Pieces

- Michele asked Rafael to get rid of the capsule. He threw it on the floor. Good god, what training did they get from the Cause?

- I loved that Joana thought it was all another test. That would’ve been an interesting test.

- César died. I kind of liked him.

- César and Luciana were married. Now she is a widow.

- The candidates still need to go through a “Purification Ritual”.

- The testimony of the captured Cause member was obviously fake.

- In this week’s hair report, Joana had a cute hairdo. I don’t know how it is called, though.


Rafael: "That’s what’s most important, Michele. To never fall down."
Joana (to Rafael): "Another glass, and you’ll keel over."

Security: "Every candidate will be questioned. When you hear your name, head to that ramp."
Daniel: "What’s going on?"
Security: "Candidate Daniel, you’re first."

Rafael: "They could at least give us dinner."
Joana: "Good one, Rafael. Go ask. I’ll wait here."
I loved Vaneza Oliveira’s delivery of this line.

Joana: "And you couldn’t save him, with all the technology of the Offshore?"
Again, the actress’ delivery cracked me up. Her face was also priceless.

Let’s see. I wasn’t crazy about the setup, but the episode was well done. Two and a half out of four fresh wounds.


  1. It did feel like the previously super clever Michele was acting stupidly and impulsively, while Ezequiel was cleverer and more ruthless than I anticipated.

  2. I agree. But I thought the way Rafael told her to remember her training and hold herself together was clever.


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