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Lucifer: Love Handles

"Granny pants Decker a miracle? Please!"

To get to the good stuff, sometimes you have to wade through the muck. And this episode was full of muck.

Did Chloe really think it was appropriate to take relationship advice from Maze? Half the stuff she did this episode in regards to Lucifer felt really off and uncomfortable. Thankfully Lucifer saw the craziness as non-Chloe-like behaviour, even assuming that she was finally under his charismatic thrall like most people have been so far. With the bombshell that was dropped on Lucifer at the end of the episode, I can’t see any sexy times happening between Chloe and Lucifer in the near future.

One of the non-mucky parts of this episode was Tim DeKay. Sidenote, when DeKay was originally cast, I thought he was going to be playing God, mostly because it was mentioned that he’d be in several episodes. While my theory that he was playing God did not pan out, I’m glad this isn’t the last we’ll see of him, even if he is technically dead now. I hope the writers of Lucifer use DeKay appropriately unlike Agents of SHIELD, who gaveth, and then tooketh away. Damn you, Grant Ward.

While Chloe and Lucifer were running around after Tim DeKay, Charlotte was trying to recruit the important woman in her son's life to help her give Lucifer the bad news. Linda, while being initially terrified of Charlotte, bravely shot her down, which must have taken a lot of balls considering the fact that Linda now knows who Charlotte truly is. Good for you, Linda, even if you involuntarily gave Charlotte bad advice. Maze, however, was a tad easier to rope into Charlotte's plans, even if she backed out at the last minute. Not that it mattered anyway, considering Lucifer stumbled upon a photo of Amenadiel and Chloe's mum at the same bar where he was meeting Charlotte and Maze. At least he finally knows the truth, and we're not forced to trudge through several episodes of 'When is Lucifer going to find out the truth?' which would be highly annoying and honestly, bad script-writing.

I will be honest, I really was not expecting that ending at all. Lucifer, fresh off discovering that his father had been responsible for Chloe's birth and ultimately entering Lucifer's life, confronts Chloe. A horrible thought hit me at this moment when I assumed that Chloe was going to turn around and declare that she's pregnant. Apart from the technical difficulties of this actually happening, that was what I thought was going to happen, because as procedural-supernatural-buddy-cop-drama Lucifer can be, it can also be ridiculously soapy at times. So colour me happily surprised and somewhat shocked when Chloe finally did turn around and she was bleeding from her nose, exactly like Tim DeKay's victims throughout the episode. The double whammy of the whole scene was that DeKay was dead at this point, and the antidote died with him. Looks like Lucifer is going to have to take a trip back home in order to save Chloe. Hands up who thinks this is a bad idea?

Bits and pieces

Timothy Omundson has apparently been cast as God. While I've been a fan of TO since his Psych days, my first thought was: Huh?

No Trixie this week. I sort of forgot about Trixie, to be honest. Apart from coming in and reminding us about how cute she is, she would not have brought much else to the episode.

I got a bit of a kick from seeing Mike Doyle on my TV screen again; he's looking better than I've seen him in a while.

Does anyone else really enjoy Ella's scenes when she's interacting with Dan and Lucifer? The fact that there is more chemistry between these three than between Lucifer and Chloe really says something.

The less I say about the recurring Dan/Charlotte thing, the better.

Chloe's sex dream? No thank you. Was her brain telling her that Lucifer really was the devil, or was it just hammering the fact that he constantly refers to himself as the devil?


Lucifer: I see you've found my love handles.

Maze: You have bad news to tell your son? Suck it up and tell him yourself.

Linda: And now I can see the resemblance.

While not a great episode, it was a lot better than last week.

Three out of five love handles.

Morgan India, who has learned the hard way that you can still get sunburned while sitting under an umbrella.


  1. I liked this one more than you did, although I'm happy that Chloe and Lucifer are on the path towards becoming a couple. If only because I'm really enjoying the effect it's having on Lucifer. My heart broke for him when he found out the truth about Chloe.

    I also thought that the case was very good, if a bit darker than where the show usually goes. I hate it whenever one of those sink garbage disposals appear on screen. Gets me every time.

  2. Cmon reviewer..Don't throw shade because you dislike Lucifer and Chloe..It does not make her less of a badass women because she is falling for the 'bad guy'. To contest their natural chemistry is ridiculous...That is the one thing they are NOT missing..How could you not find the out of character butt grab from Chloe the cutest thing ever. Cliche can still be done well.

  3. Actually, I liked this one, too. But I'm into Chloe and Lucifer. It sort of feels to me like Lucifer falling genuinely in love with Chloe is the point of the series, although I could be wrong.

    Yeah, Anonymous -- hate the garbage disposal thing. Shudder.

  4. I love Timothy O. He was on Judging Amy (wish that was on Netflix), Xena, and Galavant to name a few. He was a very scary Cain on Supernatural, so I could see him as God. He's got the hair and the beard for it. I hope Lucifer has to go to Hell and above to find his father. Lucifer hanging around L.A. all the time does get a little dull. Maybe God wanted Chloe to be a force of good for him, maybe?

  5. I think the point is Chloe represents humanity to Lucifer, all that's good and bad. He falls for her as he's becoming more compassionate and human. They do have chemistry, and I think it could work for the story.

  6. Uhm... Trixie WAS in this episode. She's Ella, remember?

    Speaking of Ella — there is chemistry between her and Lucifer, but, I think, more of a friends-with-benefits type. Not "meaningless", as all the women and men were chanting in the previous episode, but not serious either.


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