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Supergirl: Supergirl Lives

“I’m not the red shirt!”

This was a cute episode but not without its flaws.

Its main flaw being that everything was defeated way too easily. Like WAY TOO EASILY. The second Kara thought to resist, the aliens just crumbled, which was ridiculous. It was a pacing problem. With so much time spent elsewhere, the show just did not have time to make Kara and Mon-El’s escape from Slaver’s Moon seem at all difficult. Which isn’t to say that the rest of the episode was ill-spent because I really enjoyed both B stories. Maybe this episode should have been a two parter?

And then there was Roulette. I was so excited to have Dichen Lachman back but all she got was a couple of lines which was frustrating. She just stood around being menacing for about 45 seconds and then was defeated. Not great. You go to all the trouble of painting that huge dragon tattoo on her just for that? Her appearance was practically a cameo.

Onto the B stories. Alex and Maggie are the picture of domestic bliss. Maggie is borrowing Alex’s clothes and they’re both ditching work for extra morning cuddles. So sweet. Until Alex freaks out over Supergirl being missing and basically gives Maggie her marching orders. I thought it was a totally realistic justification that Alex blamed herself and her happiness for distracting her from what she sees as her main job: protecting Kara. For better or worse (worse), Eliza drilled into Alex that she was responsible for protecting her little sister. Of course Alex feels responsible when something happens to Kara despite the fact it had nothing to do with her. It’s an unfair burden for Alex to bear, but it’s been a consistently touched upon theme throughout the series. From episode one, in fact. Happily, Maggie and Alex reunite and it’s all happiness and rainbows. For now. They’re just too happy to be allowed to continue, I think. Something awful’s going to happen to Maggie at season’s end, I’m almost positive. Which isn’t to say I’m advocating for that. I love Sanvers and their adorableness and think it would be a nice change of pace for the Legends of SuperFlarrow-verse to have a happy couple not under imminent threat from a big bad.

I’m genuinely surprised how much Winn has grown on me. I hated him and his stupid friendzone thing with Kara in season one. But now that that’s past, he makes a pretty lovable goofy sidekick. He doesn’t have anything on my husband, Cisco Ramon, though. His arc in the episode was well written. He gets beat up in the ep’s opener which leads him to decide he can’t go out and vigilante with Guardian anymore. He’s scared. Then, he’s forced to save his friend from an alien planet and regains his confidence. A little simplistic, but I enjoyed it.

Once again, my biggest criticism of a Supergirl episode is pacing. So much time spent elsewhere came very close to ruining what should have been the episode’s main focus: Kara on Slaver’s Moon. And once again I have to say that more and more it’s feeling like this isn’t Kara’s show anymore. It’s moved to a more ensemble format which…I don’t know. I sort of have a problem with that? I mean Arrow, The Flash, and Legends of Tomorrow are all ensemble shows but it was nice having Supergirl be about Kara’s journey, if only for the sake of change. I like all the supporting characters of Supergirl I just feel that they’re being developed at the expense of the show’s main character. Am I wrong to want more Kara time?

Bits and Pieces

In love Alex might be the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.

Isn’t Snapper going to figure out that Kara is Supergirl if all she ever writes is exclusives about Supergirl’s latest exploits? I mean, Maggie figured it out pretty fast.

Mon-El as a bartender was giving me serious Xander in "Beer Bad" flashbacks.

Speaking of, Mon-El is definitely the prince, right? They’re not even being subtle about it.


Alex: “Jewel thieves?”
Kara: “Nabbed. I nabbed them.”

Kara: “Who says anything’s bothering me?”
Alex: “Crinkle.”
Kara: “Crinkle! I’m going to get Botox for that.”

Kara: “I need you to go be with your girlfriend.”
Alex: “I have a girlfriend.”

Alex: “I’ve got the black lung.”

Kara: “Why are you here?”
Mon-El: “Yeah! Wait, who is this?”

Snapper: “Atta girl, Danvers.”

three out of four black lungs


  1. I hear you. Too little of Kara on her own show. We don't really need Jimmy being Guardian.
    Oh I hope Maggie's safe. I refuse to consider her dying.
    Cute, but kinda pointless ep.

  2. Yeah I mean I feel bad saying it because I love James and Alex and Maggie and J'onn and M'gann and Winn and Mon-El when they're not forcing him to be a romantic interest but I honestly miss it being Supergirl's show and I just wish the writers would find a better balance.


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