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Supernatural: Regarding Dean

"If that's what happy looks like, I think I'll pass."

This is my kind of episode.

Many Supernatural episodes start out funny and gradually turn tragic, a formula that has worked well for them for many, many seasons. This one stayed light, but there was certainly a bit of wistful sadness about it, because we know what it costs Dean to be to the hero monster hunter that he is. It was lovely to see Dean completely unburdened by the heaviness and trauma of his violent life: watching cartoons, riding a mechanical bull, and simply enjoying holding a bunny rabbit in his arms.

As usual, Jensen Ackles took the plot and ran with it. He's so good that he's a joy to watch. I particularly liked the mirror scene, with water dripping down his face like tears, and the way he played with the voodoo doll. I also really enjoyed that Sam got to be the big brother this time, and how beautifully he took care of Dean – especially the Memento-like post-it notes. I particularly loved that Sam had to give Dean "the talk," and how Dean took it. "We sound like heroes to me." "Our best friend's an angel? Whaaa?"

The machinations of the trio of witch sibs, Catrina, Boyd and Gideon Loughlin, were basically an excuse to get us to Dean with no memory, and I'm okay with that. At least the magenta Druidic glyph on the tree was gorgeous, and the fluttering of the mounted butterflies suitably creepy. (Then again, I've always found mounted insects super creepy anyway, even when they don't flutter mystically.)

Much better was what they did with Rowena, who is very slowly starting to care about the Winchesters. Or is she? Okay, much like Crowley, it's debatable whether or not she's capable of actually caring, but I'm starting to think she does, maybe just a little bit. She talked about forgetting being a gift, and then she unloaded on Dean when she knew he wouldn't remember it later.

So the episode wasn't perfect. I thought they were a bit inconsistent with what Dean could remember and what he couldn't. But frankly, this episode was worth our time just for Jensen Ackles' touching performance; I could watch him do stuff like this all day.

And, of course, the post-it notes.

Bits and pieces:

— A money manager died from swallowing money. Gag, pun intended. Gideon's dead body was also super staring creepy, and that's saying a lot considering how many gross out dead bodies we get on this show.

— The barmaid was fun. But why would she react so strongly about Dean forgetting when he didn't actually go home with her?

— There was a mention of Kelly Kline, whose plot is still waiting in the wings.

— This week: Eureka Springs, Arkansas. The boys were FBI agents Moon and Entwhistle (The Who) and Dean tried to pick up the barmaid using the name "Springsteen." Of course he did.

— While this episode was definitely on the lighter side, there's nothing funny about dying because you forgot how to swallow.

Quotes, mostly Dean's:

Dean: "How do you feel about waffles? Dumb question, what psycho doesn't love waffles? They're fluffy, they got the little pockets filled with syrup, you just cover them with whipped cream."

Dean: "Yes, the devil baby mama drama. Say that five times fast. Devil baby mama drama."

Dean: "Okay, one, the Rat Pack partied until the day they died, and B, I can still kick your ass."

Dean: "Dude, if a witch got a clear shot at me, I would be dead. I wouldn't be freaking Dory."
Sam: "Dory?"
Dean: "I'm not gonna apologize for loving that fish. Not to you, not to anyone."

Rowena: "From the neck down, is he smooth like a Ken doll?"
Sam: "I don't know. And I'm not checking, either."

Dean: (trying to read his own lips) "Now salsa you mittens."
Sam: "You can't read lips."
Dean: "I can't read lips."

Rowena: "Though you may be a stubborn pain in the arse with the manners of a Neanderthal and the dining habits of a toddler, everything you've done, you've done for the greater good."
See? She cares, doesn't she?

Three out of four post-its,

Billie Doux has been reviewing Supernatural for so long that Dean and Sam Winchester feel like old friends. Courageous, adventurous, gorgeous old friends.


  1. I rarely feel the urge to give SPN eps a second watch anymore, but I've watched this one three times, and I always cry when Dean is trying to remind himself about who he is and at the end, when he's riding the mechanical bull in joyous slo-mo over that poignant song, which was unfamiliar to me. I realize that Dean was going to die if they couldn't cure him of this witch's curse, but he seemed so much happier to be relived of the burdens of being a hunter. Yet he was so proud to learn what a hero he was as a hunter. Jensen Ackles' performance was, as always, top-notch, and Jared Padalecki and Ruth Connell also did wonderful acting jobs as well in this finely written episode. I am very proud of this 12-year-old show, which is still turning out impressive episodes all these years later. I'm concerned about it's current berth against Big Bang Theory and Grey's Anatomy, which has got to spell poor ratings for Supernatural. Love, Robin

  2. I think it would have been awesome if, in the end, Dean forgot everything but Sam. Rowena could have asked him his own name and he'd blank but then Sam walks in the door and he said, "Sam!"

  3. Dean's situation in this episode gave a "real life" look into the mind and feelings of those with Alzheimer's or Dementia. Rowena's description of what would happen to Dean if the curse weren't broken is what happens to people with these diseases. I am thankful for this episode.

  4. Let's not forget the "NO!" on the grenade launcher. One of my favorite moments.

    It was beautiful watching Dean shed his baggage and hit that sweet spot ("Our best friend's an angel? Whaaa?") of what a Hunter-free life would have been like. Then frightening to watch it go too far with good, important and necessary things (Sam!) fading away as well. Sorry, but I have to say something that will be heresy to SPN fans: During the mirror scene I found myself thinking "what a great acting job by Jensen." Yeah, it's a compliment but I'm supposed to be thinking about Dean right there and I usually am thinking about Dean. This time I was pulled out of the show by the performance. Don't know why.

    Overall a great episode. My favorite of the season, so far.


  5. Great episode for Jensen. But one thing is bugging me now. Whatever happened to the Book of the Damned. Does Rowena still have it and why didn't they talk about maybe using it again?

  6. Rowena still has the book of the damned but the boys have the codex, yet Lucifer implied that Rowena knows all the spells and doesn't need the book of the damned anyway. the whole bit with dean looking in the mirror and gradually forgetting who he is was very well done


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