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The 100: Heavy Lies the Crown

"What deal is worth losing the faith of your people?"
"A chance to survive the end of the world."

Well, there you go.

Let's start at the most important news. Kane and Abby are officially shacking up. Thanks to The Walking Dead's Lori, any time characters do the deed in a post-apocalyptic world I immediately think of pregnancy complications and how horrifying childbirth would be without the option of a hospital and doctors and nurses and drugs. So far Kane, Abby, Monty and Harper are giving me anxiety. How good do we think grounder prenatal care is? And I DIED when Kane had the perfect and not at all jealous reaction to Abby feeling uncomfortable about her wedding ring. Then again when he realized she wanted to leave Polis and be with Clarke. Lovely, adult relaationships like this don't make very interesting TV and therefore don't usually end very well or last very long. So this is me trying to enjoy it while it lasts...

Jasper is taking the end of the world so well. I guess a suicidal person might find some relief in knowing that there will be an end. It's like the writers gave me a little gift. If I squint and tilt my head to the side, it's almost like the season one Jasper I so desperately missed last season is back. I think that's how Monty is feeling too. He knows his friend hasn't been in a great place and he still wants to keep an eye on him, buuuut seeing Jasper laughing and asking for the hidden weed of their youth is obviously hitting him in a sweet spot. I feel your relief, Monty, I do. I'm still worried Jasper isn't long for the harshness of his reality. That beautiful soul just can't take it, and from a writing perspective it wouldn't make sense to revert him back to season one Jasper and it's got to be difficult keeping him in karaoke-singing limbo when everyone around him is in a mad dash to survive.

The worst part of the episode was the seriously contrived decision to waste the machine to save the long lost Arkadian slaves. I get it, if the prisoners were moved there would be a risk that they wouldn't be found again. And okay, if the end really is nigh, racking up some goodwill points probably looks really appealing. And fine, leaving them behind would've been gut-wrenching which is usually a decent sign that you're making the wrong choice... Okay, fine. It was a hard decision. Clarke would've found another way. Bellamy is better than that. Of course Monty was right. He felt too guilty to let anyone else die. But now they have less of a chance than they did before and more people that they are responsible for. There had to be a better way.

As the title suggests, there's a lot about leadership and how hard it can be and how it can weigh on you. We all know that Clarke is the fearless leader that no one deserves. It's no surprise that not having yet come up with an answer to the end of the world is tearing her up. And Bellamy is a gifted leader in his own right when he doesn't let his grief or guilt make the decisions. Roan is the one to watch, though. He gives me the impression that he wants to be his best self, the kind of leader that Clarke is and Lexa was. He doesn't covet the fear his mother used to strike in people. He wants to inspire and protect. He does the right thing for his people even when it costs him. Unless he's tricking me. Is he tricking me?

Clarke made a speech.

3 out of 4 Mondays that Jasper hates.

Bits and pieces

Was anyone horrified in the opener that ALIE might be back? Stay away ALIE, you can't sit with us.

We got a fluorescent butterfly thing. How long has it been since we've seen something so beautiful on The 100? Of course it was immediately followed by the mangled woman.

Loved that Jasper kept singing "I Don't Like Mondays." Because who does? And it made me laugh. Plus, theoretically, in six months there won't be any more Mondays.

Something from last week that I didn't realize until now: Murphy and Emori don't know about the radiation problem and took off on their own. Surprisingly, I'm not happy about it. Weird. Maybe they'll make their way back to the bunker he got stuck in a few seasons ago. It was radiation-apocalypse-proof.

Jaha is not remorseful enough for my liking.

Octavo body count: Rafael, the ambassador.

Naked Jasper: "Monty, look at me."
Monty: "I'm really trying not to."

Raven: "Who the hell am I giving them orders? I'm not the chief."
Clarke: "I'm not the Chancellor, but here we are. For what it's worth, there's nobody I trust more to do this than you."

Clarke: "Can we talk?"
Jasper: "Sure. I got about six months, no waiting. What's up?"
Clarke: "I'm trying to make sure that we have more than six months, which is why these people need to get back to work."
Jasper: "I didn't force them to stop. I guess they think it's the end of the day, not, you know, the end of days."
Clarke: "Don't you want us to survive, Jasper?"
Jasper: "No, I don't want us to survive. I want us to live."

Clarke: "So now you know the truth. I know you're afraid. I know you're angry, but when I shut down ALIE, I knew there was a way for us to get through this together. Alpha Station is that way. Every single one of us will survive on this ship. It won't be easy. Raven needs volunteers if we're gonna get it ready in time. It'll be a lot of work, but now you understand why we need to do it. If we stick together, I give you my word, we won't just survive. We'll thrive."


  1. ALIEisn't back. That was a flashback from the perspective of that Grounder - it showed what happened to him when the kill switch was activated.

  2. Yeah it was a flashback but it suggests that Erica Cerra is available to film and when an actor is available then a resurection is always on the table. But seriously please no more ALIE. Just some flashbacks to Becca establishing the commander bloodline.

    Let's hope they killed all Azgeda in the Farm Station or there will be a reason for Echo to start a rebelion against Roan and Skaikru. I bet she will find out when she visits Arkadia. These kind of relations between the tribes is what I was expecting to see in season 3. Good to see the City of Light didn't erase all conflicts forever and ever.

    Jaha graduated the academy of evil and now sports a full goatee and a bald of evil... I bet he's not even half sorry for anything and just plots his next evil scheme. *evil laugh*


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