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Vampire Diaries: You Made a Choice to Be Good

“Thanks for the insight.”

Well, I think we have to start with the end, don’t we?

Enzo is dead! Part of me is wildly upset. And part of me assumes that the TVD PTB will fix this problem soon. Because they need to. Because Bonnie deserves it. Because Bonnie should not be punished for feeling close to happiness, as she described herself last week. Or for “putting [herself] first for once,” as she described it this week. Or for jogging (which is just a venial sin).

But I wonder if they won’t fix it. Perhaps Enzo’s death marks the beginning of the inevitable body count that precedes a series finale. I don’t want Enzo to die, I do want Bonnie to be happy, but I’m also entranced by the prospect of a TVD in which death is, finally, the end.

If that’s the course this show takes, then what does it mean? As Bonnie screamed her heart out, there was a visual ripple effect as the camera panned up and away. Did Bonnie regain her magic through the grief of losing her lover? Does that mean that Enzo was fridged?

Well, at least he wasn’t time-capsuled. Although it was nice to see people doing silly civic events in Mystic Falls again, the time capsule feels too convenient. (According to Wikipedia, the first time capsule was in 1900, so it also feels too anachronistic.)

The whole set-up—including Matt finding yet another Maxwell family heirloom—reminded me of an episode of Angel in which the eponymous character said, when confronted with the existence of a nearby mystical temple, “I think I would have noticed that parked next to the [grocery store].” The mystical tends to remain hidden until right before a big finale.

Like Cade, our newest and possibly biggest baddie. He can’t be killed, as far as we can tell, and he’s debonair. I like him as a villain, and it’s been a while since I’ve said that about a TVD villain. That he’s obsessed with the Salvatores is a bit weird, but I’ll just roll with that for now.

I also liked Caroline’s wacky hot-potato cure plan: Enzo takes it, Stefan takes it…Okay, I’m not clear on the order of operations, or why there was only one dose of the cure if Elena presumably still has a few liters of blood, but the prospect of a bunch of newly-human vamps running around is interesting. Remember when most of our cast was human?

Bites and Pieces:

• Does the intern have a name? Has anyone actually used that name to refer to him?

• Speaking of interns: WHERE IS ALARIC?!

• After Cade let everyone who “believe themselves to be free of evil-doing” go free, did he give Matt a meaningful glance? What does it mean?

• Remember when Damon killed Tyler and everyone was like “Oh, your friends will never forgive you for that”? And how they totally did? Are we going to go through all of that rigmarole with Stefan killing Enzo now?

I’m going to give this episode three out of four secret hideaways in upstate New York. Because I’m starting to get curious about what comes next.

Josie Kafka is a full-time cat servant and part-time rogue demon hunter. (What's a rogue demon?)


  1. Oh, boy. I wasn't happy big time about Enzo and could feel it coming since they were doing a mini bucket list. In fact, if the Salvatores get a happy ending with Elena and Caroline, and Bonnie is left out in the cold (actually, she'll be dead if Elena gets a happy ending, which is certainly being left out in the cold), I'm not going to enjoy the end. I want to enjoy the end, dammit.

  2. Does anyone else foresee a major "Dark Willow" plot line coming after that ending? *goose chills*

  3. Let's hope they stick with the dead being dead even if it hurts Bonnie again. I just hope it means even more characters will bite it before it's over.

    The lack of Alaric might be a bit spoilery but I read he's going to be in the Originals so maybe he was busy filmeing there. If that's too much info just delete this commment.

  4. The point of this show seems to be to torture Bonnie Bennett, whom everyone seems to like to refer to by her full name so I will too.

    Alaric said he was leaving with Josie and Lizzie to get away from the vampires, hence his absence. I've definitely missed him.

    Caroline's plan, which was rather convoluted, was to somehow force the cure on Cade (she didn't explain how), then when he was human for Enzo to take the cure from human Cade causing Cade to age rapidly and die and make Enzo human.

    The deal with the cure that was established in season four I believe is that only one person's blood contains the cure at a time--the last person to take the cure. As soon as someone else takes it that person's blood no longer contains the cure. Hence the hot potato. At the beginning of the episode Elena's blood contained the cure, but now Stefan's blood contain's the cure and Elena's does not. I don't know what would happen if two immortal people took it at the exact same time. I have no idea why the mystical powers that be designed it this way.

  5. I have no idea why the mystical powers that be designed it this way.



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