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Lucifer: A Good Day to Die

"Take a swing and I'll shove that so far up your arse you'll have splinters in your stool."

To quote the young people today, this episode gave me a lot of feels.

One of my favourite things about Lucifer is the way that relationships are portrayed, especially when it comes to family. Charlotte/Lucifer/Amenadiel/Uriel and Dan/Chloe/Trixie scenes are always superbly written, and I will admit to getting rather choked up during the episode. Between Lucifer and Shadowhunters, I've been a mess this week.

My heart absolutely broke during that scene between Charlotte, Lucifer and Uriel. I've never shied away from my adoration of Tricia Helfer, but she knocked it out of the park and I felt her grief as Lucifer dragged her away. I can't imagine how she was feeling, and the whole thing just made me want to eat a tub of ice cream and snuggle with my cat. I think it was definitely the scene of the episode for me, followed closely by the Trixie and Amenadiel scene. Well done, Lucifer.

Not going to lie, but Lucifer's plan to die and go to Hell in order to find Tim Dekay and get the personal antidote for Chloe, was both ingenious and really stupid. It was the only way that Lucifer was going to save Chloe, and as it has been established, Lucifer would pretty much do anything for her. But it was also stupid because who knew if it was actually going to work? There were so many moving parts to the plan that there was a high risk of something going wrong and Lucifer winding up stuck in Hell. Which, guess what? It did, all thanks to that pesky thing called Guilt, and a return appearance by Uriel.

Lucifer being forced to repeatedly stab Uriel as his own personal Hell, and Uriel mocking him for basically being the Worst Big Brother Ever, made sense. We also got a bit of an information dump, or a plot revelation with finally finding out what Uriel whispered in Lucifer's ear before he was wiped from existence. The Piece is here. Is this going to be like the whole Dawn/Key thing from Buffy, but this time it's Chloe/The Piece? Hopefully we have answers in the next few episodes. Is The Piece a person, place or thing? Oooh, what if it's Ella?

Despite her hatred of Lucifer's plan, Charlotte came through in the end and sacrificed herself to save her son and bring him back. Considering how she was when we first met Charlotte, she's grown a lot. Hopefully we see a lot more of this personal growth throughout the rest of the season and it's not a one-off thing. She admitted to manipulating Lucifer and events since her arrival, and Lucifer could have let her stay in her personal Hell with Uriel, but instead he brought her back with him. Despite everything, there is a twisted sort of familial love between them and I really want to see Charlotte try and work things out with Lucifer once he gets back.

Oh, right.

Lucifer, rather paranoid after finding out that his father put Chloe in his path and kickstarted everything, has left Los Angeles. As he told Charlotte, he can't trust anything or anyone out of fear that it was God's doing. Lucifer has put on his big boy pants and told Charlotte off for putting him in the middle of her feud with God. To be fair, the paranoia is justified, even if it's a little extreme. I can't imagine too many people are going to be happy when Lucifer returns, especially Chloe, seeing as Lucifer pretty much ended things between them without so much as a text message. I'm hoping that with Lucifer and Chloe separated for the time being, we will get to see Chloe interact with other characters, such as Amenadiel, Dan, or hey, why not bring back the girl squad from a while ago?

I've been actively avoiding press releases for the second half of the season, so I can legitimately say I have absolutely no idea what is going to happen, other than we will see God in the guise of King Richard from Galavant (sadly, not Richard the Third, because that personally would have been hilarious.) All I know is that it is going to be interesting as Hell.

Pun intended.

Bits and pieces

- I love that Linda has unofficially become the person who Lucifer, Charlotte, Maze and Amenadiel go to for help and advice. She's really taken the whole thing in stride, and she's quickly becoming one of my favourites to see in scenes.

- Put your hand up if you got hit with the feels during the Amenadiel/Trixie scene? Urgh, so cute.

- Can someone explain to me why Lucifer gave Dan that smug look when Chloe said that she didn't want to go to a hospital? Not asking for ship reasons, I'm just genuinely confused by the look.

- Maze continues to be my favourite character, with pretty much all of the comedic bits this week. We also found out that when demons die, they don't return to Hell, they just die. Poor Maze.

- We also met Ricardo, Ella's brother. I have a feeling we're going to see more of him this season.

- If I had to take points off this episode for a particular thing, it would have to be this:

Morgan India last Saturday after she forgot to slip-slop-slap.

I just... It really took me out of the moment.


Dan: Where'd you learn to pick a lock like that?
Ella: My grandma.

Trixie: Why is there bad people in the world?
Amenadiel: I really don't know. There might be bad people in the world, but there's a lot more good people in it.
Trixie: Really?
Amenadiel: Like all the good people helping your mom.

Chloe: I don't want Trixie getting scared seeing my like this. Do I look okay?
Lucifer: You look heaven sent.

Dr. Linda: I'm going to give you sixty seconds, then re-surge your heart.
Lucifer: Sixty seconds? I've had orgasms that last longer.

Charlotte: Doctor, surely you have some sensible advice.
Dr. Linda: He's the Devil!? Nothing's really been sensible since I found that out.

Lucifer: There's a good chance the Doctor won't be able to revive me, and we don't want me to stay dead, do we? ... That was a rhetorical question.

Lucifer returns in May, because FOX clearly knows how to properly schedule its programming.

Four Angelic sacrifices out of five.

Morgan India, who managed to make it through a review of Lucifer without too much shipper snark. Hooray.


  1. Morgan, I think the smug look to Dan was because Lucifer made a thing about how responsible he was for bringing her, and the reveal that Chloe didn't want to go showed that he not only brought her, but brought her over her own objections(which I'm guessing neither of them are very good at standing up to on most days). So it was a "See? She didn't want to come but I brought her anyway!" look.

  2. My favorite thing about this one was probably Amenadiel standing guard and refusing to let the hospital staff take Chloe out of Lucifer's range. I'm also really, really glad that they didn't give us a Lucifer-stuck-in-Hell cliffhanger.

  3. Billie, I agree, Amenadiel just standing there and shrugging off the guards was the best. Much more powerful than the famous "YOU SHALL NOT PASS" line.

    I never warmed up to Charlotte, but she was good here. She really showed some dimension.

    Actually, everything here was good.

    Hmmm, if Dr. Martin will go to Hell, as she implied — it won't be Hell for her. Because Hell is supposed to be a place with no hope. And she will certainly have hope that after a while her friend will return to her position of chief torturer. And they will have some fun.


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