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The 100: God Complex

"Certainty is a luxury that leaders can't afford."

I feel like what Roan probably should've said was that morality is a luxury that leaders can't afford. Both accurate in the realm of this show. *sigh*

When I first watched Jasper and Bellamy's field trip to the woods, I felt like Oh finally! Jasper is doing something other than acting like a whiny disillusioned toddler. I liked that he was trying to show his old buddy Bellamy the joy of living again. That he was making an effort and thinking about someone other than himself. Later, when I started writing I felt like the whole thing was a pointless waste of screentime in comparison to what was happening in Polis and Becca's lab. So I watched that part again, and I'm back to liking it. Jasper has been riding most of our nerves for a while now; it is endearing that he tried to lift some of Bellamy's guilt and share a little of the half-baked cockamamie peace of mind he found in learning that world was ending.

Just when Jasper lost a little of his obnoxious bite, Abby picked it up. Is there like a quota that the writers need to hit in every episode or something? I CAN NOT BELIEVE THAT SHE DESTROYED THE MACHINE. Still in shock. But almost everyone was a little on my nerves. Raven's is the only conscience that saw what was happening as the Mt. Weather 2.0 that it was, but sulking around the lab isn't super proactive so...? Between Abby destroying the machine (i.e. the absolute only known way to test the lifesaving technology that she has been sacrificing her humanity for) and Raven whining but not really doing anything and Murphy begging for Emori's life it was like the writers were at a loss on how to show the characters' morals so they threw a bunch of half-thought-out ambiguous reactions at us. It's like acknowledging that you should eat more vegetables while you shove marshmallow peeps in your mouth. You're still eating too much sugar and not getting enough vitamins.

Murphy and Emori are still hitting it out of the park on the cuteness meter. Here's some food for thought, though, she begged him to continue surviving even after she died. Even gave him an outline of how he might go about it. Her telling him to stop fighting and make nice to save himself was essentially cutting her chances of fighting back in half. Not that the two of them really had any chance against Roan, but the sentiment behind it was still lovely BUT he wasn't willing to give up his own life so that she could live instead. He never offered to take her place. Maybe his survivor instinct wouldn't allow it. Or maybe he hadn't accepted defeat yet and would've offered once he realized that there were no other options.

If I understand Luna's history correctly, there is an interesting parallel going on between her and Kane. Since stringing up his future girlfriend (he really has changed, huh?) and having her publicly lashed, Kane has been begging anyone who will listen for peace. And even when the stars are aligned and he has the magic symbol to get by peacefully, the reality of life on the ground inevitably catches up to him and people die. The look on his face when Indra took Monty's gun and shot the men that were going to let them into the temple was a little heart-wrenching. And I can imagine it was those same feelings that sent Luna running to live in the middle of the ocean and create her peace loving hippie-esque commune. Given the opportunity, would Kane do the same? He's been trying to stop war and death in a world that refuses to stop warring. That has to be so horrifyingly frustrating.

And holy guacamole, let's talk about Luna's future. Clarke and co already went so far as holding her, sedating her and taking her bone marrow against her will. And as Raven pointed out that is already too far. BUT I still don't understand the plan. She can't have enough bone marrow for everyone. Is the plan to suck her dry and then raise a statue in her honor after they survive? Is Clarke a nightblood now? We saw the flame in the same episode that Clarke got the magic blood. Was it some kind of foreshadowing that she will be the next commander as soooo many predicted last season? Is her marrow already nightbloody and usable to make more nightbloods? I'm spiraling.

The search for bunker number two, or the true bunker, gave me Indiana Jones/Tomb Raider vibes. There was a puzzle of sorts and a hidden key that unlocked a hidden door to salvation. Usually in those kinds of movies there is treasure at the end of the rainbow, but on The 100 gold and diamonds and money are all useless. Clean air, fresh water and food are more valuable. There might be some hidden message there in regards to the real world and the state of our planet. Or not.

How many out of four?
2 out of 4 throwbacks to season one

Bits and pieces

Indra's daughter is still around. Did she always live in Polis?

With only days to live, I'd probably indulge in the magic mushrooms nuts, too.

No Octavia this week.

I know this is divisive, but marshmallow peeps are delicious. I'm partial to the purple bunnies. Peeps > Salad.

Jasper: "I know it's bad and everything is dying and all, but I'm just gonna say it. I don't miss mosquitos. Don't miss them."
Bellamy: "This is all a big joke to you, isn't it?"
Jasper: "Now you're getting it. That's exactly what it is. One big cosmic joke. You'd realize that too if you pulled the stick out of your ass."

Abby: "What have we done?"

Jaha: "From the earth we will grow, from the ashes we will rise."

Jasper: "Open your eyes! The clock is ticking, and it has been since we landed on this terrible, beautiful planet ... It means we are living on borrowed time, all of us."
Bellamy: "So if you know that, why are you throwing it away?"
Jasper: "I'm not. You are. What is the point in beating yourself up over all the crappy things you've done? You did them. And don't say you had reasons, because at the end of the day, at the end of the world, nobody gives a damn about your reasons because they are your reasons. No matter how much you punish yourself, it's not gonna change anything. It's not gonna bring anyone back. The way I see it is we can spend our last days wallowing in our reasons or we can do whatever the hell we want."

Roan: "Survival requires sacrifice."
As long as the one sacrificed isn't me. Right, Roan?

Jasper: "The ending is the same, but who says the middle has to suck?"


  1. BUT I still don't understand the plan. She can't have enough bone marrow for everyone.

    I think that's where we're heading this season. Lots of people will die in the black rain, the cast is already too big to have everyone on board every episode.
    The 100 is a really awesome show, but somehow, it turned a but stale the past episodes. Uncle Theo is again chasing his weird theories (my money is on a hostile population in that bunker like Mt. Weather), Raven is again the smartest one of all and Clarke makes tough choices aka sacrifices saving everyone.
    And why did Abby have to destroy the test tube?? They could have still injected Emori and tested her if Clarke has to stay untouchable. Made no sense except it created drama.
    Finally: I need more Bellamy scenes.

  2. I am so into the idea of Clarke becoming the Commander, and I bet that's where they're going.

    But I'm really unhappy with the major plotline this season. What is the black rain doing to all of the plants and animals? to the oceans? It feels like it's just too much. And hey, great big needles. Do they have to have great big needles?

    I agree, Silke -- we need more Bellamy scenes. :) And I am way past ready for them to write Jasper out.

  3. That picture in the review scared me into tihnking Roan will yet again betray and attack everyone, but thanfully not this time. He was more like the voice of reason while Abby betrayed everyone just because she can't let Clarke decide for herself.

    Is that new bunker really the grave of Becca? If so it should be uninhabited. Also why is she buried there, was a she a lvl 12 doomsday cultist and a genius scientist at the same time?

    i'm also ready for some cast culling. Noone died in this seasons 8th episode, after Finn and Lexa in the last two seasons I was epxecting some significant deaths.

  4. Yeah, the bone marrow problem's been bugging me too, unless they assume they can just keep getting more bone marrow from the newly created nightbloods. But if it's that easy, why didn't Mount Weather do that? I saw Clarke taking the marrow herself coming a mile away, but wasn't expecting Abby's reaction. Seriously, what's the point? I expected Clarke to say, "If I die, we all die in a few days, anyway."

    I would really rather the nightblood solution work than the bunker solution, though. Even if the bunker has the ability to provide food and water for enough people, I hate the idea of Jaha and Kane being the heroes instead of any of the 100. Well, okay, as usual Monty was smarter than everybody else and cracked the puzzle.

    And Billie, you're right but the treatment of radiation in this show has never made any sense.


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