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The Originals: Gather Up the Killers

"For a long time, we've managed to keep our monsters buried and we've got to make sure they stay buried."

Vincent didn't say the magic 'always and forever' line so it was just a matter of time until those monsters get dug up and set free. Tsk tsk, Vincent. You always have to say the magic words.

Five years have gone by and Vincent quickly catches us up on all the peaceful goings on since we've been away. There is a truce between the vampires and witches and presumably the werewolves (unless they're all dead? Who can keep track) and as long as clan Mikaelson stays away everyone can keep singing kumbaya. Sounds simple enough.

Hayley is killing it as mother, detective and all-around bad ass. She didn't so much as bat an eye either time that Alistair's men showed up. Even when she was surrounded and very much outnumbered. You go girl. It never ceases to surprise me when TO premieres open up to a breakneck pace. This is not me complaining. Waiting for episodes on end for Hayley to be reunited with Elijah and listening to cute little Hope nagging her mom to meet the Mikaelson fam isn't my idea of a good time so I'm glad that the coffins are emptied and everyone is reuniting already. The Haylijah reunion was just as passionate and understated as they always are. I say understated like it didn't involve nudity and bloodshed, but you guys know what I mean. Too cute.

Klaus is as snarky as ever. I laughed a lot through all of his scenes. Not because Joseph Morgan didn't do a good job. He did, as always, but Klaus is sort of like the defiant toddler that refuses to learn from his mistakes. In the grand scheme of his life, half a decade doesn't even scratch the surface so maybe he could learn the error of his murderous ways given a century or two. Probably not though. And if he did, would there even still be a show anymore?

Freya is not playing around anymore. Something tells me that sacrificing Davina is just the tip of the iceberg of what she is willing to do in the name of family. She certainly didn't care about that Texan doctor lady, Keelin.

Kol and Rebekah were too hungry to say hi. Will they be sated enough to show up next week and say a quick thank you to Hayley for saving their asses??

Set up for the season...

We will maybe get to delve a little more into Marcel as king. Those digs Klaus was taking at the end didn't seem to fall on deaf ears. Is Klaus' approval his idea of ultimate achievement? Or is it something else? If Klaus feared Marcel, would that make him feel complete? Does he need his makers to bow down? Apologize? Buy him an ice cream cone at a ball game? Or maybe Klaus was way off the mark.

I have serious doubts about the peace Vincent and Marcel kept talking about. It wasn't that long ago that Marcel was in power and had the witches on a very short leash. And New Orleans witches don't seem to be the forgiving and forgetting types. In fact, in the past three seasons they've been arguably the most bloodthirsty and manipulative. Just ask Father Kieran and his nephew. Not to mention someone is running around drawing graffiti that scared the bajeezus out of the poor little kid at the end. Even with Klaus in chains, I don't think that NOLA has much longer in the way of calm.

3 out of 4 serpentine omens

Bites and pieces

According to Google, we are now fourteen months after The Vampire Diaries finale.

Also, Gather Up the Killers is a verse from Leonard Cohen's song 'Samson In New Orleans.'

Did we learn Marcel's new lady friend's name?

Since his siblings lives were tied to his, I wonder if Klaus can tell that they're awake now and coming for him.

Marcel didn't move back into the Mikaelson estate, but he is shacking up in Lucien's old penthouse. Hey Marcel, hire a realtor. Get your own place.

There is a framed photo of Cami and Davina in the bar.

Hope is drawing the same sigils that are popping up in New Orleans. Didn't Davina's drawings used to mean something when she was locked in the attic? Is this all connected or are witches really gifted doodlers?

This has absolutely nothing to do with anything, but it made me laugh. Marcel's vampire followers were celebrating the 5th anniversary of Klaus' take down. Traditionally, the 5th anniversary of a marriage is the wood anniversary. Wood is one of the other weaknesses that (most) vampires face. Ha.

Keelin: "Hey, look, I don't know what kind of pervy stuff you're into, but I'm not that kind of girl."

Klaus: "Have you come to taunt me, Marcellus?"
Marcel: "No. I came to have a nice civilized conversation. I think we're overdue."

Vampire Lackey: "It took a long time, but we finally caught you."
Hayley: "Or maybe I just stopped running."


  1. Great episode...
    The thing Originals has not forgotten which Vampire Diaries started to around the same time in that shows run is the characters..The only character i was not pleased to see was Marcel's unnamed vamp friend.
    There was some cool action in this(Hayley is pretty high on the food chain now) but my favorite moments were when people were just talking. Show has many good actors who can make cliche and boring characters incredibly interesting..Vincent for example.
    Klaus and Marcel have some of the most complex daddy son issues ever.
    I even iiked Mary questioning Hayley as to why she was even waking the Mikaelsons up. Another thing the show does is constantly remind you (As you root for them shamefully) The Originals are monsters.

    Freya is not playing around anymore...I think season 3 made us forget that she is just as ruthless if not more than Klaus.

    ''You waved your hand and his brain melted'' lool i like the new Werewolf Hayley captured...Her initial escape scene was amusing...and another thing TO does is remember everybody has supernatural powers. Like if your a vampire you use super speed (Looking at you TVD).

  2. I really enjoyed it, too. Glad that we don't have to wait for everyone to escape from their coffins, and I thought Hayley was awesome. Klaus had been making such strides in becoming a better monster; I hope five years in chains hasn't erased all the progress he made. :)

  3. Great start to the season. Of course they undid the cliffhanger from last season and are now ready to retake the city from Marcel, but I bet it won't be the main storyline of the season. I also hope for some Vampire Diaries guest stars. The Originals and TVD writers should take example from the Berlantiverse and do more crossovers. Especially now that TVD ended and all actors are free.


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