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The Originals: No Quarter

"You can hug him later. We need to go."

The gang's all here. And I am stoked.

First of all, did anyone else spend a large part of the episode either wondering if a Mikaelson would die or waiting for one or more of them to be daggered or lost or mysteriously forced to go on a massive scavenger hunt of some kind? As far as I can tell, Claire Holt and Nathaniel Buzolic are still not part of the main cast. Maybe they'll take a sibling vacay to bond or something.

It kind of breaks my heart that Cami was a figment of Klaus' imagination and not a ghost version of her actual self. I want the real thing. Not a cheap trick. Wahhhhh. On the flip side, I loved what was essentially Klaus giving himself a pep talk and it could not have been lovelier hearing about his parenting fears straight from the vampire's mouth. It humanizes him, so to speak. Through Cami, he spoke to himself so kindly and gently. She even gingerly brushed back his hair at one point like a parent might when consoling a child. This is probably the kind of thing he has always dreamed about. For someone to dry his tears, give him a hug and to say that he isn't all darkness. Of course, he even pushed his own hallucination away before frantically calling her back so it didn't all come out roses and sunshine.

Has he finally done it? Is this the payoff for the three seasons of build up to the softer, more self aware Klaus Mikaelson?

Even though the Cami that is haunting Klaus isn't really a ghost, she and Davina were in every inch of the scene between Josh and Kol. Kol hates New Orleans because it reminds him of Davina and Josh was trying to channel everyone's favorite bartending therapist and empathizing with the vampire holding him hostage. Even the framed photo of the girls overlooked the bromantic conversation.

Josh: "It does get better, Kol. Eventually."
Kol: "Why are you telling me this?"
Josh: "Because I think Davina would've wanted me to."

Then a few moments later Kol chose not to kill his new bestie Josh because of the latter's friendship with Davina and even called him in a booty call. They are basically fraternity brothers now with the requisite shot glass accessories.

Rebekah and Hayley both literally begged Marcel. Said the words and everything. 'I am begging you.' 'You win.' 'Please, let us go.' Even Klaus got in on that action in the end. It was a little unnerving that Marcel wasn't even batting an eye before turning them down. Is he still mad that his surrogate family didn't have his back (or for one of the hundreds of other things he's been through)? Probably, but all I could think in all of those scenes was that Klaus wouldn't have given in either. That Marcel is more like Klaus than he wants to be. And then pigs started to fly, hell froze over and the earth itself stopped cold. KLAUS OFFERED MARCEL PEACE. What the what? He didn't grandstand or make threats. Even his siblings looked taken aback. The crazy part was that it worked like an instant karmic reward. Marcel let them leave. Klaus checked his ego and in return lost the lives of none of his beloved family members (including his pseudo/adopted/sometimes, when it's convenient son).

And he seemed changed through to the end. Instead of filling with rage for his captor, he delivered a heartfelt thank you to his saviors and finally finally finally got to lay eyes on his daughter.

How is this only the second episode?

TV was really good this week.
4 out of 4 really well hidden diaries

Bites and pieces

In between binge eating and maniacal planning, Elijah found time to charge his phone. Because he's Elijah.

Rebekah and Marcel continue to do absolutely nothing for me as a couple.

I think I might enjoy watching Kol adjust to life on the inside of the sibling trust circle. I was a little amused at his constant complaining and lamenting and his anxiety to leave, because that'd be me too. And he did run off to save Bex, so that worth at least a patch or two on his Mikaelson sash.

What is with Vincent and the scary light? Is it the ancestors? Please, no. His crazy ex-wife? Some new horribleness probably.

Also, how funny is it that Klaus spent so much time talking about him being darkness and the new big bad looks like a giant night light? Silly or poetic?

Elijah: "We free Niklaus today... even if we have to burn the city to the ground."

Elijah: "Ingenious and sadistic. Well done, Marcel."
Kol: "Save your flattery for when he comes to kill us. Your flattery might give him pause."

Klaus: "Fine, I will admit my fears. I do not wish to be the father I had. And I do not wish to be the father that Marcel has come to loathe. Maybe I am better as a myth. Hope is better off without me."

Hayley: "That's what family does. We fight for each other."
Marcel: "Yeah, I've heard that, but it didn't really work out for me now did it?"
Kol: "Oh, for God's sake. You were never a Mikaelson, get over it."
This was the only moment that I truly felt for Marcel. He can deny it all he wants, but it cut him deep to hear Hayley so firmly assimilated into clan Mikaelson and Kol threw salt in the wound. Charles Michael Davis did a lovely job conveying the tiniest twinge of pain. Kudos.

Klaus: "Thank you for not abandoning me."
Rebekah: "Well, we did consider it. The vote was rather close."


  1. The opening scene was better than VD'S entire season with the finale being an exception.
    Freya annoyed, not because they were killing people but the noise of it was ruining her spell..
    Elijah's exasperated ''Kol, Please'' was so morbidly hilarious.
    Something about seeing all the siblings together again was heartwarming and you continually forget this is a family of monsters.
    Can't wait til next episode.

  2. Really loved this one. It was so cool to see all six of them together, the five sibs and Hayley, and yes, I kept expecting Rebekah or Kol to die -- or Josh. I would really like it if Kol stuck around, and loved what he did for Josh because of their mutual love for Davina.

    Nice to see Cami again, and I like Vincent a lot; glad he has a plotline. But I still cannot stand Marcel. Could they kill him this season, pretty please?

    In between binge eating and maniacal planning, Elijah found time to charge his phone. Because he's Elijah. Lol.

  3. It rarely ends well for obligatory bad-guy-on-steroids in this universe.

  4. I really loved all of them on a completely united front for once. I feel like in the past it has always been one or more against the others or all of them working for their own vendettas. I also love the part with Kol going after Rebekah and her later acknowledging it.

    Also loved the part where Elijah tried to forbid Rebekah from being the one to distract Marcel, and her saying that she knew the risk and she wouldn't let anyone else in her family take that risk. This whole episode showed their sibling bonds are very strong and hopefully this continues throughout the season and we don't get anymore Mikaelson Civil Wars.

  5. Felt like a 2nd part of the premiere. Although that might be because I watched them together. Everyone is now free and it seems the season storyline will start now through Vincent.

    It was great so see Cami again even as a figment of Klaus' mind. As much as I'd like her back I like when shows don't double back on killing characters. Or maybe they will try to bring someone back and the blue light will be revealed as s remnant of Davina's soul seeking help?


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