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Prison Break: Kaniel Outis

"A piece of gum is going to get us out of prison?"

The plot thickens. Or maybe that's the chewing gum.

A lot of this episode was about the mystery that is Michael Scofield. How did Michael end up imprisoned in Yemen, of all places? Is he really a terrorist? (Of course not.) Did he actually murder a CIA agent? (Come on, of course he didn't -- or if he did, he had a very good reason.) And what did Kellerman have to do with all of this? (Because you know Kellerman had to be in it up to his crafty, deceptive neck.)

The one thing we know to be true is that Michael has — for the third time — befriended his cell mates and gotten them involved in his complicated escape plans. That includes, of all people, the terrorist leader Abu Ramal, whose portrait is going up on walls all over the suburbs of Sana'a. Michael must have befriended Ramal during their long stint in solitary together.

Or... is Michael actually a government agent of some sort... again? Is he there to extract Abu Ramal somehow and take him out of the country for some convoluted government reason? That would make more sense than Michael becoming a terrorist. But if that's true, why did Michael try to escape the first week and end up in solitary for seven years? Unless he did it on purpose to befriend Abu Ramal? But... seven years?

At any rate, the city is about to fall and all of Michael's new friends will die if it does. Except that Abu Ramal is his buddy, so maybe they should just wait until the prison is overrun. Except that the escape is set to happen in twenty-four hours... you know what? I'm confused, so I'm going to stop now.

Hey, I did enjoy the gum thing, the "prison lighter," the pain pills and the cell phone. And going through the ceiling. It was like old home week. And how did Michael get that swan origami to Linc, and the rose origami to Sara in Ithaca, New York?

Meanwhile, Linc, C-Note and Sheba took a trip to the suburbs and nearly got killed in order to retrieve the "Sheik of Light," Sid's progressive dad who is the local Director of Electrical Works. I don't know. It seems to me that if it was so freaking dangerous, the three of them wouldn't have gotten out so easily, especially with the teacher and the kids as passengers. But okay.

And Sara ran into Kellerman while looking for answers. Of course she did. The two of them have such a delightful history together of pain and torture and uneasy alliances. And of course Kellerman has something to do with Michael's imprisonment.

Now that I've thought about it for five minutes, I bet Michael is some sort of government agent. That's my theory and I'm sticking with it. At least until it's disproved in the next episode.


-- I really liked Sarah Wayne Callies' reaction to seeing the video of Michael.

-- Everyone is referring to the terrorists as ISIL, not ISIS or any of its other names. At least they're being consistent. And timely.

-- Michael has new tattoos going up his arms, not just eyes on his hands. Come on. Is it possible to get tattooed over tatts that have been removed? Especially the massive ones that Michael had in the first three seasons of Prison Break?

-- Michael calls his new best friend "Whip," which is short for "Whip Hand." Which is also the title of the very best of mystery novelist Dick Francis's thrillers. Hey, wait a minute. The lead character in Whip Hand, Sid Halley, is missing a hand and has an expensive prosthesis. Like T-Bag. Coincidence? Intentional? And hey, wait, Michael's other friend, the Director's son, is named Sid. Has to be intentional. Or maybe someone is just a Dick Francis fan.

-- There was no T-Bag in this episode. I wonder how he and his new bionic hand are doing.

-- Sara's husband Jacob is an economist who is wondering why he got shot. Jacob also believes that Michael is nuts and obsessed with game theory and was using Sara, which of course he was. I do believe Michael loved Sara, though.

-- Doesn't "Kaniel Outis" sound like an anagram of sorts?

I'm going to wait until the end for a rating, but I definitely enjoyed this episode,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. Question upon question for now, let's hope it won't stay that way too long because there is only 9 episodes.

    And we now see not all cast members will appear in very episode. Wonder if some of them (like Sucre) got inserted into the opening credits just to agree to do some small cameos. I hope I'm wrong though.

  2. Is Sarah's husband Jacob a character from the original series? (I'm trying to figure out how much he knows.)

    Which is also the title of the very best of mystery novelist Dick Francis's thrillers.

    What, wait?! You like Dick Francis? Have we talked about this before?

    And how did Michael get that swan origami to Linc, and the rose origami to Sara in Ithaca, New York?

    He did the rose origami with the cell phone and credit card number he got from his bunkie. (He said he was going to order a pizza, young Mike said the "pizza man" gave it to him.)

    I've been so spoiled on shows that encourage deep thinking that I'd forgotten the pleasure of shows that discourage it. Little stuff--like how is it daytime in both Yemen and New York at the same time?: those are not questions we are supposed to ask.


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