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Prison Break: The Prisoner's Dilemma

"Behold the villain."

A really good one, with some great moments. Even some surprisingly poignant moments.

Like Kellerman's death. That was a shocker. Even though this is a limited series revival and they've killed off cast members before, I wasn't expecting to lose Kellerman, much less in such a heroic way.

Kellerman has always been a shades of gray sort of character. He was a big part of my favorite episodes in season two, after he tortured Sara, she got free of him with the help of an iron, and he changed sides and helped them. Here, Kellerman chose to use his last moments on earth to plant a seed of doubt about Poseidon's motives in henchman Van Gogh. Why would Kellerman do that? To do some good after all the bad he'd done, to marginally redeem himself? And perhaps to help Sara and Michael?

I'm also starting to wonder if they're going the redemption route for T-Bag, too. He's been fun, clever and surprisingly lacking in the creepy department in this Prison Break incarnation so far — certainly clever enough to set up Van Gogh and A&W and follow them to Poseidon. Who is indeed Jacob Ness, Sara's husband, just as everyone has already guessed. The thing is, T-Bag was outright clumsy in getting those photographs. Will the bad guys stop him before he can let Sara know that she's married to Poseidon, the man who has enslaved Michael for the past seven years?

'S' is for Scofield. Or maybe it was for solitary. Honestly, the bit in solitary with the string and the spoon (maybe that's what the 's' stood for) was tense and fun, but the chaotic mess with the fleeing guards, Linc releasing the prisoners, and the nasty guy with the cross on his chest (I just looked it up; the character's name, quite cleverly, is "Cross") was somewhat frustrating. Especially when Linc kept trying to get in and find Michael, but not... quite... succeeding.

Of course, the other genuinely moving moment in this episode was when Linc finally did catch up to Michael, and the two of them cried as they hugged. Honestly, I could watch that reunion again. Actually, I did. Three times. Michael's buddies were surprised to hear that he had a brother. Of course, Michael never told them.

So they're out! What next? Not the airport, because that would be too easy. Maybe they could have used the car that Sheba's father Jamil used to bribe the judge for Michael's useless pardon.


-- Poseidon is a rogue CIA agent who manipulates events to satisfy his own ideology, with absolutely no consideration for lives that are lost. That was why he was trying to free Abu Ramal.

-- Happily, Ramal is dead now. What a totally awful stereotype of a character. Unfortunate that our guys were filmed while killing him.

-- I'm starting to like Ja. He was completely focused on himself (I loved the way he threw himself at the fresh fruit) and Michael pretended to oust him for that, but trusted him enough to slip him a note about where to find the guns in the shop.

-- Faran Tahir is playing Jamil, Sheba's father. I always notice him in things because he played a starship captain in the new Star Trek (2009).

-- How fun was it that T-Bag said with disgust in his voice that there's a time for everything before he called 911?


T-Bag: "Of all the things that mystify me in this world since I've been released is that kale is the rage. Kale."

Ja: "Remember what Woody Allen said? I don't mind dying. I just don't want to be around when it happens."

Kellerman: "Maybe your fate is to be a patriot."

Gotta give this one four out of four nasty little kale jobbies,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. Fun episode, so many bodies dropped: good guard, douchy guard, christian jerk, muslim jerk. Of course the big one was Kellerman, sad to see him go, but our heroes can't have allies in high places. Too much storybreaking power.

    I guess the story now moves to: the entire country is a prison like I said under the previous review. I bet C-note, Sheba and the others didn't make it our by plane either.

  2. Especially when Linc kept trying to get in and find Michael, but not... quite... succeeding.

    I kept thinking that Dominic Purcell must have been so tired from filming an episode in which he basically just ran, ducked, ran, slid, and ran some more.

    Patryk, good call! For a few moments, I thought Linc was going to get trapped in the prison just as Michael got out. I suppose that would be a bit too silly, even for this show.


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