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Supernatural: The British Invasion

"Assimilate or eliminate."

So not a lot happened. Except that Mick Davies was meandering over to the boys' side of the morality fence, and it got him killed. And now we know for certain that the British Men of Letters are terrible, awful, no good, irredeemable assassins who actually make their own kiddie recruits kill each other because of some arbitrary "Code" that they pretend to live by.

Seriously, though. Poor Mick. He had a worse childhood than Dean and Sam – no, strike that, he had a worse childhood than Oliver Twist. Those flashbacks to the headmistress's office with the dagger and the tarp on the floor where Mick had to kill his best friend were a nightmare. Okay, a little over the top with the evil. I tend to prefer more shades of gray in my villains.

This season really does seem to be about shades of gray in the hunting community. The British Men of Letters and Mick in particular were ready to kill Kelly Kline on sight, while Dean and Sam are still determined to save her life if they possibly can. The boys nearly got Kelly away from Dagon, too; loved Sam's faux British accent on the phone pretending to be the doctor's office while Dagon was out shopping for prenatal supplements. (That poor doctor. I knew he was toast, even after Dagon brainwashed him.) Dagon informed Kelly that birthing a nephilim is always fatal, and I'm thinking, not a great move, Dagon. Telling Kelly that isn't going to make her more docile, you know.

It was nice to see Eileen Leahy again, although it's a drag that, like the Winchesters, she is now marked for death. She's a good hunter, and her little thing for Sam is still adorable. Was he reciprocating her interest, just a little bit? It certainly wasn't Eileen's fault that Dagon was unkillable; when she fired the bullet from the Colt, it passed right through Dagon and hit Renny Rawlings. I guess that means that a Prince or Princess of Hell is one of the five things that the Colt cannot kill, right? (Oops, check the comments. I completely spaced out Azazel!)

What I'm wondering about now, of course, is Mary Winchester, who is apparently using Ketch for sex after their little side trips killing things together. (How revolting. Although I must say that I liked their little bit of role reversal where he was wondering where their relationship was going while she was pretty much saying "Nowhere, it's sex, get over it.") Ketch even talked about how he started out thinking he'd have to kill her and hadn't expected to be sleeping with her instead. Will Ketch's admiration for Mary Winchester influence him at all? Probably not. Ketch went to Kendricks Academy with Mick, after all, and didn't seem a bit choked up about him.

I'm not sure why it was a theme, but everybody in this episode called everybody else a dog. Renny Rawlings was Hess's lapdog. Hess told Mick that "Hunters are dogs, Mr. Davies. You give them an order, they obey. That's how it works." Meanwhile, in Hell, Crowley called Lucifer "Marmaduke" and "Good puppy. Puppy want to play?"

Unfortunately, Lucifer was clever enough to make soundless threats during Crowley's rousing pep talk to his top demons, and now one particular demon is helping Lucifer outwit the rune problem with his vessel.

Really. Crowley ought to know better than to underestimate and gloat over Lucifer by now.


— Eileen was in last season's lovely episode "Into the Mystic." Let's hope she's in a few more. Keep those good female characters alive, please.

— The key to the Men of Letters bunker opens every chapter house in the world. Good to know. But what if an employee doesn't work out and they have to change the locks?

— Naked Lucifer, naked Ketch. Wrong guys naked, in my opinion. I'm just saying.

— Honestly, they're usually so spot on with casting, but young Mick Davies didn't look at all like adult Mick Davies. Um, blue eyes?

— Lucifer mentioned that he'd rather be licking the floor with Crowley than back in the cage with insane Michael. Not the first mention of Michael this season. Where is Michael?

— This week: Coeur d'Alene, Idaho; the British Men of Letters cargo containers and the bunker in Lebanon, Kansas; and a flashback to 1987 London.


Hess: "We don’t have time to court a handful of mangy colonials. Not anymore."
Disdain much?

Dean: (re: Mick) "That guy can drink. I mean, we can drink, but he's got, like, the 'Can Drink' gold medal."

Ketch: "Mrs. Winchester, I believe you're drawn to danger."

Castiel: (recording) "This is my voicemail. Make your voice a... mail."
We were told two or three times that Castiel still isn't answering his phone. I suppose we'll find out what's happening in Heaven eventually.

Sam: "Smart."
Dean: "Dude, don't compliment the bad guys."

Crowley: "He goes where I tell him. He does what I tell him. He is my dog. Showtime, Marmaduke."

Renny: "Ah, the banshee girl. We have a file. From what Mick tells me, neither of you have any formal training. Fascinating. I was top of my class at Kendricks."
Eileen: "No one cares."

Dean: "Welcome back, sweetheart."
It's so lovely that the Colt has come back to the Winchesters. Even if it won't kill Dagon, which I assume means it won't kill Lucifer.

Another serviceable episode. Two and a half out of four dog metaphors,

Billie Doux has been reviewing Supernatural for so long that Dean and Sam Winchester feel like old friends. Courageous, adventurous, gorgeous old friends.


  1. I really enjoyed this episode, and was especially glad to see Mary scratching her sexual itch (all the Winchesters are highly sexed, aren't they?). However, losing our Brit ally really stung, as I was just starting to like him. And now that we know the English branch of the MOL are enemies of all American hunters, Sam, Dean and Mary in particular, we know that Ketch is also their enemy--unless he, too, is going against that disgraceful code. Is it possible Sam has found himself a fellow hunter he can fall in love with? I'd like that. I'm worried about Cas--and Crowley, too, damn it. I know how stupid that sounds, but Lucifer is the bad guy here, right? As for Kelly, I'm sure she wants to survive. I wonder, if a C-section is performed before she goes into labor, can Kelly live? I have a feeling it's the only way. This is turning out to be a very exciting season! Wheeeeee! Love, Robin

  2. Speaking of the Colt, we know it CAN kill Princes of Hell, because Dean killed Azazel with it. We also know it CAN'T kill Lucifer, because Dean already tried that in season 5!

  3. "it passed right through Dagon and hit Renny Rawlings. I guess that means that a Prince or Princess of Hell is one of the five things that the Colt cannot kill, right?"
    It didn't pass through Dagon, she teleported before the bullet could hit her.

    I'm really enjoying this season, and while this episode wasn't great, it wasn't bad either.

    I really like the relationshop between Mary and Ketch, it's facinating. I doubt it will end well, though.

    I wasn't devastated by Mick's death, but I was starting to find him interesting, so I wish we'd seen him a little bit more.

    I agree that the evilness (is that a word?) of the British MoL is a bit over the top. I prefer shades of grey, too.

    Speaking of shady characters, I bothers me a little that Crowley is so easily tricked by Lucifer. He's a smart guy, he should definitely know better, especially after how he double-crossed Lucifer last time. It feels a bit too easy.
    I think there should be a rule in the Supernatural writers' room stating "Crowley never loses". They did that with Mark Sheppard's character in Leverage and it worked wonders.

    Oh, and Eileen survived! Yay!

    Great review, Billie!

  4. Thanks, guys -- wow, that was stupid of me. Completely spaced out Azazel. I'm fixing my review.

  5. Not only did Young Mick look nothing like older Mick, he also had a completely different accent. So many shitty English accents this season, it's killing me. Sam's was equally laughable. Urggh!!!

  6. OMG - the 'British' accents have been so painful!

  7. Mary n ketch thing is gross wtf is Mary doing back in the show, lame character.

  8. It's stupid. Dagon said all nephilim births are fatal. Yet there was an episode of how an angel was accused of falling in love and fathering a nephilim with the mother. If the child is a nephilim then why was the mother there. If all mothers die then the child cannot be nephilim. They just contradicted their own lore.

  9. The child in "Lily Sunder Has Some Regrets" WASN'T one of the nephilim, so that explains how the mother was still alive.

    However, it's a good point anyway. How could the rest of the angels possibly have believed the child was one of the nephilim, when the mother was clearly still alive? And why didn't Akobel simply say, "Mom's still alive, guys... so the kid's obviously not one of the nephilim. You're being lied to."

    Angels must be as dense as titanium. :oD

  10. Maybe Dagon just wanted to scare Kelly out of spite for making her do errands and going to the doctor. I was betting those small pains are because the kid has horns, but of course I saw nothing on the ultrasound. :)

  11. I was looking for horns, or a tail, on the ultrasound too. But then remembered Lucifer is an angel so maybe I should have been looking for wings.

  12. I finally liked a BMOL episode! Yey show! All the frustration that is building this season with them finally starting to make sense to me.
    I'm sorry to see Mick die, but it was utterly predictable. Lie, Mick, lie your ass out, get out and then rebel! Do not do this in front of your boss and the psychokiller! About Ketch, I'm wondering: what will he do with Mary? Oh, she's gonna be so pissed. They all are gonna be so pissed, it's gonna end bloody, and I'm happy with that.
    I loved the "Exterminate" at the end, they actually are acting like Dalecks, following orders without question and thinking the only solution is the extermination. Well, we know how it turns out on Doctor Who, let's hope it goes the same way in Supernatural.
    I really liked the responses from the hunters to the bragging MOL and I really really like Eileen. I'd love to see her with Sam, it'll be a perfect match. So I guess she will die soon :(

    Three out of four first of their class, and no one cares.

  13. Is this the first episode that we saw a demon/angel actually teleport on screen, without them flipping to another camera angle. Not a big deal but it definitely took me by surprise.

  14. I love Eileen! I knew poor Mick wasn't long for this world when he started showing signs of humanity... Very Evil, awful MOBL! Yes, Crowley is being a stupid head for not thinking about long-game with Lucifer...


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