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Supernatural: The Future

"Nothing is born evil."

Is he a good nephilim or a bad nephilim?

And yes, I'm aware that the plural in Hebrew is -im, making it sound like we're talking about a whole lot of human-angel hybrids instead of one, but it's the way the show has been referring to him. It'd be nice if Kelly gave him a name already so that we could start calling him something.

Kelly went from total despair, a successful suicide and a surprise resurrection to what appeared to be total calm and acceptance. I think Junior decided it was time to take control of Mommy because he wants to stay alive. After Castiel touched Kelly's baby bump, Kelly's eyes went yellow for the first time and there was some sort of flash... what was that? And immediately after Castiel said he would take Kelly and the baby to Heaven, which would mean the deaths of their bodies, the truck conveniently broke down.

(I loved Castiel searching Google on "how to fix a truck." Laugh out loud. In your universe, Castiel, only Dean can fix your truck.)

So Junior told Kelly to go to the sandbox with Castiel, which I found confusing. Did Junior actually want to die and go to Heaven? I don't think so. When Kelly took Castiel's hand and Junior transferred power and yellow eyes to Castiel, it made him strong enough to kill Dagon with a touch. Is this a permanent change? Is Castiel a prince of hell or an archangel or something else now? Castiel said it was still him, and the way he knocked out the boys was gentle enough, but I am very confused.

What did Junior show Castiel that changed his mind? It would certainly be a nice change of pace for Supernatural if something good was on its way, but come on – when has a situation like this ever turned out good in the Supernaturalverse? I thought there was a definite Mary and Joseph vibe going on with Kelly and Castiel when they left. Maybe they're heading for Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.

Will the boys catch up with them? If they do, what are their options? I really did think that Sam hit on it with that thing about Gadreel's grace. Nice continuity there. I'd actually forgotten Gadreel. (Twelve seasons, guys.) Human soul with angelic grace, remove the grace and it's just a kid. Wow. I don't want Kelly to die or the baby to be evil, so what a great solution. Is it still possible? Would Junior allow it to happen?

This was Dagon's episode and fortunately, it was her last – I never warmed to her as a villain. What would have made her more interesting? Probably not the way she was fantasizing about the perks of her future job as Junior's nanny being mass destruction and wholesale death. The real mystery is why did she believe Lucifer Senior would keep his word when he kept threatening her with infinite torment? She knew him pretty well, didn't she? If I knew Lucifer that well, I'd find a quiet corner of Purgatory, hide, and never come out again.

I did like that Dagon's favorite television genre is game shows, and that she liked it when people lost. That fit her destructive, shallow personality. But I most certainly didn't like the way she exploded Joshua and melted the Colt. Or did she just break it in half? Is it fixable? (As we saw once again in this episode, Dean can fix nearly anything.)

I also liked the way Dean reacted to Castiel's return early in the episode with a genuine state of piss off. I'm sure that when Dean wakes up in the playground, he'll still be pissed off. And the adorable little bit about Dean keeping the Colt under his pillow. How did Castiel know where it was? I don't like it when the boys are at odds with their angel. Although it does seem to happen fairly often.


— "Starring Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, Mark Pellegrino, and Misha Collins. Guest starring Courtney Ford, Ali Ahn." Mark Pellegrino was listed as cast, then. That was new, wasn't it?

— Kelly's due date is May 18, the two-part season finale. Of course it is.

— I thought the reintroduction of Joshua, a major angel, was going to be a big deal, but I guess not.

— The mix tape was labeled "Dean's top 13 Zepp traxx." Are there even that many great Zeppelin songs?

— What happened to the unfortunate Kelvin? (WWCD. What would Castiel do?)

— I was utterly shocked when Kelly stole the Impala, with Castiel in the back seat. No one should be able to steal the Impala!

— Sam put a tracking app on Castiel's phone when Castiel was talking to Dean. Too bad Castiel knows that now.

— This week: the MoL bunker, the sandbox, and honestly, I'm not sure where the North Point Motel was, but it was a somewhat normal motel room; the wallpaper was a bit loud but not completely apeshit. In fact, we haven't seen a bizarre motel room in a while, have we? Where is the sandbox? Does anyone remember? Please post a comment!

— This episode was directed by SG-1 star Amanda Tapping. She's directed Supernatural episodes before and also guest starred as an angel so I'm not sure why I'm pointing this out, except that it's Amanda Tapping. I like Amanda Tapping.

— I try to keep the drool to a minimum in these reviews, but honestly, Jensen and Jared seem to keep getting better looking as they age. Maybe it was the black shirts they wore throughout the entire episode. I was happy with the complete lack of flannel.


Castiel: "Where I was, the reception was, ah, poor."
Dean: "No bars. No bars. That's his excuse. Wow."
So there's no cell reception in Heaven. Good to know.

Dean: "You, me and Sam, we're just better together. So now that you're back, let's go, Team Free Will. Let's get it done."

Dagon: "You get the chance to be Mary of Nazareth, part 2: evil Jesus edition."

Castiel: "I am doing this for the Winchesters. I stole the Colt to keep them out of this mission and keep them safe from Dagon. And I will kill this girl so that Sam and Dean don't have to."

Dean: "Well, I say we find him and kick his feathered ass."
Sam: "Dean, Cas wouldn't have taken the Colt if he wasn't going up against something big."
Dean: "Okay, I say we find him, figure out what's going on, and then we kick his feathered ass."

Lucifer: "Wait a minute. So you let the Winchesters' purse dog take my son?"
Later, Dagon called Castiel a fluttering moth. Pretty good with the insults.

Three out of four... what? Nativity references?

Billie Doux has been reviewing Supernatural for so long that Dean and Sam Winchester feel like old friends. Courageous, adventurous, gorgeous old friends.


  1. Are there even that many great Zeppelin songs? YES!!


  2. I couldn't believe Dean was able to keep it down to only 13.

  3. There are ABSOLUTELY that many great Zeppelin songs! We need the return of Jesse Turner for an epic demon hybrid/angel hybrid showdown!

  4. Yay for Amanda Tapping. She is directing a lot these days, good for her. How can you forget Tahmoh Penikett as Gadreel? I liked Tahmoh as Helo on BSG, I really liked him in Dollhouse, and I thought he was phenomenal as Gadreel. How do you play an angel that let evil into the Garden of Eden, was imprisoned for a ghastly long time, and then ineptly, but determinedly found a way to redemption? He did it so well.

    I'm hoping that Cas is now empowered for a good purpose; poor Cas is overdue for a redemption story that actually turns out well for once. It might not happen, since the baby is Lucifers, but here's hoping. Besides Angel of the Lord Cas, I thought that Crazy Cas who watched the bees was a fun plot. Also Human Cas who had decide between washing his trench coat, or filling his empty belly. Ah, memories.

  5. I liked this episode very well. (Not as much as the next one, but that's for another review.) Of course Castiel's course will have to go wrong -- if it doesn't, that ends the story line.

    I had been having quite a bit of trouble with this season, but I think that the writers at on a definite upswing, thank goodness. I love this show -- way too much -- and I'm glad to see that it's improving. And yes, Billie, you're right. The boys just get more and more attractive as time passes. All of them, we might (and do) add.

  6. I really hope the colt is not broken beyond repair. I really want to know the list of 5 entities it can't kill.

    Running heaven is a very risky job. How many dead head angels does Joshua's death make now? And he died in an episode directed by his predecesor. ;)

  7. The colt's death made me sad. And I'm happy to see a focused and powerful Cas again, even if I'm very angry at him; come on Cas, the lies and betrayal? Haven't we seen all that already?
    Kudos to Dean for expressing his feelings right away instead of dilute them in a bottle, though! Dean seems to be in a really healty psychologic place lately(as much as a damaged person can be),i like that.


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