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The 100: DNR

"This is who I am."

Sometimes this line is the hardest part to write. This is one of those times...

When Jasper started on his descent into depression, I remember commenting that it was pretty surprising, given everything they've gone through, that more characters hadn't found themselves in similar mindsets. Well, plenty of people are catching up to him. Jaha's initial insistence to force them to come along was a little stupid on his part. They obviously don't want any part of what you're selling so why drag them with you only to have an even larger drain on your very limited resources later on? Putting children in prison instead of floating them was at most a desperate attempt to keep some part of their morality intact. But even that didn't stop them from sending the OG 100 down to what was believed to be almost certain death. So why is he pushing an all life is precious stance now?

It never gets old when someone reminds Jaha what a miserable dictator he was on the Ark. The fact that Bellamy did it here to talk the former leader into leaving the rebellious behind was just as perfect as it's always been. I say good riddance. I've never been that attached to Harper and her sudden desire to burn with the rest of the world is too whiplashy for me to make sense of. Jasper and Riley have been annoying me for far too long. Let them go. With such a large cast, we knew they were going to take this opportunity to whittle down the main players, and I have to say I like the moral conundrum we are looking at instead of the usual murdery way people get taken out. But not Monty. No no no. In all honesty, there are plenty of characters that I am more invested in getting a spot in the bunker than Monty. What really pisses me off is that he doesn't want to die. He wants to live, but he stayed for Jasper and Harper. AND THEY DON'T EVEN HAVE THE DECENCY TO RETHINK THEIR CHOICE TO SAVE HIM. Or at least tell him that he should go. Bad friend/girlfriend. Very, very bad. They don't deserve you, Monty.

Becca is haunting Raven. The big question is, is this hallucination one that will lead to a helpful discovery? Or is fake Becca really giving Raven a way out? Or possibly both? I very much don't want Raven to die, but she has suffered more than just about anyone. I don't even know what else to say about it.

Maven had a lovely scene. It's taken three seasons but she finally got the genuine apology from him that she deserved and he was offered forgiveness for probably the first time of his life. It was a hard-fought-for, well-earned moment for the two characters and Richard Harmon and Lindsey Morgan knocked it out of the park.

The shock on Emori and Murphy's faces when Miller and Jackson came back for them was beautiful and sad and heart wrenching and so very well done. It's a little reminder for me that the things they do aren't rooted in selfishness. It is all about survival. They had no basis to assume that these guys were going to come back for them. Nothing in their histories taught them that they'd be valued enough to save. It got me in the feels.

Abby is on my last nerve. Why is Raven's crazy making her a genius and inspiring forgiveness while Abby's crazy is making her make terribly terrible, no good, stupid choices. Whyyyyy? No, really. Tell me. Is there a reason better than she is blinded with fear of losing her daughter?

3 out of 4 surprise (conclave) parties

Bits and pieces

Bellamy better watch out. I think Roan is vying to be Clarke's new BFF. (I wrote this in the very beginning of the ep. By the end, I felt like Bellamy's friendship bracelet was 100% safe.)

Am I crazy? Was that Wells?

Does anyone remember when I used to reference other TV shows and movies in these reviews? Next week prepare yourselves for what I can only assume will be heavy handed in Hunger Games references.

I can't be the only one that's glad Clarke didn't go commander on us.

Raven: "I could deal with losing my leg. But losing my mind?"

Murphy: "What do you want me to tell the others?"
Raven: "Tell them... tell them I floated myself."

Bellamy: "May we meet again."
Jasper: "We won't."
Bellamy: "Whatever the hell you want."

Octavia: "I'm here for the war."


  1. I nearly missed it too but Monty has the Rover and he is staying behind just incase Harper or someone else changes their mind.

  2. Raven hugging Murphy was awesome. But I was unhappy that they stopped short of making Clarke the commander. I want her to have Lexa in her head forever. Bet that's how they'll end the season.

  3. Loved the moment between Raven and Murphy too. I understand Raven's thinking here, in wanting to go out doing something she loves, but it's also got me wondering. The previous plan to use the rocket was so that they could what, create nightblood in space? I've gone fuzzy on the details because way too many TV shows at once. I was thinking maybe there was something else Raven could do from space to help them (now that it's a one way trip), but I'm not sure. Or is it some lingering version of ALIE making her see Becca, and it wants Raven to go up into space to do something (possibly) nefarious?

    It just seems like her taking a rocket into space is too big an opportunity for something big plot-wise not to happen with it. We shall see.

    As soon as Clarke became nightblood, I was waiting for the Commander stuff to come into play. I have mixed feelings about her doing it - on one hand its totally appropriating the Grounders' culture and beliefs for strategic/political advantage, on the other... even Roan admits Clarke is the only leader willing to help every clan. So Clarke is the one skaikru exception that would be acceptable, even if it's still kind of wrong from a cultural standpoint. But yes the romantic in me wants her to carry a piece of Lexa with her always.

    And agreed, wth Harper?? It's one thing for you to decide to give up, but welcoming Monty to stay and die with you? Unbelievable. Riley's choice is especially obnoxious too, given that they gave up the original hydro machine to save him and the others from the Azgeda.

  4. I too loved the scene with Murphy and Raven. And I can sympathize with those who didn't want to go back to the Bunker; it would feel like going back to prison. To have tasted freedom and wind and rain and trees and then have to return to a sterile, enclosed space could not be an attractive prospect. It's also an extremely unattractive direction for the show, even if the Arcadians win out...I can't help thinking that Raven/Becca's going to pull something out of the hat somehow.

    I'm wondering how the conclave will play out or whether Clarke will stop it somehow. If she doesn't, the best outcome would be to donate her bone marrow to the winner so they can become Commander, who might still be able to unite the clans. In defense of Roan, the discovery that the Flame was not destroyed must make him feel they were undermining him all along. After all, he could have had himself made a nightblood, had he known.

    It seems completely illogical that Octavia could win out over the champions of entire clans trained as warriors since they were children. Then again, it's completely illogical that she can be stabbed and fall of a cliff, then be carried by a horse for hours and still be alive, so who knows?

  5. Raven can still make nightblood in space. She just can't land without crashing. But she could send the finished product in a smaller capsule down to the ground thus dying in space and saving everyone. That's how I would like it to end because she hinted that she's neyong saving by now.

    Next week Echo vs Octavia, round 2. This time in the Hunger Games. Will be fun. As for Roan he has every right to be mad, but he's still taking it honorably by arranging the Conclave. I guess the winners also get the nightblood treatment and the flame.

    As far as Arkadia goes I'm ready to say bye bye to Jasper. Take Riley with you too, just don't kill Monty.


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