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The Originals: I Hear You Knocking

"Having a monopoly of power makes you a target, Sister. Remember that."

I blinked and it was over.

So what exactly happened?

Klaus and Marcel are both haunted by their inept fathers. But the person that Marcel actually hates the most isn't Klaus. It's Elijah. So Marcel got two hauntings for the price of one. I loved that it wasn't instinctual for Klaus or Marcel to run off and kill the other. It's in line with what we've seen all along, but it still struck a chord with me that as terrible as they've been to each other there is still love or respect or something there.

We found out that the Hollow thing needs a powerful blood sacrifice to be able to fully cross over into the living realm. How powerful does the sacrifice need to be? Because there were at least three people sacrificed that Klaus killed. Could a bunch of not powerful people be killed and it add up one powerful sacrifice? And why does the Hollow need so much power... I mean he's pulling ways to kill unkillable creatures out of thin air. He's obviously not lacking in that department.

Hayley kept breaking my heart. Ever since we met her on TVD, she's been looking for a place to belong. Always searching for a family. Specifically her family, the Lebonairs. This episode, she admits that it started way before even that. That she never fit it and it was all confusing and how terrible it was to find out that her parents were dead all along. And it was so so beautiful that she said all the heartache was worth it for Hope. What a good mom. She's also speculating that the Hollow is probably what made Mary's husband kill her parents. And could even possibly be behind all the bad luck that her family has seen. I'd like to say that she has spent too much time with Klaus and is just a little paranoid, but probably not right?

Keelin's got a little Stockholm syndrome going on. Sparks were flying off the screen every time she and Freya interacted. And it was nice that someone was there to help Freya stop looking at the light. Not to mention sew up her head at the end.

I don't understand the point of Elijah sauntering down to the dungeon to threaten Marcel. I really thought that Elijah saw killing Marcel as a terrible mistake. That he would plead temporary insanity if forced to stand in a court of law. But that isn't what he was giving here. He basically was like... you aren't important. I was wrong to ever think you were. You are no longer part of this family. Bye Felicia. Ouch. So harsh.

Sofya's endgame is to take out Klaus. Not to wait on Marcel's every need. Shocking. Having her show up out of nowhere in the season premiere and be in every episode was kind of a dead giveaway that she would be important. I like the actress and I think it'll be fun to see the whole thing play out so I'm not mad about it. Plus I don't think she'll be around very long before a Mikaelson gets super pissed and violently takes her out.

3 out of 4 poisonous thorns

Bites and pieces

I hate this Friday night time slot.

I completely forgot that Marcel is now a new unkillable hybrid whatever. I spent the first half of the episode confused by Hollow Mikael calling Klaus coward. I didn't remember until they came face to face. Duh, Lauren, they're on equal footing now.

Elijah didn't run off to help Klaus until Hayley gave the okay. I don't have words for this.

The blue light reminds me a little of Freya's old blue necklace. I kept thinking they might be connected. Maybe someone in the writers room is just a Smurf fan.

There is something sketchy about Klaus' adopted son not being enough of his child where Hope, his biological daughter, is enough. It makes my skin crawl, and I use a lot of energy trying to overlook it.

I have questions:

How much would you pay to see Elijah in jean shorts?

Did we know that Jackson's grandpa killed Hayley's parents? I thought Marcel had something to do with it and spared Hayley because she was a baby and he has that "kids are off limits" rule?

What do you think Klaus did to Sofya? I don't think we've been told yet.

Mikael: "Mercy is for the weak, Niklaus."

Klaus: "More meaningless threats. I remain underwhelmed."

Freya: "I have hobbies. For instance, I collect the ashes of my enemies."

Freya: "Thank you."
Keelin: "Is that gratitude? From the Viking witch who spends her days channeling the spirits to save her vampire brothers? Yeah, you’ve got a concussion."
I laughed out loud. And the chemistry is undeniably electric, but I don't know how I will get over the fact that Freya held Keelin captive and resorted to torture with her brain melty thing when she tried to run. PSA: That is not a recipe for a healthy relationship.

Dominic: "Marcel’s blood was spilled today. He’s the only one who can kill an Original. The Hollow has received this offering and has given us a gift. A single scratch from this thorn will kill an Original."

Sofya: "All I want is my revenge."


  1. I liked this one, too. It's just way too confusing that the Hollow is looking like pretty much everyone. Shades of The First from Buffy. Speaking of which, Sofya keeps looking like Charisma Carpenter. Or is that just me?

    The Stockholm Syndrome thing with Keelin and Freya isn't bothering me. The world of The Originals and all of these supernatural beings is so violent that it'd be hard for Freya to find a love interest that hasn't been threatened by a member of the cast at some point.

    I would pay a *lot* to see Elijah in jean shorts. But only if he wears flip flops, too. :)

    Apropos of nothing, for some reason I really liked the set decoration in this one. Particularly all of those chandeliers on the floor.

  2. Billie, you certainly have a point about the Freelin romance. Freylin? Keeya? It's just one of those things that my brain is having a hard time letting go.

    About the set decoration. I keep thinking this has to be deliberate. In the past, there would have been some compelled minions tidying up, right? Or maybe they don't want any strangers hanging around the house when Hope is there. Or it's just really pretty and so it stays.

    I miss Charisma Carpenter! Where has she been?

  3. Thankfully the possesed Klaus and Marcel only lasted one episode. I pefer them main characters being themselves most of the time. Nice to see MIchael as the Hollow, also a relief he was not ressurected. If you want to bring back deceased characters this is the best way, flashbacks and visions.

    Yeah I don't remember Hayley's parents backstory either and I'm just as puzzled what Marcel's assistant wants revenge for.

  4. Sofya is played by Taylor Cole. I believe she was in an episode or two last season but other than several Hallmark movies she has made, she's also Sarah Blake from Supernatural. (Haven't seen any comments on that)
    And how come not one person on the show knows the name of the serpent devouring its own tail? Ouroboros. Considering what a famous symbol that it, it really bugs me.


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