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The Originals: Keepers of the House

"That's quite the monster you've got lurking in there. Care to see mine?"

Killer comebacks ala Elijah are going on my Christmas list this year. Maybe there's a class I can take or something...

You guys, I avoided this episode like the plague. If I didn't owe you guys this review, it's possible that I never wouldn't have watched it for a very long time. YouTube sort of spoiled me. 99.9% of the time I don't mind a spoiler. Like at all. And in that .1% it is always ALWAYS because I found out something that I just don't want to watch happen. BUT it was all a lie. Elijah didn't die. Not really. It was all a big cosmic joke and I should've known better. This is TO after all, no one stays dead for long. I think it was so easy to believe because I know that Elijah and Hayley won't get an easy happily ever after in a world where drama is what keeps the audience interested, and I am waiting to see how they get torn apart. Death is a pretty clear division in the sexy times.

However, the actual bump in their relationship is far more interesting. Hayley doesn't want to be the kind of person that keeps werewolves chained up in the barn. Much less a child murderer. While Elijah doesn't necessarily want to either, he has made it clear from the very beginning that no line exists that he won't cross in the name of his family. Is this something they can overcome? Could Hayley, a mother, ever be okay sacrificing children. Probably not. Can Elijah learn to make the right decision if it isn't the decision that will save his family from harm or death?? I guess time will tell, but it's a personality trait that he's learned and perfected and made peace with over centuries. That kind of hard-wired bad habit won't be easy to shake.

Was anyone else smelling a trap every time we passed one of those ridiculous (human?) bone dreamcatchery things? It was like a horror movie. Me screaming at the TV for them to tear them down, burn them, something and all five of them just kept strolling along like they were headed to a picnic. Where are your killer instincts? Two hybrids, an original vampire, a witch and a super hybrid killer can't see a trap when it's staring them in the face? How embarrassing. At least now the monster has a name. The Hollow.

This review is so short. Maybe I need to rewatch the episode.

3 out of 4 creepy ass dreamcatchers

Bites and pieces

Did they put Hope in the same bed that Cami died in? It looked like the same room and bed. Odd choice when there are a house full of options.

Logan Echolls Officer what's-his-name is no more.

Do Rebekah and Kol have cell phones?

Are Marcel and Klaus possessed now? Will they be the faces of the Hollow for the rest of the season? That might be really good choices.

The Hollow was also the name of an evily supernatural thing-a-ma-jig in Charmed. It also was faceless and possessed people.

Keelin: "This is a cure. It's everything I've ever wanted. What's the catch?"
Freya: "No catch. Insurance."
Keelin: "More like a leash. A spell that I can't take off."
Freya: "It's like I said... Insurance. Provided you help me."

Klaus: "Enough with this circus of sadists."

Vincent: "Oh, we got this all wrong. They wanted us here."
Yea, that's what I've been freaking saying, Vincent.

Keelin: "Looks like I'm team Mikaelson whether I like it or not."
So say us all, Keelin.

Hayley: "We have got to stop making it a habit of putting our family’s lives ahead of others’. I don’t want that for myself. I don’t want that for Hope. We have to do better."


  1. Yeah, I wasn't happy with this one, either. I honestly don't care a bit about Marcel, but I'm invested in Klaus now and I am not happy about the new blue light in his eyes. I also didn't like the hint that Hayley is going to find an arbitrary reason to keep Elijah at arm's length. Sure, he's merciless, but come on -- isn't everyone in this series?

    It's a shame that they outright wasted Jason Dohring. Unless someone gave him vampire blood before he died. He played a cool old, cynical vampire on Moonlight. Couldn't he do it again?

    Was I imagining a little romantic vibe between Keelin and Freya? Wouldn't that be interesting?

  2. A little Keelya action could be very interesting, Billie. Hmm.
    But when Freya started softening towards her and took the leash off of her ring, I kept thinking that she will be regretting it someday soon. And that it would fuel her new hardened outlook on protecting her fam.
    Speaking of Freya, she isn't immortal anymore right? Because she isn't taking the 100 year naps. Right?

  3. Laure, I was also wondering about Freya and if she aged during their five year mind vacation -- or if she was so powerful a witch that she could keep herself from aging. It would be nice if they clarified what was going on there.

  4. I'm okay with Marcel being the Hollow's vessel, but I hope (pun intended) that Hope's dream was just a vision of the future where Klaus is evil for an episode or two. He did try to close his eyes for a while there so maybe the Hollow did not get to him. It's too many times already where Klaus was workikng against everyone. I want to see some evolution there.

    I like how they manage a scarier atmosphere this season.


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