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Prison Break: Contingency

"How are you alive?"

Not as strong as the last episode, but I'm still having fun.

Channeling every single viewer of this series, Linc finally demanded that Michael explain how he ended up (1) alive, and (2) in Yemen, and the explanation actually made sense. It turned out that Kellerman hadn't been able to get them exonerated, after all. Poseidon offered Michael freedom for Sara and the guys if Michael worked for him, Michael said no, and Poseidon then arranged for Sara to go to jail (see the series finale "The Final Break" which actually wasn't the final break).

So Michael said yes to Poseidon and faked his own death. (Although I'm still confused about the brain tumor.) We even got some footage of Michael quietly stalking Sara and baby Mike from a distance to make his sacrifice a little more poignant.

While Michael may not have a brain tumor, he does seem to be flailing about the situation in Yemen by trying to reactivate his original escape plan, while Linc quite correctly asserted that Michael's plan is four years old and doesn't take ISIL into account. Michael retorted that his ability to plan jailbreaks is probably a bit better than Linc's (remember Fox River? Huh?). But three hundred miles on a train through enemy territory, Michael? With huge bounties on their heads and pursued by a one-eyed rapist? (Come on, people, could they kill off Cyclops already? He's too much of a caricature to work as a villain.)

It felt very much like someone was going to die, and when we got Sid's sad backstory, it was obvious whom it would be. His first lover was his father's married friend, who got caught and died horribly for it. Sid didn't want to die the same way, and I'm glad that he didn't. But Sid just wasn't around the Prison Break-verse, or well-enough established a character, for me to care deeply about his sacrifice, poor guy.

While Whip and his involvement with Michael is still a mystery, Ja's "We are the Champions" booby trap made me love him more. I'll readily admit his obsession with Freddie Mercury is silly, but I'm enjoying it anyway. There has to be a reason why Ja's wealth is mentioned in every episode. Could the reward money for getting him back to Seoul turn out to mean happily ever after for whomever survives this reboot?

It would have been unrealistic and somewhat unbelievable if Michael, Linc, Whip and Ja had made it to the airport in time while the city was under siege and the airport in a state of complete chaos. I thought it made sense for C-Note to (reluctantly) leave on that elderly airplane with Sheba, the innocent school kids, and the other various supporting characters.

Meanwhile in New York, T-Bag took the photo of Jacob with A&W and Van Gogh to Sara, who was instantly ready to pick up her son and head for the hills — until Jacob came up with a totally unbelievable cover story. Come on! We're supposed to believe that a regular guy like Jacob was clever enough to track down Poseidon's henchpeople and put a tracker chip in that bribe money? The line-up had to be a set-up. I don't think Sara believed it, either.

Besides, the continuation of Sara's marriage to Jacob doesn't make story sense. She's the love of Michael's life, he gave up everything for her, and they have a son. Do we all honestly believe Sara is going to stay married to someone else, or that she'd divorce a good guy? If Jacob isn't Poseidon, I'll eat my... well, I don't have a hat, so chocolate will have to do.

Is there any way our four guys can get out of Yemen in between episodes and spend the next four running around New York so that Michael and Sara can reunite already? Probably not. But I hope they're getting out of the country soon, soon, soon.

Bits and quotes:

-- Exciting sequence with Michael, Linc and company nearly run down and bisected by a train.

-- Sheba had a good distraction scene at the airport where she ratted on our guys and demanded her money, and was almost believable.

-- Michael said that his cell in the CIA was called "21 Void." I think. Did I hear it correctly?

T-Bag: "You been sleeping with the enemy, baby."

Whip: "Ten million rial? You give up your mother for cash like that."
Ja: "It's about what I paid for Freddie Mercury's ashes."
Whip: "Freddie Mercury now? Really?"
Ja: "It's better than talking about five hundred thousand people looking to kill us."

Michael: "Fighting is your default setting. It's not always about fists."
Linc: "Well, it's about fists now."

Michael: "A wrench and a pipe against AKs."
Linc: "It'll be fun."

Three out of four caged birds,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. I know they don't want our heroes to be killers, but they should have just ended that one-eye guy. Actually Linc should have killed him 2 weeks ago.

    The explanation about Jacos is just too neat to be true. They are not fooling us or Sara (I hope).

  2. I'm sure...Jacob tried to stop Michael's message.The whole of them are under sewers....in the first minutes of episode 1...There are many origami from Michael.

  3. It felt very much like someone was going to die, and when we got Sid's sad backstory, it was obvious whom it would be.

    My reaction was totally different: the sad backstory is such a pre-death cliche that I thought it was a fake-out. Also, I really thought they'd avoid killing the only gay character who was also the only good male Arab character.

    I don't watch a lot of Fox shows. :-)


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