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Prison Break: Wine-Dark Sea

That was fun.

It was about time, or even way past, for a Michael and Sara reunion, and considering that they met for the first time when Sara was Michael's doctor back at Fox River, it was fitting that they came together because she flew to Crete to treat him. She even gave him her own blood, which was a convenient way of smuggling him a transfusion.

The only problem was that it was way too short to satisfy those of us (like me) who shipped Michael and Sara so heavily back in season one of Prison Break. They had a way too brief heart to heart, an even briefer kiss, and Michael telling her that for four years, he has had a plan to take down Poseidon. Who is, by the way and now everyone knows because of the photos on Sara's phone, her husband Jacob. Honestly, I think they blew this one because it would have been more dramatic if the audience had been as shocked as Sara was.

The fact that Jacob decided to take out Michael because he wanted Sara has added an interesting emotional component to the story. The way Jacob kissed Sara when she came in the door made me gag just a little, so maybe I'm more into this revival than I thought. Unfortunately, Sara didn't do a great job of "wearing a mask," and Jacob already has the upper hand, Sara's hidden gun, and worse -- control of both Sara and little Mike. I find it difficult to believe Jacob's protestations that he loves Mike like his own. Clearly, Sara should have (1) retrieved her secret gun, (2) killed Jacob, and (3) gone to pick up her son. Maybe she just couldn't shift gears that quickly.

The return of Sucre was satisfying, along with the slam bang action on the big ugly freighter. Actually, Michael's reunion with Sucre was almost as lovely as the one with Linc. (Sara's was too short.) It's too bad for Michael et al. that Sucre's nasty captain couldn't stay bought and suddenly there were Navy SEALs. At least we had the ruse with Sucre tied up and lying with the handmade sheet rope hanging out the window, a gag that reminded me a lot of the original series.

And then there was a missile. Boom. I hope the other guys who worked for that nasty captain were also evil.

The rest of the episode was also enjoyable. Whip and Linc buried the hatchet with the help of some alcohol, and we were again reminded that Whip and Michael have issues that we don't yet know about. Van Gogh and A&W killed Agent Kishida, who seemed to be having a problem with killing Kaniel Outis after he did the world a favor and took out Abu Ramal.

It was nice that they finally got out of Yemen. I'm ready for everyone in the story to be in the same location interacting now. Although I was sad that Ja decided to remain behind in happy happy joy joy Phaeacia. I hope he made the right decision.


-- The episode title was another Homerian reference: the ocean that Odysseus sailed upon was called a "wine-dark sea." And Sucre called Michael a "damn phoenix."

-- Who was Jacob consulting on the phone? Does he have a superior? Well, almost everyone is superior to Jacob in the human sense, but in a boss sense?

-- Inflatable sex dolls, Sucre? Really?

-- Little Mike drew a picture of a dying Greek hero. That's pretty intentional Michael foreshadowing, and they'd better not do that to us.

-- Who grabbed little Mike when the toy helicopter went into the bushes? Did I miss something?


Sara: "You're looking better. A little grayer, but better."
Michael: "I have an amazing doctor on call."

Sucre: (to Michael) "You really are a wanted terrorist."
Whip: "What the hell did you think he was saying?"
Sucre: "I thought it was an analogy."

Sucre: (punching him) "Captain, I'm Puerto Rican."
That sounded so familiar. I could swear they did that same line the same way in the original Prison Break. They did, didn't they?

Three out of four gaudy sapphire rings, and only two episodes to go,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.

1 comment:

  1. Yeah that helicopter scene felt completely forgotten. Let's hope they will explain everything in the last 2 episodes.

    If Jacob has a superior then maybe he's not Poseidon after all just his most trusted right-hand man, which to be honest sounds like a non-important distiction at this point.

    If they want to follow the Oddysey then Michael must kill Jacob so we can't have Sara do it so soon. :)


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