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The Originals: Bag of Cobras

"By all means, let's go find the viper in our midst."

They threw a party to weed out cult members. Of course they did. Makes complete sense.

Google had this to say about snake symbolism: 'Historically, serpents and snakes represent fertility or a creative life force. As snakes shed their skin through sloughing, they are symbols of rebirth, transformation, immortality, and healing. The ouroboros is a symbol of eternity and continual renewal of life.' I don't know what this means for the story, if anything, but I thought it was interesting since snakes only ever make me think of evil (a la the Garden of Eden). Sorry, Slytherin, but your house is creepy AF. Also, and this might be a stretch, The Originals were reborn as vampires. Transformed into immortals with impressive healing powers. Could The Hollow be them? Or something to do with them? Eh, like I said... a stretch. Let's move on.

Hayley's trip down memory lane was sweet... until she found a human bone in her old teddy bear. In the flashback, the man that killed her parents said they needed all four, right? All four what? Jaws? Teddy bears? Keys? Ah. All four bones, naturally. It is so great that Papa Tundes' knife of unending torment has had a part to play in so many seasons. Here it felt the tiniest bit forced. Does it really make sense that one of the bones has been passed around New Orleans like a hot potato? Well, no. But I barely care. I just whole-heartedly love it when things come full circle.

I actually laughed when Hayley walked up to Freya and they were chatting like the latter hadn't tried to dismiss the werewolf from the family. They've been building Freya into a mini Klaus from the very beginning and this is the kind of thing we've seen Klaus get away with over and over again.

The party was the big to-do this week. We got to see the Mikaelson manor get turned back into the beauty that it used to be with fancy decorations, champagne and someone picking the chandeliers up off the floor. I couldn't help but enjoy Klaus getting exasperated by Elijah deviating from the plan and taking Dominic out. It's usually Klaus that can't keep his cool. In this episode alone he kept lamenting about not letting anyone survive threatening his family and needing to answer the danger his daughter was put in with blood. The old Klaus is still there, but the new Klaus lets Elijah take the lead and doesn't want him to overreact until all the ducks are in a row. It's hard watching Vincent help people that he hates so much. Part of me wishes he would forgive Freya and the other part of me knows I would be pissed if he did. It's nice that Davina hasn't been forgotten.

3 out of 4 teddy bears that I'll never be able to cuddle again.

Bites and pieces

It was really helpful that Hayley's dad had the foresight to label that key. 'EXTRA ROOM MINI STORAGE' and on the other side '#39'. Has someone been paying the bill on the storage locker? Why haven't the storage wars people showed up yet?

Vincent is detectiving. My first thought was that Detective Kinney or even Cami would probably be a great help with this.

I thought that without Freya's guidance, Hope was doomed or something. Why isn't Freya with Hope? You know, guiding her...

We learned why Sofya is so pissed at Klaus. She wants revenge because he killed her family at a wedding 500 years ago.

I am a little behind on these reviews. Please, forgive me. It happens every once in awhile and I don't know how. Time gets away from me, I look up and all of a sudden multiple episodes have aired that I didn't watch. Yikes.

Klaus: "It's such a shame that these lovely linens will soon be red with blood."

Freya: "In my experience survival comes at a price. Just like love and family and basically anything else. But at the end of the day we only answer to ourselves."

Elijah: "I grew up on a Viking farm. I'm familiar with the scent of fertilizer."

Dominic: "The Hollow will not be stopped."

Sofya: "Careful not to overplay your hand, Klaus. I've hated you a lot longer than I've known Marcel."

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  1. That Fleur-de-lis was really cool looking. :) I also love that Papa Tunde's blade has finally an origin. I guess it wasn't found before because for a long time it wsa vuried in his grave until the harvest and season one finale. And of course it spent 5 years in Klaus during the hiatus.

    I wonder if we should wonder who was the Hollow as a human and how it's connected to the cast or will it be finally a bad guy with no ties to the Mikaelsons. One can only hope.


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