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The Originals: Voodoo in My Blood

"Things tend to get murdery when you're around."

My computer decided to take a cue from the Mikaelsons and betray me by breaking down. As advanced as smart phones have become, writing this review on one has proven to be even less fun than Klaus is when he's cranky.

So many familiar-faced visitors, so little time. We got to see Alaric and Davina and I ate up every second like it was a decadent dessert. In all seriousness, I should've known that our beloved teenage witch would show up as soon as Vincent started playing with her skull. But couple how behind in the episodes I've been and how little TV news I've been keeping up on and I was genuinely taken by surprise to see her.

Alaric, on the other hand, had been speculated as a possible NOLA guest since even before TVD ended. Even though I was less surprised to see him, I was just as happy to have him around. His snark with Klaus and Elijah was entertaining and TVD fans can relish in the fact that Alaric is probably the only human that would wire his car to blow, you know, just in case. And how sweet was it that he offered Hope a spot at his mutant school? That was very sweet of him. Too bad he didn't bring Caroline along but I'm sure if the writers can convince her to come, they'll save the Klaroline reunion for something special.

In the Robles crypt, a few good things happened. Some fun was had when Marcel told Elijah to 'watch himself' as he punched through that cement and Elijah literally snapped his fingers at Marcel to hand over the bone. Both made me giggle. Both are indicative of where they see themselves in relation to the other. Marcel desperately wants to be Elijah's better. But not just to be better. I think he wants Elijah to know it too and I think this second part might be even more important than the first. Elijah, on the other hand, is still Elijah. He could never let someone else hold the power. Even in the church when he offered to take Klaus' place, it had just as much to do with getting rid of the Hollow on his own terms (by not allowing his brother to be taken) as it did with saving Hope's dad. Then again, he did follow Hayley's direction pretty easily so what do I know?

I hate to speak ill of the dead, but even dying hasn't taught Davina anything about dealing with a Mikaelson. Her first mistake was telling Klaus her plan. Come on, D, have you never watched a Bond movie? Showing your master plan too early is ALWAYS a jinx. Secondly, she has to know how strong Hope is. How she thought she could kill Hope's father without Hope finding out and getting pissed is beyond me. And Hope continuously takes off her bracelet and does powerful magic. Isn't that supposed to be really, really bad? They have to be setting something up here and I think I keep mentioning it because it seems like a terrible idea to watch play out on TV.

This episode was pretty solid, but I am a serious sucker for the crossovery guest and visiting ghost we got. Plus I can't even talk about the cliffhanger at the end.

So no rating from me.

Bites and pieces

How did everyone figure out that the Hollow is a girl before Davina told them?

Are all the other ancestors gone and that's why Davina isn't being tormented?

I kept thinking Marcel was gonna be really upset when he realized that he missed an opportunity to see Davina.

After Hayley walked out of the church and Davina sent the new sacrifice girls away, I fully expected Klaus to get kicked in the face. He didn't. Can ghosts kick people?

To activate a werewolf curse, a person has to kill another. Like the Hollow's mother killed her. Full circle storytelling realness.

Alaric: "I have good news. I went through the Lockwood estate and I found you one old, creepy ass finger bone."

Hope: "No, you promised to help, but you're not helping. You're hurting us, and I won't let you."


  1. So agree -- I loved what they did with Alaric. Although as much as I enjoy seeing him, every time I see him I remember how much the actor wanted to move on. And it was actually lovely to see Davina again.

    I'm not sure I care about this Hollow stuff. I'm also not sure how I feel about Hope. Sometimes I can tell that the character and the actress is working for me, and sometimes not.

  2. My guess is that Hope is in danger of becoming another "Hollow" if her power isn't kept under control.

  3. I guess they are setting up Hope doing something questionable and then they will send her to Alaric's school writing her effectively out of the show. But that's just my guess.

    Great to see Alaric, I'm so tempted to look on imdb if he or Caroline will appear in the remaining 5 episodes but I think i'll restrain myself. :)


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