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The Originals: Phantomesque

"Lethal thorns, resurrected witches. What could possibly go wrong?"

Don't you love it when a character says exactly what you're thinking? I mean really, why aren't the Mikaelsons planning for more wrong goings at this point?

Sure, they've proven that they are powerful, but just as often as not they've seen their best laid plans turn into horror stories before their very eyes. Someone should really tell them about making a plan B.

Love love love having Rebekah and Kol back. It was nice seeing them living it up, but I'm surprised that Bex wasn't upset that no one called her to tell her that her beloved brother was on the brink of death. I'd be mad. Of course she hightailed it back as soon as she realized.

The white hallway full of white doors with small individualized talismen was visually stunning. Every inch was impeccably clean. Shining even like it had been artfully polished. Even the ceiling. Seeing it for the first time brought a sense of dread and wonder. It made going through each memory seem rightfully impossible. And if Freya and Hayley are anything like me they must have wanted to peek in every single room.

-- There was a small wooden cross on the memory of Elijah killing Agnes in season 1.

-- A Mikaelson M from the memory of Elijah taking out a bunch of folks in the New Orleans compound. Was that also from season one?

-- There was the red door, of course.

-- I couldn't see the totem for the door to the Haylijah reunion.

I wonder if the person doing the peeking had anything to do with what memories they peeked in on. Freya saw Elijah take out Agnes the witch for coming after his family and the family meal where everyone toasted the fact that they had nothing to argue about. Both very central to her own journey of protecting her siblings at all costs. And when she was first in the hallway, I didn't see the red door at all. But when Hayley went back, the red door was only a few down and she got to see Elijah fighting a bunch of people (probably for Hope) and her own reunion with him. Were these choices deliberate from the writers? Did they mean something? Or were they just the best footage that existed with different vantage points?

I really hate that Hayley had to see Elijah's red door persona. And I really, really hate that he retreated to the worst memories that exist in him, because it's just so sad. On the other hand, if Haylijah can weather this storm, there probably isn't much that they can't survive.

Rebekah, Kol, Klaus and Marcel take up the rest of the episode tracking down the magic thorns. Admittedly the big fun was had in Freya's pendant. Or Elijah's mind. I was confused on where we were. Maybe in Elijah's mind that is inside the pendant? Yes, I think that's it. But still some good things happened in the real world, too. Like the harvest girls telling Kol to go screw himself, breaking his neck and taking the dark objects anyway. Priceless.

And Davina is back!! What the what? Did anyone see this coming? I certainly didn't. I thought maybe we'd get a cute Kol and Ghostvina interaction, but even that seemed like asking for too much. I am a fan of the Kolvina ship so I am not mad at this at all, but let's hope Kol finds a way to not screw his family over because I'm not sure we have time to deal with any sibling drama on top of Haylijah and the Hollow.

This is a busy season.

3 out 4 white doors.

Bites and pieces

This might be irrational on my part considering all the people she plans on killing, but all those flowers dying in the presence of the Hollow really bummed me out. Maybe the Hollow isn't evil at all. Maybe she's just cranky because she's never known the small joy of fresh cut flowers.

Rebekah's outfit in the beginning made me think we were getting an 80s flashback. Odd choice or am I crazy?

If Freya wasn't powerful enough to put Hayley in the pendant alone, how was she able to keep Hayley in there and send Hope in all by herself?

As soon as Marcel makes peace with needing to work with the Mikaelsons, Freya makes it clear to Rebekah and us that she is still highly willing to take him out in exchange for Elijah. Freya's little speech wasn't all that shocking, but it does feel kind of sucky that Marcel is probably going to put his life in the hands of people that don't always value him.

With Davina alive, who is head of the ancestors now?

Klaus' sire line is the only line that hasn't been killed off. The amount of vampires in the world has dropped drastically since the start of The Vampire Diaries.

Klaus: "Nice job, sister. Perhaps next time less carrot, more stick."
I've never really bought into the Rebekah and Marcel ship. For whatever reason, they just never did anything for me. But the pain on her face every time he lets her down really does. Poor Bex. Always a bridesmaid, never the bride.

Rebekah: "You know, if you're so determined to be this way, then everything that Elijah's done for you, including his death, will have been for nothing."

Klaus: "Ah, I see. So you ventured inside my brother's shattered mind and it wasn't all unicorns and rainbows."
Hayley: "I went through the red door. I tried to save him, but the things I saw... the innocent people, the slaughter. I really thought I would find him in a good place, but he chose the darkest part of himself."
Klaus: "You know what we are. We are, all of us, monsters. We've committed countless atrocities over the years. But Elijah has only ever done those things for family. And that is why he is the very best of us. He always has been."


  1. Definitely an interesting episode. I agree that the pristine white hallway and the screaming behind the doors was impressive storytelling. Elijah is the Originals character I care about the most, so I hope he and Hayley can get past this.

    So nice to have Rebekah and Kol back, except like you, I was going, no, no, they're not going to use Davina to set Kol against his siblings, are they? Darn. I know Claire Holt doesn't want to come back permanently, but I like Nathaniel Buzolic and I wish they'd add him to the cast. One thing that I kept thinking about with Rebekah and Kol back was how much all of these actors look like siblings. In one scene, I kept thinking Rebekah and Freya looked so much alike, and Buzolic definitely looks like Daniel Gilles. Or is that just me?

  2. I think Rebekah's line is still alive and kicking. She never was actually dead, just cursed, daggered or temporarily body-surfing. For example Aurora should be still alive however unpleasent the thought might be.

    The Red Door in the pristine white hallway was a striking image. They do know their cinematography on the show.


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