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The Originals: A Spirit Here That Won't Be Broken

"First, I will break your body. Then, I will break your spirit."

Y'all, maybe I was in a bad mood or something, but this was not easy to watch. Let's just jump into it.

Right from the jump, Kol was annoying me. Not the bit about betraying his family. That we all saw coming and was mostly an annoying deja vu. But COME ON. Losing Davina broke him? He seemed pretty okay partying it up with his sister. Now, now, you might be thinking that I'm being a bit too harsh. A century of losing loved ones and watching people die would probably change a person's perspective on death. Make it a bit easier to swallow. And maybe that's just how Kol grieves now. But I don't care. Terribly depressed, broken persons do not party like Paris Hilton circa 2001. No sir.

Since I'm harping, did TPTB only bring Davina back to give Kol an excuse to get out of town because they can't afford to pay so many main character salaries? Not that I'm particularly mad about it. Kol's never had the whole always and forever, family above all else schtick down pat the way his siblings would prefer.

Hayley and Freya walking into the house before the totem was taken out was so stupid. Walking in with tiny knives in hand like they didn't know they were up against an uber powerful witch was even dumber. Such a stupid, stupid plan. I couldn't even pretend to think it might work out for them.

Of course that stupidity did bring us the Hayley and Jackson(ish) reunion that no one asked for.

I like Hayley a lot, but this wall she's putting between herself and Elijah makes ZERO sense. She herself has said many times that she knows what kind of monster he is and that she herself has done really terrible things in the name of family during that time jump alone. How are we all supposed to swallow this new line of her reality? I honestly don't know what the writers are thinking. And weren't they worried about getting cancelled until pretty recently? Who the hell thought splitting up Haylijah with such a contrived wedge between them would be a good note to end on?

So Elijah's awake, Hope is Hollow, Hayley now has something ominous that she knows she must do (please please please don't try to steal Hope from the Mikaelsons again and get turned back into a mostly full-time wolf again and turn your back on Elijah AGAIN) and there are only two episodes left. Here's hoping this has all been a major fake out and part of a bigger plan.

2 out of 4 pint-sized plot twists.

Bites and pieces

I have a small, confused bone to pick with the makeup artist on this show. Rebekah always looks a tad sickly to me. It started when she got the weird mark on her arm that was driving her crazy or whatever so I assumed it was a choice. But she's rid of that, right? She still doesn't look great on this show and I follow Claire Holt on Instagram where the girl looks as beautiful as ever. Has anyone else noticed this or is it just me?

When Kol gave Davina the keys to the car he kept out back, I wondered if Davina had a driver's license. How old is she now?

In an episode full of weak storytelling and lazy plot-filler, seeing Davina and Josh together again got to me. I very much wanted him to jump into the back of that car.

Was jumping into Hope part of a long con? The dagger in the milk with the blood or whatever looked a lot like the image Hope's been drawing. And Inadu was way eager for Hayley to stab her. It makes sense. The Hollow wants power and I can't count the number of times we've been told that Hope is uber powerful.

Davina: "You can't betray your family."
Kol: "It's kind of my specialty."

Freya: "Be fast. Be brutal. Or we're dead."

Klaus: "Mercy is a privilege reserved for family and your status has been revoked."
Kol: "Please! For a thousand years, I've never experienced love or peace. Davina changed me. What if it was Camille? What if you could bring her back? Would you not do as I did?"


  1. Laure, I think you have a whole lotta points. There's a lot of cliche going on. An artificially generated Hayley Elijah break-up. A little girl possessed by the ultimate evil. And I also thought that they resurrected Davina in order to give Kol a reason to drive off into the sunset. Although I did like that Klaus decided on mercy for Kol this time. Klaus has changed.

  2. Yeah bringing back Davina to give her a happy ending was probably also there to appease some fans who thought she was killed too harshly. Getting rid of Kol was just icing on the cake. Of course as a long time TV watcher I'm against resurrecting anyone ever again, but that's just me.

    Writers should try to write interesting new characters instead, but most of what they come up to fill the void are placeholders and walking plot devices instead of new interesting characters like say Sofya and her generic Klaus-hating backstory.


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