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The Originals: Voodoo Child

"Let's put a moratorium on the sulking."

I've watched this episode three times since it aired a week ago and I still don't know what to say about it without whining about my disappointment. But I want to get something up before I watch the finale, so here we are.

DISCLAIMER: This is almost the furthest from a rave that a review can get.

Vincent is busy bonding with the creepy book. Did nobody think to find him and let him know that they thought the Hollow was gone? Silly geese. He could have warned them from popping the champagne. Also stupid that he took the time to tell the Hollow his plan instead of just getting it done. Oh well, I guess the new plan is to take out all Mikaelsons. This might be me trying to hard to find the intricate writing that this show used to produce, but what did Vincent tell Marcel about what it would take to win? Could he possibly have been strategically setting up all hope to be lost on purpose to convince Klaus and co. to surrender their 'always and forever' mentality and sacrifice themselves for Hope?

Rebekah is admitting that she missed New Orleans and to finding reasons to meet up with Marcel. But we all know Claire Holt doesn't want to stick around so I barely care. I vehemently enjoy when Bex is around so I just try to enjoy it. But the near constant way the writers try to make me buy into the possibility of her being a permanent resident when I know she won't be is so grating.

Elijah is brooding, and rightfully so. Although I did like Hayley's reasoning more this time around. She doesn't not love him. But she doesn't want her daughter to see her accepting dark, angry, complicated love. I can respect that. Or I could if it didn't mean that Elijah's heart was getting stomped on. And I know I said this last week but I'm going to say it again... when this was written, there was a strong possibility for cancellation. Would Michael Narducci really leave us with Haylijah broken up?  Because I would have been intensely disappointed. Like, I'd rather they all died than see Elijah and Hayley lose each other. Does that make me shallow?

Freya is in love. I don't expect Keelin to survive this season and I really don't care. Come to think of it, Freya reminded us of her own immortality, too. With Kol out of town, Freya might be more expendable than I originally thought. Would she become a New Orleans ancestor witch or whatever?

The shiny saving graces of this episode were Joseph Morgan and little Summer Fontana. Joseph Morgan's Hail Mary confession to his daughter about what a miserable monster he used to be was heartfelt and gut wrenching and Summer Fontana played the awestruck daughter to a T. She even pulled off having a room full of people bow to her pretty well. But Klaus' speech at the end was too cheesy for me. And I like cheese.

1 out 4 children's tattoos.

Bites and pieces

Vincent: "You're going to have to kill me first."
Lackey: "She was hoping you were going to say that."

Vincent: "If we go this route, this will be the end of your family. This will be the end of always and forever."

Is this the shortest review in the history of Doux Reviews? Do I get a medal?

Here's hoping that after the finale I look back on this "Voodoo Child" and see that I was terribly wrong about it. TO's done it to me before! *fingers crossed******


  1. Yeah. Joseph Morgan was wonderful, but I don't like the direction this is going. And for me too, there's no point if there is no Hayley and Elijah. Guess we'll see tonight.

  2. Keeping Vincent out of the loop is so contrived just because they had to limit cast members in an episode to accomodate for Kol and Davina being back. They're gone so he's back.

    But to be more constructive: remember in season one the witches wanted to kill unborn Hope because she would be the end of all witches or something like that. I kinda want to see that in the finale. Also someone needs to die to balance ressurected Davina. Keelin, Sofya, even Freya and Vincent. Anyone but Josh...


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