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Lucifer: Everything's Coming Up Lucifer

Review by An Honest Fangirl

When we last left Lucifer, his mother had just escaped from Hell, he had just made a deal with his father, and his partner just watched him walk off a bullet to the chest as if it was nothing. All good story threads to begin a season with.

Season two of Lucifer wasted no time in building up "Mum" into a credible threat, only to make us question everything that Lucifer's told us about her. Lucifer spends the entire episode convinced that his mom is out seeking revenge. He describes her as clever, vindictive, the kind of goddess who would taunt her son with images of his persona. And it almost sounds as if she would be justified in feeling vengeful. Lucifer told Linda that he did nothing when Mum was thrown into Hell, just like she did nothing when he was thrown out of Heaven. Does Lucifer have a somewhat decent relationship with any member of his family?

Lucifer couldn't imagine Mum having any intention other than revenge. But that glimpse of her that we saw was that of someone who was weak, who went to her son because she needed help and protection, and who trusted her son to provide that. It painted a very different picture than everything we've been told so far. While I'm sure that there's some truth to Lucifer's words, I'm interested to see just how much of the story Lucifer doesn't know.

What is going on with Amenadiel? His powers gradually faded as the episode went on. Why? What has Amenadiel done that Lucifer hasn't? Because Lucifer's powers, with the exception of Chloe, still work after five years on Earth. If Amenadiel is losing his ability to control time, will he also lose his immortality?

For a second, after he shot himself, I thought that Chloe had begun making him mortal as well. And then I thought that maybe this was a way for Amenadiel to explain to Chloe the truth without having angel blood be in the police database. I probably should have expected that it would have been a neat and tidy answer that would explain Lucifer away as being a vaguely unstable human being. I was fully prepared to be absolutely furious at the writers and at Chloe. The answer that Amenadiel gave felt like a cop out after everything that had happened in the finale. I'm glad that they chose to go a different route instead, with Chloe reaffirming her and Lucifer's partnership and friendship. There's something very sweet in that.

This episode also introduced Ella, a quirky, hyper, religious medical examiner who likes to give Lucifer hugs. I honestly wasn't very fond of her. I actually thought that she was rather annoying. But I also know that we're almost certainly going to get more of her, so here's hoping that she grows on me. Or that she stops giving random people hugs when she meets them.

We got word on Dan. He's facing essentially zero consequences after everything that's happened with Palmetto. Yes, he got demoted, but come on. That's kind of lame. I can understand the writers wanting to keep him around, but they took the easy way out with him. Which is sad, especially considering that they went in new, exciting directions in regards to Chloe believing Lucifer and Lucifer's mom.

Maze had a good episode for herself. What am I saying? She always has a good episode. I'm glad that she's been spending more time with Linda. If anyone is equipped to help a demon figure out how to live in this world, it's her. She also dumped Amenadiel. Makes sense, considering everything that they've been through, but still. I like them together.

Random Thoughts

Tricia Helfer, Mum, voiced EDI in Mass Effect and had a very prominent role in Battlestar Galactica.

Did the precinct always look like that? I don't think so.

This takes place two days after the season finale. I'm not sure if I like that or not. It just seems too soon. Although, if it had been longer, I would have yelled at Chloe for not making progress on the "What exactly is Lucifer?" front.

The opening scene in the jewelry store was hilarious. As was Lucifer trying very hard to stop Amy from trying to have sex with him.

"All Along the Watchtower" gave me chills. It's my favorite song that they've done on Lucifer by far.

Lucifer feels much more confident in this second season. They're starting to really embrace the things that make the show a joy to watch.

9.0 out of 10

~An Honest Fangirl


  1. I really liked this one, too. I love Tom Ellis in this part; the "real" Lucifer, the hurt little boy, peeked out several times in this episode. The fact that he sang "All Along the Watchtower" had to be an homage to Tricia Helfer's amazing work on Battlestar. And I loved the fact that the plot hinged on lawn flamingos.

    I don't remember the police station looking like that, either. :)

  2. I still maintain the belief that Ella is Trixie from the future.

  3. This show continues to be more charming than it's premise has any right to be. However, I am continuously bummed out that Tom Ellis sings so much. Am I the only one that does not enjoy his voice at all? the piano playing has been consistently great though.

  4. 2Sam Smith: I do not particularly enjoy Ellis' voice, but it's OK for me. He is not the one playing piano.

  5. I had guessed so, but it's still great. Your Trixie idea is interesting, i don't know if this show is willing to add time travel to the mix, but its a better idea than having her be a generic brainiac character. I've gotten so tired of every show needing one of these, Wynonna Earp S2 added one and it brought the whole show down IMO.

  6. I like Tom Ellis singing, actually. But if you don't like it, hey, he doesn't do it often.

  7. Has anyone seen Tom Ellis on "Miranda?" He's completely goofy and charming on that one. I watched a few of the earlier series and my family wanted to know what I was busting a gut laughing about.

    Yay, Tricia Helfer! "Lucifer" doesn't always hold my interest, but Momma Devil certainly does.

  8. I have to agree there are some songs I don't think he has the range for. But some songs are done well. He has a pleasant voice, I forgive him if he's not Frank Sinatra on some tunes.

  9. I loved his rendition of "Watchtower"!

    Tricia Helfer is always a delight, too.


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