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Lucifer: Lucifer, Stay. Good Devil

Review by An Honest Fangirl

establishes the status quo in an episode that deals with one of the more infamous professions in LA: the paparazzi.

A lot of the emphasis of this episode was on the fact that Lucifer was changing. Both Maze and Amenadiel see this as a Bad Thing. Despite having completely opposite loyalties, Lucifer's behavior is really troubling them. And it's easy to see why. We got glimpses of who Lucifer was before, once when he treated Maze, and again at the shootout. He was actually kind of scary. Malicious. He was what I expected the Devil to act like. And it was very different from the Lucifer that we now see.

Obviously, we the audience are expected to like the new Lucifer more. He's lovable, charming, funny. Still, I can't shake the feeling that maybe Maze and Amenadiel are right. Neither of them are completely selfless — Maze thinks that this visit to Earth is pointless, and Amenadiel has the threat of him going down to Hell hanging over his head — but Maze at least seems to genuinely care about Lucifer. She wants what she believes is best for him.

Lucifer, of course, doesn't care. He's left Hell for good, as far as he's concerned. And he has a fascinating mystery in the form of Chloe. We found out a lot about Chloe's backstory this week. She has a lot of personal experiences with the paparazzi due to the fact that her mother was a cheesy sci-fi movie star in the 80s. She seemed to carry a bit of resentment towards that part of her life. Granted, Nick did crash her father's funeral. Even Lucifer thought that was over the line. Lucifer's expression was very interesting in that scene. He went in looking for juicy, salacious gossip, and left looking like he wanted nothing more than to tear the flesh off Nick's bones. Is he really that protective of Chloe already? Or would he have done that anyway?

Chloe eventually forgave Nick for what he had done. That and her line about how even just the attempt to change is valid and worthy gave us an interesting look into her personality. She seems to see the good in people, or at least acknowledges an inherent capacity for good. She's also tenacious enough that Dan knew to just give her the case file. I buy them as a couple. We don't know why they separated yet, but it's obvious that they both still care about each other. Despite the fact that Lucifer is heavily hinting at an eventual Chloe/Lucifer relationship, I still really want Dan and Chloe to work it out.

I don't really like the Dr. Martin scenes. They're heavy handed ways to convey information to the audience that has already been stated elsewhere. Like Lucifer finding the prospect of him changing exhilarating. He already said that to Amenadiel and Maze, and his actions during the manufactured shootout plainly demonstrated as much. The audience is smart. It doesn't need an unnecessary scene to hammer that point home.

This is twice now that Lucifer has done some pretty extraordinary things in Chloe's presence. He really isn't trying to hide. Why would he? He hates liars. He says as much multiple times this episode. I just hope that Lucifer either backs off the blatant hints that Lucifer is actually the Devil, or that Chloe figures out that something is up pretty soon. Don't turn this into Merlin where characters act like idiots in order to maintain the status quo.

Random Thoughts

Chloe's arm was in a sling. Good continuity there.

People aren't being punished in Hell anymore? Or they aren't going to Hell? Either way, Lucifer leaving probably screwed some things up. I hope that we go further into that.

Lucifer does a fun thing where the title of the episode is stated at some point. And I think that it's Lucifer who says it every time.

Tom Ellis has said in an interview that it's not really him playing the piano. However, it is him singing. (Once we actually get to hear him sing.)

I wonder how long Dr. Martin will be willing to work within Lucifer's metaphor. (Why does that sound like an innuendo?)

Not as strong as the pilot, but it gave us good insight into Chloe and into Lucifer's relationships with Maze and Amenadiel.

7.8 out of 10

~An Honest Fangirl


  1. Much agreement. And I really like the photo at the top. It perfectly captures Lucifer's character, not to mention Maze's.

  2. Chloe doesn't know she is in a TV series, so, actually believing and accepting that the Devil, in a totally literal way, is standing right at her side — that's nearly impossible.

  3. Yeah, I know migmit. And that is fair point. But if Lucifer continues to do things like (to Chloe's eyes) magically teleport places, and she doesn't start to at least question the notion, then my opinion of her would drop dramatically. Whether her reactions/beliefs are realistic or not.

    And Billie, I love that photo. Like you said, it's a great insight into their characters.

  4. I probably wouldn't have tried this show except that it was reviewed here and I was looking for something to watch, but I'm kind of intrigued so far. I was expecting it to feel a bit like an Angel retread, but instead it's reminding me powerfully of Remington Steel of all things. It's the mysterious handsome Brit playing detective and the attractive, down-to-earth woman who is a detective, I guess.

  5. Magritte, I haven't heard of Remington Steel before! I've heard comparisons to Castle a lot. But yeah, Season One feels a lot more like a procedural than anything supernatural based.

    That being said, this is genuinely one of my favorite shows of all time and it'll reward you if you stick with it. :)

  6. Yeah, this show is definitely reminding me of Angel, right down to the establishing shots between scenes and the Hollywood location. I trust that this show, like that one, will build a bit more depth as it goes on.

    Billie promises me it will! Billie is always right!

  7. He really isn't trying to hide. Why would he? He hates liars. He says as much multiple times this episode.

    More than once during this episode, the Maya Angelou quote popped into my mind: "When people tell you who they are, believe them."


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